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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

UFO Connections


What is the import of UFO sightings around the same time and in the same areas?

For instance, to hark back to some (in)famous UFO events…

The Maury Island (Tacoma, Washington) sighting and Kenneth Arnold’s archetypal sighting:


Both took place on June 21, 1947

And just previous to those incidents were two flying saucer sightings:

One in Douglas, Arizona on June 10, 1947 and one in Bisbee, Arizona on June 17,1947

Then there were these sightings:

Williams Field (air base), Arizona (Grand Canyon area) on June 30, 1947

Another at Muroc (now Edwards) Army/Air Force base, California on July 8, 1947


And Roswell on or about July 8, 1947

We could go on, but taking these historical, popularly known sightings, there seems to be a connection of some kind, circumstantial perhaps, but a connection nonetheless.

(The connections we cite are date and geographical placement.)

We usually ask ufologists to dispense with past events, but data from them might be important in a “corpus” way, as we’ve noted previously.

Current UFO sightings may provide patterns that can show, as fractals do, a kind of sense or logic that underlies their assumed reality.

That is, UFOs have an overt reality – amorphous as it has been – and underlying reality, which lies at the heart of the UFO mystery (perhaps).

This is akin to the underlying reality of quantum, which string theory pretends to attack.


Patterns in nature can lead to insights of a transcendental kind, which is just where the UFO phenomena (some) may reside.

Sure, mundane and prosaic flying saucer/UFO episodes are rife (even Arnold’s sighting in our mind) and those UFO sightings, the explainable ones (like Socorro, which has a counterpart north of there, in the same time-fame), elicit data that may be relevant.

But it’s the unexplainable sightings where patterns of time, locale, and other attributes (such as color, speed, configuration, et cetera) may be relevant.

There has been superficial research into patterns, but no thorough study or co-ordination of data, even by Vallee (a computer expert).


If ufologists want to create a “scientific” patina for its research – ufology (a name that has to be scrapped) – it must grapple with the peripheral data that UFO sightings provide (or can).

Or UFO devotees can continue to commiserate about Roswell and other “old” sightings, and let the mystery remain so.


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