UFO Conjectures

Friday, November 23, 2007

UFOs: An Unresolvable Mystery


There comes a time when reality must be acknowledged. And that time has come for ufologists and the UFO community generally: The UFO enigma is not going to be explained.

The UFO old-guard (Richard Hall, Stanton Friedman, Kevin Randle, even Jerry Clark, et al.) will pass-on and the phenomenon they’ve spent their lives pursuing shall not be defined, as it has not been defined for millennia, including the modern era when technology could have defined it, if it were definable.

This explains, to some degree, why ufology’s mavens seek confirmation from government agencies and militaries. The explanation, they think, which has eluded them, has not eluded some elements of governmental bureaucracies.

Many persons think that governments haven’t a clue either about what UFOs are or may be. But die-hard UFO fanatics believe otherwise; they think the UFO answer has been hidden by their governments, and they seek to get their hands on that secreted material.

Some UFO bloggers, by writing about everything but UFOs, give away their angst and semi-conscious belief that UFOs are not about to be revealed as a tangible reality. These bloggers resort to peripheral or unrelated matters, dipping their toes back into the UFO world when spurred to do so by some exciting sighting. (But sightings have come and gone for years now, and nothing has made UFOs a real reality for media, scientists, and those with a modicum of sanity.)

Is the UFO essence unfathomability? Or is the UFO essence a quantum element, requiring a Heisenberg or Dirac to unravel the physical or non-physical reality?

(As noted in our previous post, there are no geniuses in ufology, so one can’t expect a denouement from those quarters.)

Our belief is that UFOs exist, and have existed sine time immemorial. But, like God, UFOs are not about to give up their existence or reality to those without Gnostic knowledge or enlightenment; that is, the UFO rabble, which holds sway in the UFO community right now, doesn’t have a chance in Hell of getting to the bottom of the UFO mystery.

For all practical purposes, UFOs will remain undefined for them, and the general public – the great unwashed masses, the rabble.

And only the true cognoscenti will come to understand what the UFO phenomenon consists of – if they haven’t already.