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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Medium may be the only UFO Message


Marshall McLuhan’s dictum that “the medium is the message” (a concept that relates how newspaper formats, TV news broadcasts, and other media presentations are the message rather than the content within them) applies to the UFO phenomenon particularly.

That is, UFOs, as observed, are the message. What UFOs are, exactly, is NOT the message.

The UFO mystery has always been compounded by the various configurations of the things. From the air-ships of the 1890s to the flying saucers of the 1950s, to the triangles of the 1980s, to the gigantic lights of 2007 and 2008 – those observations are diverse and so varied that no one can say what a UFO exactly looks like. But that’s the message.

What UFOs are, in essence, continues to elude investigators of the phenomenon. UFO displays, however, are not elusive, but blatant.

Kenneth Arnold’s chain of flying boomerang-like objects, Mantell’s “Sky Hook” sighting, Reverend Gill’s aquarium object, Zamora’s egg-shaped container, Belgium’s flying triangle(s), O’Hare’s cloud-cutter, and Stephenville’s huge light all tell observers something – not what UFOs are necessarily, but something.


The one constant in all flying saucer and/or UFO sightings is the difference in the configuration and behavior of the reported “objects.”

The UFO medium is the UFO message.

But what exactly is that message?

McLuhan’s concept about media doesn’t have anything to do with meaning, in the philosophical sense. McLuhan doesn’t even provide a clue as to what the medium message is. He merely describes what the medium exudes: cool or warm sensory attributes. Meaning is thus abstract.

This is exactly what modern, abstract art is or does: provide sensory reaction, not meaning. Or not meaning in a logical or rational sense.


The reactive force of media’s McLuhan message, and abstract art’s message, may be likened to Carl Jung’s theory of the archetypes, where imagery has meaning, but that meaning is not relevant to practical, everyday living. The message is transcendental, and applies to the “spiritual” world, where Plato’s real reality pertains.

This is what UFOs provide (perhaps).

Capturing a UFO, despite the Roswell scenario, has nothing to do with UFO reality. Seeing UFOs, describing them, hints at a message that has so far proved elusive to ufologists.


We contend that ufologists are unable to fathom the UFO message because ufologists are inept generally, without the profound investigational acumen that is needed to unravel the UFO enigma….but that for our sister blog, The UFO Provocateur(s) – http://ufoprovo.blogspot.com.

A new discipline is needed to study the UFO phenomenon, one that is untainted by the errant thinking of the past (and present).

And it will take a group, like The Einstein Fellowship, to provide that new discipline…