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Friday, February 08, 2008

The Psychopathology of Ufology


Ufologists aren’t seeking the truth about UFOs; they’re just seeking attention.

With the plethora of web-sites and blogs vying for that attention, the UFO phenomenon has become an embarrassment of vanity for those who pursue the things to enhance their own egos or self-loathing.

Displaying everything UFO-related won’t ever get to the heart of the UFO mystery. The panoply of flying saucer detritus merely showcases how discombobulated the UFO community is, with an obvious lacuna in serious research.

Nuts took over the flying saucer visitations in the late 40s and early 50s, and their progeny remains ensconced in the extrapolated phenomenon (or phenomena, if you will) today.

No matter how serious some ufologists pretend to be, their façade belies a need to be notable about something, and UFOs are the modus for their self-fulfillment.

UFOs don’t mean anything to them; it’s the modicum of fame or notoriety that they seek (and need).

A scrutiny of web-site or blog content proves how cavalier UFO research is, and how prominent self-glorification is.

Few blogs and web-sites take the phenomenon seriously – we’ve noted some that do in our blog listings on the right of your monitor screen – but one has to concede that they do entertain, which is primarily what flying saucers, UFOs, and ufologists have done since 1947.


Ufologists who make appearances on television assume an air of seriousness, but a twinkle in their eye or a quirk in their smile (Stanton Friedman is a good example) gives away the frivolousness of ufology. UFOs just can’t be taken seriously, and ufologists know this nowadays, so they play-act at being somber and quasi-scientific.

This psychopathology isn’t harmful however. It’s a fantasy that makes life bearable for many who would otherwise be mired in a truly humdrum existence.

UFOs make their lives palatable, providing escape from anonymity or existential ennui.


Maybe that’s the clue to what UFOs really are: a mechanism of the gods to assuage the boredom that life presents to the great unwashed masses.

Whatever the UFO reality, the one thing one can say about the phenomenon is that it has created a social construct that isn’t beneficial to mankind’s evolution but surely makes for a fun time among the meshuggahs who have made the phenomenon their “raison d’etre.”