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Monday, October 27, 2008



Many who wonder about the Roswell crash wonder why ET did not retrieve its own craft and crew. How can we fathom that they left their own on the desert floor? This is a question that has an answer, though we have no obligation to provide one. This is because the Alien Intent can never be fully discerned with any certainty. But we can try.

There are seven possible scenarios- one of which may well have played out in July of 1947 over the skies of Chaves and Lincoln Counties:

1) Perhaps the craft that crashed did not have a "companion craft" or "mothership" in the nearby cosmos to be able to arrive in time to Earth to make a recovery. Man has never sent multiple spaceships at the same time to the same destination.

2) If such a ship were in the area, perhaps the retrieval of all the strewn debris, craft components and corpses would have too difficult to accomplish (and cover up) in time to remain undetected. ET did not wish to risk further exposure -or perhaps even confrontation- with Man. It took us many days and many people to retrieve everything. And still it was not done effectively. The retrieval was seen by those who should not have seen, with some of the material being taken by them.

3) Maybe ET did try a crash retrieval, but simply failed to locate the craft and arrive in time. The debris and bodies may have already been discovered by us by then. Sightings of UFOs in the region spiked in the days immediately following the crash. Was ET still looking for its fallen?

4) ET may well have had a concern about the safety of retrieval. Whatever caused the crash to occur in that area at that time (such as a missile or triangulated radar beams) could cause a retrieval craft to come in harm's way too. The risk assessed, they elected not to initiate a recovery operation.

5) Warring factions of visitors caused one to ram to the ground. The aerial battle engaged- priority and concern was for survival, not retrieval.

6) Just as it was the first time that we did not know immediately quite how to handle the situation, it was the first earthly crash that ET had experienced. They may well have had similar hesitancy or disagreement about dealing with the event. This delay may have prevented a timely retrieval.

7) ET did not want to retrieve. They may have in some way desired to "seed" or "plant" themselves and their technology with Man at that point in history. The crash would give Man concrete knowledge that he is not alone in the Universe. They may have hoped that this would curtail further development of nuclear armament, promoting peace and openness. ET can be wrong.

Man must assign cause or motive to the unexplained. It is our compulsion...for man learns nothing except by going from the known to the unknown. But why they came here, why they crashed and failed to retrieve- are things perhaps forever unknowable.


  • Another line of reasoning might explain a lot of what happened at Roswell and after: Simply put, There was a crash, the Government got the pieces and crew, but couldn't (ie weren't allowed) to keep it -- the stuff was taken back somehow. But the media was already alerted so the gov't. had to replace the real wreckage with fake, or there would have been global pandemonium if the media found out that the US Military charged with protecting its citizenry and nation couldn't keep "them" from taking their stuff back out of our puny grip. So now the government is right when they say they aren't hiding any wreckage from Roswell, because they truly don't have anything. But very briefly, they did. All they were and are covering up is their impotence when it comes to dealing with Exosentience.

    By Blogger Iguana, at Tuesday, October 28, 2008  

  • In 1943, the body of a Royal Marines captain was washed ashore on the coast of Spain. His case contained the Allied invasion plans for Europe. The Germans believed what they found. But little did they know that the body had been packed in dry ice and dropped from a submarine as part of one of the most elaborate hoaxes of the war.

    This war hoax became the subject of a recent BBC documentary called "The Corpse that Fooled the Axis." Based on the discovery of the captain's body, the Germans erroneously concluded that the Allies planned to attack Greece, rather than Sicily. It marked a major turning point in the war....

    Is ET smart enough to use decoys so that we would expect a mass landing in the US, only for it to finally take place in the Middle East or somewhere else?

    - Peter Kapnistos

    By Blogger AwareWare, at Tuesday, October 28, 2008  

  • I hope you don't mind me coming to your blog. I see you are interested in Quantum mechanics I am an artist but I have a theory on the two slit experiment. It would be nice to know what you think of it?
    I have linked Newtons laws of motion with gravity and time.

    All the best Nick

    By Blogger Art and Poetry, at Wednesday, October 29, 2008  

  • Artist...

    You really should visit our blog at for more on our Quantum Theory thoughts.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, October 29, 2008  

  • Maybe the ETs were so clever they knew the USAF would immediately explain the crash as a balloon plus radar target, and decided to leave it that way. After all the very last thing the ETs would want is for us to know they were stupid and careless enough to crash onto our planet.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, October 29, 2008  

  • Or... they just didn't care enough. :-( Cost/Benefit analysis told them: "Eh. It's broken. Screw it. Now onto Vegas, baby..."

    By Blogger Cullan Hudson, at Thursday, October 30, 2008  

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