UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

UFOs: The Cosmology Flaw


Earth is too insignificant to attract alien beings in flying saucers.

The UFO phenomenon can’t be explained by interplanetary alien visitations; the universe, even the Milky Way, is filled with too many planets that are more prone to invite visitors than Earth would.

The Earth is infinitesimally small in the cosmological context, and without vibrant attractive features. Even the water element is trivial by observational standards.

Unless UFO inhabitants have technologies that enable “them” to ferret out minerals or liquids that they need or find interesting -- and no UFO has exhibited such advanced technology – the Earth would remain invisible to them.

Alien explorers scouring the Universe or just our galaxy alone would miss the Earth by virtue of Earth’s inconsequentiality.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune or one of their moons would create more excitement than Earth would.

But Earth-centric ufologists still think that this planet is a beacon of some kind that has attracted interplanetary visitors since time immemorial.

Sure, the UFO phenomenon exists, but would better be explained by time travel (from the past or future) or even a parallel universe or existence.

(The Mac Tonnies idea of a concurrent, unknown or hidden Earthian civilization accounting for UFOs is without any evidence, circumstantial or otherwise.)

Those who have astronomical acumen understand just insignificant the Earth is, in the great cosmological scheme of things.

As a beacon for flying saucers, Earth falls short by a long way.

And the vast number of UFO sightings and varying craft configurations (if real) indicate a sizable presence that means some alien culture has an inordinate interest and exploratory fleet available to waste time in Earth’s skies, or a slew of alien cultures have stumbled upon Earth and have been intrigued enough, to the detriment of all other planets in the galaxy or Universe, to remain on scene for millennia, and to what purpose?

A technologically advanced species wouldn’t find Earth’s radio or television broadcasts of such vital interest that the species would expend vast resources and time to seek the source out. It’s senseless on the face of it.

An argument can be made that UFOnauts are loopy and we human beings can’t fathom their thought processes or modus operandi.

That’s a possibility we admit, but hoping for a relief from Earth’s woes by such obtuse creatures makes little sense also.

And if flying saucers were or are an invading vanguard, the procrastination bespeaks something not sinister but inept.

No, cosmology doesn’t allow for alien or interplanetary UFOs, so the mystery has to be explained in some other way....or dismissed out of hand as worthy of further attention, which we’ve been advocating for some time now.