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Saturday, May 10, 2008

UFOs: The “sneak” factor


What keeps science and media rather far from the UFO phenomenon is that the activity of UFOs/flying saucers has always been sneaky.

Sneaky may attract militaries, and some UFO devotees, the brave and/or naïve kind, but sneaky doesn’t attract scientists or media.

Science deals with quantum particles, which are not only sneaky but crazy. Moreover, quantum particles are theoretical and allegedly infinitesimally small, so they can do no harm to the unsuspecting.

Quarks can’t blind-side those who are investigating them. (Or, at least, they haven’t done so thus far.)

And science can play and has played with quantum particles, but only theoretically (mathematically) so fear of the sneakiness is hypothetical, or non-existent in the mind of scientists

However, UFOs are large and appear surreptitiously (and always have).

UFOs that are military prototypical aircraft are cloaked in secrecy, and sneakiness. That’s there essence.

UFOs that are hoaxes are intrinsically sneaky.

But real UFOs are sneaky in a calculating way, intelligently sneaky. And that scares away science and media. (Media doesn’t have the acumen to deal with sneaky; it eludes journalists, who only attack sneakiness after the fact, not head on.)

Ufologists, most of them anyway, are thick-headed so they don’t see UFOs as sneaky, just a phenomenon that is inscrutable.

Even the abduction phenomenon or quasi-hostile actions of UFOs don’t frighten ufologists.

This isn’t because ufologists are brave souls. Most aren’t. But ufologists are a little child-like, and “sneaky” is a behavior that doesn’t register with most UFO researchers; they are in such awe of the phenomenon that the aspects they should be scrutinizing are often (usually) overlooked.

Science. On the other hand, prefers to deal with phenomena that are overt, or abstract. This is safe, and scientists are nothing if not cautious.

But for those who are fearless when it comes to UFOs, and this because stupidity lacks commonsense awareness, the sneakiness of UFOs, aside from the military kind, may be grist for research.

Is the sneakiness of UFOs geared to an agenda, or stems from caution on the part of the UFO progenitors?

Do UFOs elude mankind and ufological measurement because they are fearful of human beings?

This seems unlikely, as UFOs have broached aircraft and humans aggressively, even abducting some human (supposedly) on occasion.

No, UFOs are sneaky for reasons yet to be discerned, and we suggest that UFO researchers, real researchers, try to determine why UFOs are sneaky.

This seems to be an avenue for investigation that the militaries of the world, especially those in The United States, have pursued diligently.

And since ufologists can’t get militaries to open up, and never will get them to, ufologists have to analyze the “sneak factor” on their own, where pay-dirt, about the phenomenon could happen.

Meanwhile, be careful when confronting a UFO. The confrontation might be the last thing you experience in this life….or not.


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