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Monday, August 25, 2008

Two Ufological Afflictions….

A fixation on the past and a need for more and more UFO excitement

Ufologists Kevin Randle and Stanton Friedman, to name two, are locked into the Roswell event. They are fixated, psycho-neurotically, to whatever happened in and around Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947.


It’s not just a fixation but a regression by Randle, Friedman, et al. They have invested so much time and energy on proving that Roswell did or did not happen - Friedman thinks it did and Randle is waffling – that their egos are at stake.


They can’t leave Roswell and move on. They are psychologically maladjusted to the Roswell story.

Jerry Clark has moved on. Dick Hall also. And several others too. But David Rudiak hasn’t. And many more haven’t either. The Roswell “crash” is a UFO regressive point that the psychopathic can’t escape.

There are a few other UFO fixation points (Aztec, the Hill abduction, Socorro, and even Phoenix, Arizona), but Roswell provides the ultimate UFO cathexis.


The other psychopathology that is prevalent in the UFO community is a need – almost like a drug addiction – for new and more UFO sightings and events, even to the point where some UFO aficionados have taken to hoaxing UFO sightings to assuage their need.

The Mexican balloon launches, the recent drone incursions, the faked YouTube videos are examples of fraudulent thrusts to keep UFOs on a momentum that it doesn’t deserve, or need.


Bloggers are catalysts for this aspect of the ufological psychopathology.

Bloggers need copy and without any real events to report they make some up.

The concoctions are transparent, but UFO mavens disregard the contrivance of them, since the need to keep the UFO myth alive is paramount, and addictively necessary for many.


Flying saucers and UFOs have always brought out silliness in some.

The hoaxes and creations aren’t malevolent, just inane, and harmless mostly.

But they, along with the fixation on the past, have kept and are keeping the UFO mystery from being solved.

And while that isn’t existentially relevant, it is a minor aggravation for those who’d like to see the enigma resolved, one way or another.


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