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Sunday, November 30, 2008

UFOs, Christianity, and Quantum


What is the one element that UFOs, Christianity, and Quantum have in common?

That they are each, basically, inscrutable; they make no sense when reviewed in depth.

No one knows what UFOs are. Even though many have a mundane explanation, the fundamental phenomenon remains elusive and unknown, maybe even unknowable.

Christianity is mired in mystery. Did Jesus of Nazareth actually exist? Was He Christ? God? Are the Gospels fiction or fact?


Quantum mechanics is rife with riddles and weirdness. The physics of quantum is a hodgepodge of bizarre theory and mathematics that no one really understands, although some physicists pretend to.


(There are other mysteries – Bigfoot, the Loch Ness thing, what happened to Amelia Earhart, who really shot JFK – but those mysteries don’t have the complexity or raft of commentary and research that UFOs, Christianity, and Quantum have.)

What is the core reality of the UFO mystery? That is the question that most ufologists ignore, caught up in the peripheral aspects of sightings and UFO episodes.

In Christianity, the core questions revolve around Jesus/Christ. Was he God incarnate? Was there a Resurrection? And so on…


Christianity’s questions were raised right at the beginning of the Common Era, even before the pronouncements of St. Paul, circa 35 A.D.

Those questions remain intact today.

Quantum theory has settled on one question: What is the Higgs Boson – the so-called “God particle”?


Quantum Mechanics essentially began with Max Planck’s 1900 energy hypothesis. And one hundred and eight years later, quantum remains fundamentally unclear, despite some peripheral elements that have been “proven” by experimentation.


The UFO mystery essentially began to be seriously scrutinized after the Kenneth Arnold sighting in June 1947.

A little over sixty years later, the UFO enigma is still intact and primarily unknown.

Is there hope for a UFO denouement? Not if current investigators remain entrenched in internecine squabbles and febrile obsession with old UFO events such as the alleged Aurora, Texas crash of 1897, Roswell, the Hill case, the Phoenix lights, et cetera.


Just as Christianity will never settle on one truth, cannot settle on one truth and Quantum is dealing with aspects of physics that are submerged in a possibly unfathomable reality, UFOs are unlikely to be understood in the present time-frame, with the present contingent of ufologists who are immersed in decrepit research and faulty data.

Nonetheless, UFOs, like Christianity and Quantum, will continue to intrigue a small coterie of persons who are intrigued by mysteries no matter how remote they are for an explanation.


  • In no way is the reader to assume that I am a "new ager" and, as well, assume not that I am attached to any Humanly - created doctrine whatsoever. I WILL offer that I AM! - which is exactly identical to YOU ARE! Don't bother mixing in the "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are altogether" John Lennon / Beatles thing either! I've done that!
    While you ponder away to your hearts content please allow me to convey in my own simplistic capability.
    We spirits, (quantum molecules of LIGHT), having a 'Human experience' on this Earth plane make many diverse choices in and out of material, physical existence. In fact we ARE EMBEDDED in a quantum ABSOLUTE. Quantum, (a part in the verbal parcel of all Human terminology), embodies the non-material - high vibe (I AM!) and the material - low vibe (dense Human) expression and whatever expressions may exist in between. Under the umbrella of 'things quantum' we Humans, and most likely "ET people", are parts in the parcel of ABSOLUTE THOUGHT. Thought, (another part of our verbal parcel), creates. Thoughts are 'things' and obviously manifest in our reality. If one sends (a thought) 'out there somewhere', and (it) doesn't manifest on Jupiter chances are it manifests here on Earth, or both, for a specific reason unknown to me at this time. Would we not love to source out the thought that created us and everything we're enmeshed with here on Earth? Why, at all, would we choose to experience this 'Earthly collage' if we knew the thought source for our existence? Well I don't concretely know, guess the I AM! in me chose to. Whoops! I digress a bit. These words thus far require an extended debate . . . so that is why we Humans need and choose to write books.
    Ufo's are simply other parts in the quantum parcel. Some have actually stated that we Humans need ufo's and related esoteric concepts so we create them in many ways. I'm not inclined to agree and haven't the space to continue with such.
    Christianity is undoubtedly a (fear-based, low vibe) Human invention by a man who was looking for his I AM! power but chose to become (a)stray and ended up a common, mere ruler over the masses. If written history is factual then we have countless historical examples of those colourful types. Usually the weak find themselves in so-called high positions! To continue, someone by the name of Yeshwa ben Joseph (or Jesus if one prefers)) did indeed exist however we Humans, over time, twisted any accurate historical information into what we have experienced it to be in the last 1800+ years if indeed 1800+ years has any meaningful accuracy. Ask an Aramaic or Hebrew scholar a question or two and one may become further enlightened.
    To ponder the ABSOLUTE or (quantum) leaves the average, unaware Human to squirrel about in 'hunt for survival mode'. In one sense this may be a pitty. In expressing a sense I prefer, it all comes back to diversity of choice. I do choose to ponder many, if not all, of the subjects laid out on this blog.
    Ufo's, Christianity and quantum ARE what they ARE! Everything IS and should be within our frame of referrence. Then again, our frame of referrence is part in the parcel of CHOICE!
    SO BE IT!

    By Blogger John Webster, at Sunday, November 30, 2008  

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