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Monday, July 14, 2008

Religion, UFOs, and Bunk


Michael Heiser engages in some very interesting debates at his UFO Religions site:


The thrusts are many but his usual and current nemesis is Monsignor Corrado Balducci.

Balducci, the Vatican’s premiere demonologist, thinks that UFO creatures, even those that allegedly abduct humans, are, perhaps, of a higher nature than us, and more spiritually evolved, thus denigrating the idea in some UFO quarters that abductors and UFO aliens are maligant and/or evil as one blog commentator has it:

Balducci the Individualist

There’s a problem with infusing, continually, religious elements in the UFO debate, and that problem is the mixture of theological myth with ufological myth: UFOs are a phenomenon (or phenomena as we contend) and not a tureen into which every cockeyed hypothesis should be poured.

Religion is itself an amalgam of hopeful theories about God, human life and morality, and an afterlife perhaps.

Ufology is a potpourri of screwed-up and, sometimes, unique conjecture, which doesn’t need one more set of variables based upon the idea that there’s a God (and demons) who have something to do with UFOs.

The only link between UFOs and God, or between ufology and theology, is that God is an unknown and UFOs are an unknown.

That’s it.

Michael Heiser is brilliant and his views follow suit.

He keeps the UFO/religion debate intellectual.

But let a few UFO fanatics or evangelical Christian/Islamic hooples get into the fray and all hell will break loose, and not the Hell of theologians, where the Devil can be accomodated.

Opening the UFO discussion to Christian fundamentalists is akin to Pandora opening her chest of evils, which have afflicted mankind for millennia.

But if you can’t help yourself, go to Michael Heiser’s blog and sites.

You will not be engulfed in nonsense, as is the case elsewhere in the UFO universe when religion gets added to the UFO mystery.


  • If you look back through religious documents with an intellecual non-biased mind, you will find that many of the occurrences with gods, angels, demons, and etc. sound a lot like intervention from other races more than ethereal all controlling beings. Some of the stories in the Bible for instance: Exodus describes a platform craft that helped thousands of people of years, when god appeared on Mt Syani rumbling and smoke was everywhere and god told moses to move the people back so they did not get hurt. So maybe, and again no one really knows but just maybe early people were persuaded by another race of beings, and this was described as a religious experience.

    By Blogger Star Strider, at Tuesday, July 15, 2008  

  • Star Strider:

    You're right of course...there does seem to have been an intervention in human affairs by "others" who we're not spiritual creatures (angels, demons, even Gods).

    But are the today's UFOs the craft of those same kind of beings?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, July 15, 2008  

  • I dont know, but it does not seem to far fetched to think that a race that was kind enough to "help us on our way" back then would stick around to see what becomes of us.

    Off topic thought:
    You know when I start to think of all of this stuff my mind goes in a lot of different directions as to who they are and why they are here. One thing I sometimes ponder is:
    What if we are a part of another races terraforming procedure. Just like we now as a primitive race have our own thoughts on how to terraform Mars. Maybe another race planted the seed of life here or genetically modified life here 65 million year ago, after the dinosaurs extinction, or what have you. With the full intention of their newly created life form to become industrialized and technologically advanced enough to create atomic bombs at the end of the process exterminating themselves(ourselves) and finally tipping the scales of our atmosphere to the new races benefit. And viola your new planet is ready and you just had to add some genes and wait. If you just had to seed star systems and then come back to them after the process has ended you could have endless habitable planets for your race.

    By Blogger Star Strider, at Tuesday, July 15, 2008  

  • SS:

    Not a unique conjecture but a good one.

    You view has merit, in our opinion.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, July 15, 2008  

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