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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The UFO Indifference


One factor that eliminates the Jacques Vallee and Mac Tonnies hypotheses that there might be co-inhabitants of the Earth who live in an isolated plane of existence or underwater as a full-borne civilization that interacts with human beings via UFOs, paranormal manifestations, et cetera is the non-interference in Earth affairs.

That is, the UFOnaughts or other-dimensional beings – the co-inhabitants – have not interfered and do not interfere, directly, overtly, or meaningfully, in Earth’s activities: warfare, pogroms, genocides, natural disasters, migrations, or anything of consequence.


And if there were co-inhabitants – subliminal or otherwise – evolutionary aspects, emotional and psychological more than physical, would force these entities to eventually become affected by the emotional elements that make up mankind.

No entities, imperceptible or sub rosa, could escape the influence of the beings that share the landscapes of Earth with these invisible residents as Ivan Sanderson put it.

Alien beings from extraterrestrial worlds could, possibly, be devoid of feeling, and that corresponds to that happens when UFOs interact with humans, especially in the abduction scenarios.

These entities are without compassion or empathy, if witness accounts have any veracity at all.

But co-inhabitants, if they’ve been interacting with humankind for the millennia that Vallee, Tonnies, and a few others suggest, would have, by evolutionary parameters, adopted or been affected in some significant way by the psychological machinations of humans.

This evolutionary effect is outlined in Lecomte de Noüy’s book, Human Destiny.

But nowhere is there evidence, of a credible kind, that UFOs or the entities that pilot them interact with humans sympathetically; quite the contrary.

This mitigates against the crypto-civilization thesis.

And, in some obtuse way, it augments the ET thesis, if one is inclined in that direction as an explanation for the UFO/flying saucer phenomenon.


Bruce Duensing has a blog, like Tonnies, devoted to the idea that human beings have “brothers and sisters” of a different nature, who share this planet, and have since time immemorial.

It just doesn’t work that way if Darwin, Teilhard de Chardin, and de Noüy are right, and the fact of non-interference seems to indicate that they are quite correct.

The aloofness, cold, indifferent interaction by UFOs and their beings (if any) should be a cause for paleo-psychological investigation, and the continuing colloquies about a shared civilization or group of beings (or things) that move about without feeling or empathy for the race that overtly inhabits this planet should be seriously reconsidered.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Is there a funny side to UFOs?


We don’t think so.

Consider every sighting or UFO event, even those that are iffy….

Abductions are serious and painful, physically and psychologically, no matter whether they are real or not.

The Maury Island sighting was disastrous, as was the Mantell episode.

Nothing good has come from the Roswell debacle.

Radiation burns and illnesses have afflicted some UFO observers.

Close encounters have not been jovial by a long shot.

Pilot observations and military contact with UFOs, here in the States and abroad, have not proven to be hilarious.

Persons have lost their jobs when they’ve reported flying saucer encounters, and some have committed suicide when they’ve become too involved with UFOs.

(Some may even have been murdered to keep what they knew from the light of day.)

The Hills didn’t have a fun-time when they had their UFO encounter, and ridicule has followed many who’ve had the temerity to report a UFO sighting.

We know that some in the UFO community think UFOs are grist for humor (or attempts at such), even going so far as to provide silly awards and encomiums for those besotted by the phenomenon.

Think of James McDonald, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, M.K. Jessup, John Mack, et alia and you won’t find a rib-tickler in any of their stories.

Even if UFOs are not a military or security threat to the United States or any other country on the Earth, they still do not provoke laughter among cognoscenti.

Only the demented would make light of UFOs…