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Saturday, March 22, 2008

UFOs: The Sino-Russian Threat


The argument that UFOs couldn’t be constructions (aircraft) of the United States military, or else they would have been used in warfare situations extant, is bogus.

The United States military establishments have been holding back their most advanced weaponry, including fighter-bomber aircraft, for the eventual and inevitable war between the United States and China/Russia, countries that will form (and have already agreed to) an alliance against the United States of America.

[From Answers.com:

A strategic alliance

In 2001, the close relations between the two countries were formalized with the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation, a twenty-year strategic, economic, and controversially, (arguably) an implicit military treaty. A month before the treaty was signed, the two countries joined with junior partners Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The PRC is currently Russia's largest customer of imports needed to modernize the People's Liberation Army, and the foremost benefactor of the under construction Russian Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline.]

The aircraft that is held in abeyance for this war, under the most severe Top Secret parameters, are often spotted, during test flights, as UFOs.


Does this preclude extraterrestrial visitations seen as UFOs? Not necessarily, if historic or prehistoric representations and account are valid.

But the idea of a vast armada of UFOs, circling the Earth, is unreasonable, even if one posits a base nearby (such as the back-side of the Moon or one on a moon of a nearby planet).

The fleet of UFOs needed to account for all the sightings that are reported, let alone those that are not, would indicate an alien presence that is tantamount to a de facto occupation of this planet already.

That no evidence of a purposeful occupation has taken place removes the ET hypothesis for the UFO phenomenon, even if one puts forth a benign observational exploration by alien visitors to this planet.

There are just too many sightings to provide credence to an extraterrestrial presence of a significant kind.

UFOs are a combination of many things, just as the Air Force predicated in its Blue Book files, from weather phenomena to hoaxes to misidentified aircraft – the secret military aircraft we allow for many UFO reports.


The Air Force had it exactly right: of the 12618 sightings attributed to flying saucers or UFOs for the Blue Book period [1947-1969], only about 700 remained unexplained, and those numbers can be used to indicate what ratio of UFOs seen currently are actually unexplained phenomenon (or phenomena).

Extricating hoaxes, misidentified aircraft, weird meteorological phenomena, et cetera, from all the sightings supposedly being reported to ufological organizations and media will provide a core or residue of observations what should get attention – serious attention – from UFO investigators and/or science.

And discovering the secret flying machines of the U.S. militaries, for the oncoming Sino-Russian conflict, should prove interesting all by itself…even more so, perhaps, than the UFO conjectures that have yet to provide anything worthwhile.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Different UFO Entities?


If UFOs are tangible vehicles, from an extraterrestrial source or sources (and that “if” is rather large in some quarters), how does one explain the various entity configurations that have appeared with them (UFOs) over the years?

That is, why do diverse entities show up in various, separate periods of time?

For instance, early accounts of the gods who arrived in space ships (or vehicles), except for the fish-god Oannes of the Sumerians, were human-like individuals, as is the case with the angels or messengers that appear in Hebrew Bible accounts.


While after that early time there is a general lacuna of UFO accounts where any entity is seen or experienced at all, in the late 1890s air-ships showed up in America that contained human-like beings who spoke English or definable dialects (German, for one).


The major spate of UFO sightings in which entities are supposedly observed came in the late 1940s and early 1950s when beautiful human-like creatures – like those from the Biblical era – made appearances (such as Adamski’s Orthon and Truman Bethurum’s Aura Rhanes).


But as the 1950s progressed, other creatures appeared, weird dwarfish beings and a clot of other entities with strange, non-human features.


Then in 1961 (a bit later actually), the Barney and Betty Hill creatures surfaced, the so-called “grays” that have become the fixture for UFO creatures.


A few other creatures surfaced in the 1970s, such as the Pascagoula beings that Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker encountered.


But the 1980s, until today, have produced little or no UFO entities; none that have captured the public interest anyway.

What does this tell us about UFOs and/or those beings which supposedly pilot them?

And what does the normal size of UFO entities tell us?

As you know, no gigantic or particularly diminutive (very, very small) creatures have been spotted or noted exiting or entering UFOs.

Giants were mentioned in the early Hebrew Biblical texts, and giants show up in Greek myths, but most accounts of the gods (Egyptian, Norse, Indian, et cetera) do not indicate that visitors from the skies – whether gods, demons, or alien beings – are considerably abnormal in physiognomy or stature.


Most gods were humanistic in kind, even when they sported animal features or disguises.


And UFOs themselves are not particularly abnormal in size or performance from what physical laws allow; even the huge motherships that have been reported are not beyond reasonable size for aircraft. (Dirigibles approximate them.)


Then what about the dearth of female entities?

Inside the Egyptian, Indian, and Greek pantheon of gods and ancient literature there are few goddesses such as Lilith in the Hebrew Bible, but female gods are few, compared to male gods, who predominate.


And in ufology only the 1950s contactee obsession with females and the Villas Boas case indicate that women were once part of the UFO phenomenon.


Most UFO reports lack any singular notice of women entities as part and parcel of extraterrestrial visitations.

Some abductee stories contain alien female aspects, but the abduction phenomenon is fraught with too many irrational elements to make the female presence within them credible.


There are drawings of what UFO observers have reported about entities they confronted or saw, but no forensic study of those observations is extant.


A study of these diverse UFO entities and the feminine lack should be grist for investigators, either the ET-believers or the crypto-human kind.

A serious analysis might go far in determining just what the UFO enigma consists of or means.