UFO Conjectures

Friday, November 16, 2007

Where is the UFO genius?


During the 60 years (plus) that UFOs have been part of general human consciousness, and scrutinized by so-called ufologists, many things have been discovered and/or explained by the scientific community and geniuses in the arts and general population: vaccines for diseases, quantum proofs, the make-up of the universe (partially), the genetic underpinnings of human beings, et cetera.

But in the UFO world, nothing and no one has been proffered that explains or even comes close to explaining the phenomenon.

The early Greeks came up with insights that allowed such luminaries as Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Bohr, and others who studied the machinations of the Universe to provide truths about the phenomena they were absorbed with.

But in the world of “ufology” no one has come close to providing an explanation or even a smidgen of insight about the enigmatic appearances of lights and objects that bespeak intelligence or, at least, something physically strange.

While “studiers” of UFOs, such as Jerome Clark, Stanton Friedman, Jacques Vallee, and lesser lights, have gone nowhere, UFO reprobates continue to muddy the waters with their mid-life crises or misapplied verbiage across the UFO landscape.

The ludicrous concerns and hypothetical posturing of UFO hobbyists have tainted the UFO waters, and continues unabated to this day, with blogging that uses UFOs to stroke egos and create lists of who’s who in the UFO field.

Meanwhile, the phenomenon remains elusive and unexplained by those who’ve assumed the mantle of UFO expert.

Sixty years of nothing but frothy circumlocution hasn’t bode well for UFOs, and no one who professed or professes to be an expert in the field of “ufology” should be saluted, since they have produced little, if anything, that approaches an explanation or even a tenable hypothesis or theory about the mystery.

Is it understandable, then, why media, science, and serious elements of the general population eschew UFOs?

There is no UFO Einstein. There isn’t even a true UFO expert.

There are just some ragtag UFO mavens who live little, boring lives and need UFOs to keep themselves in some kind of make-believe loop.

That’s not tragic, just sad….very sad.