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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

UFOs and a Tabula Rasa


It’s time to scrap everything that has been found out about UFOs, historically and accumulatively since the very first sightings – those in the religious texts (including the Indian epics) and everything since – Roswell, Lakenheath, the Hills episode, Socorro, Tehran, Phoenix, O’Hare, Stephenville….everything.

Ufologists should start from scratch, eliminating all the detritus that has encrusted the flying saucer/UFO mystery over the past sixty years, and begin fresh, new investigations of sightings extant.

Let the dead bury the dead, as the adage goes.

This isn’t just a plea for dumping UFO bilge overboard, but a suggestion that can take the enigma into a new arena of thought and research.

After all, the massive material gathered by many over the recent past has provided nothing of value, not a scintilla of useful information or data that comes close to solving the UFO riddle.

Surely this will upset the hoarders of arcane UFO anecdotes and fanciful accounts of flying saucer sightings. (They wallow in the plethora of irrelevant materials that make up the UFO literature.)

But a blank slate might just be what science and real UFO investigators need to get a real sense of what’s going on in the UFO pantheon.

The past can’t even be prologue. The phenomenon requires a clean slate upon which those who are interested in the anomalous things can scribble new thoughts about the mystery without being encumbered by all the nonsense that UFOs have acquired over the years.

This will take a strict discipline, and withdrawal symptoms shall affect many who now thrive on the glow and afterglow of previous UFO sightings.

Starting a new edifice is always daunting, and deep-sixing the UFO past will put many out of business, those who’ve invested time, energy, and materials they sell to each other and the gullible public.

But it has to be done, for the sake of a new UFO science and the desire to legitimate the phenomenon to newbies and scientists who scoff at the foolishness that UFOs have produced among immature, non-intellectual types who’ve besmirched the phenomenon by their shallow and/or inept research.

Let the blackboard be erased….


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