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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Major Human Events and UFOs


While some UFO aficionados think a few Biblical accounts are UFO-related, and some Hindu proponents do likewise with accounts in Vedic literature, the major events that have turned the tide of human affairs have nothing to with UFOs – nothing whatsoever.


The advances of Darius, Alexander, some Egyptian pharaohs, and the Roman Legions are recorded without UFO intrusions.


(The apocryphal stories of Alexander’s UFO sightings, even if true, add nothing to the history of the B.C. Persian conquests.)

The Middle Ages wars, famines, and diseases are also without UFO incidents.

The Normal Conquests, the Renaissance political machinations, the explorer era (including Columbus’ “discovery” of America – and his supposed UFO sighting), the Spanish decimation of Middle and South American cultures had no UFO episodes that impacted the peoples affected.


The Napoleonic Wars, the British colonizations of Africa, et cetera, the French and American Revolutions report no UFO (or anomalous) sightings of aerial things.

The American Civil War, the Bolshevik take over of Russia, the First World War, the Second World War (minus the minor flap of “foo fighters”), and the Holocaust provide no meaningful UFO stories, if any at all.


Mao’s usurpation of China, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraqi wars, the genocides in Cambodia and Africa, the assassination of JFK, the Moon flights, and other modern human events have not been altered or affected by UFO sightings at all.


There is not even an indication that UFOs or flying saucers have had a psychological impact on humankind, or even individuals who’ve seen them or think they’ve been abducted by UFO creatures.

(The few accounts of bizarre repercussions for some UFO observers cannot be definitively attributed to their sightings.)

This goes to the heart of our contention that UFOs have been and are relatively benign and without import for human civilization and evolution.

Ufologists who are absorbed by the UFO phenomena should rethink their priorities.


  • If you know an original setting of a scene, you can put the puzzel pieces in their right places ...

    Consider Celestials and UFOs spoken in 2nd King Chapter 2verse 11 which reads;

    And it came to pass, as they still went on, and
    talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of
    fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both
    asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into

    Having looked up specific words in the dictionary, and using proper alternative meanings of that word (drawing from old memories)… have revealed a hidden visual perception within this record of history. These same alternative meanings of words can also be used to open up other verses …. If …. the original scriptures have not been too altered in their many revived translations. In this case, the older a revised version is the better, when looking for hidden messages in the bible.
    Here are the words and alternative meaning
    Behold ….observed far out at a distance
    There ……….over in that area
    Appeared ….. having come into view
    Chariot ….. Silver Spinning Saucer Shaped Disk
    Of ……. Having Materializing here from
    Fire ……. An intensified point of excited energy
    Horses ……. Teleporting Relay Stations standing on four supporting shafts
    Parted ……. Put a wide dividing space separating
    Them …… (in this verse ‘them’ means) the two travelers
    Both …… Not just one but also the other
    Asunder …. Into two different dimensional spaces and times
    Whirlwind ……. Wormhole’s Swirling tunnel of energy
    Heaven ……. A higher enclosed pocket of space
    Horsemen ….. (in verse12) teleporting relay stations standing on four supporting shafts operating manually

    Now seeing an old visual perception anew, envision two travelers in flying crafts. They are communicating one with the other. When suddenly something catches their attention and they observed far out at a distance, over in that area through the darkness of space came into view, a large and beautiful Silver Spinning Saucer Shaped Disk, having materialized here from Cosmic Ion particles coming together in one lighted spot, it grew as an intensified point of excited energy. Added to this were seen Teleporting Relay Stations standing on four supporting shafts, they were as tall as a light houses. Added to all this, the on looking travelers noticed that there had now been put a wide dividing space separating the both of them into two different dimensional spaces and times; added to this Elijah went up by a Wormhole’s Swirling Tunnel of Energy into a higher Enclosed Pocket of Space.

    I‘m just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say ….nothing to sell ... only answers for todays mystical questions


    By Blogger SoD, at Monday, June 09, 2008  

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