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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What is old is new again: UFO Magazines


We have hundreds of UFO magazines going back to 1947 (Fate et al.)…..

What’s interesting is that the magazines are fraught with interesting conjecture and photos, by persons long dead and many still involved with the UFO phenomenon.

It’s somewhat enlightening to see what stories and positions were once taken by writers such as Jerome Clark, Kevin Randle, and debunker James Oberg, among others.

What surprises, somewhat, is how imaginative the UFO articles were. Nothing like them appears in current magazines (the few that exist) or in the plethora of UFO blogs extant.

UFOs and flying saucers once excited writers and readers, whereas nowadays there is palpable malaise about UFOs, with feigned excitement taking the place of actual excitement in the good ol’ days.

John Keel appears, as do Wendelle Stevens, Timothy Beckley, Lloyd Mallan, Ray Fowler, Richard Hall, and even the great Donald Keyhoe, to name a few.

While we eschew seeking the UFO answer from past UFO episodes, we do think that a cursory glance at previous flying saucer tales and conjectures would be entertaining, and perhaps a spur to refreshing the UFO dialogue and investigation.

If you have need of or seek a particular flying saucer tale or writer from the past, let us know, and if we have the material, we’ll scan it for you.


  • I like the older ones before interest waned, forcing many magazines to downsize from glossy to pulp and begin covering clairvoyance, chakras, and orbs. It was this downturn that ended my subscriptions.

    By Blogger Cullan Hudson, at Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

  • C:

    It's amazing how much material -- interesting material -- was in those magazines.

    While some content was far-out, much was creatively imaginative.

    You are right -- when those peripheral things (orbs, etc.) came into prominence, many subscribers, besides you and me, dropped out.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, April 29, 2008  

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