UFO Conjectures

Thursday, December 20, 2007

UFOs: The Skeletal Remains


Ufologists have become archeologists of a kind; that is, with no serious UFO sightings in recent years, they’ve been relegated to exhuming the remains of UFOs past.

Without current UFO events of a Roswell kind or contacts and landings that can be likened to the French/Italian wave of the 1950s or the so-called abductions of the 60s and 70s, those interested in UFOs continue to perform exhumations on every flying saucer and/or UFO event they can resurrect from historical/news records.

Since the UFO bones have been picked clean, many times over actually, what else can ufologists do? Without new sightings – significant sightings – the UFO well is dry.

Many who were UFO aficionados have moved on or are moving on.

A few diehards continue to flog old sightings but more sensible folks understand that such flogging is futile. Nothing new can be gleaned from sightings that have been scrutinized to the point of imbecility.

Some diehards have taken to revitalizing the contactee genre. Others are absorbed in the old Skylab sighting(s). And still others continue to wave the MJ-12 flag.

An objective observer sees this as pathological, but with hoo-hahs running around the UFO community raising specters of governmental/military conspiracies (and some obsessed with their tainted images), what other conclusion can anyone come to?

UFOs are the basin in which the dregs of society are washing their feet.

We’ve seen one-time rational types sink into a morass of idiocy that bespeaks something not far from severe mental illness.

UFOs will appear now and again, almost subliminally. But the dying breed of “serious” ufologists will, as we’ve continued to maintain, die off with no denouement for them or the UFO mystery.

Finally, it’s time to give up the UFO ghost, not just because UFOs are irrelevant but because UFOs only lead to mental deterioration and a total waste of one as a thinking being with other purposes they should be concerned about during their short lives on this Earth.