UFO Conjectures

Friday, April 04, 2008

The UFO Entities


While there have been a plethora of descriptions of extraterrestrial visitors debarking from UFOs over the years, a lot of them have done so without apparatuses needed to breathe Earth’s air.

Abductees (experiencers), especially, indicate the “beings” taking them hostage are without extra gear, au natural apparently.


The creatures seem acclimated to the Earth’s atmosphere.

This either indicates that the “aliens” come from places with the same chemical make-up as Earth, or are from Earth itself (as the Tonnie’s hypothesis says), or the recounted visitations are hallucinations or bogus.

UFOs are real, of course, many stemming from misinterpreted military craft right here on Earth.

Some are psychologically or physiologically induced.


Some may even be craft from Outer or Inner Space.

But the UFO beings are another thing altogether. Seen coming out of UFOs, or sneaking into bedrooms and cars to kidnap human beings, those entities often do so with no adverse affects, during their sojourns of afterward, as H. G. Wells stipulated in War of the Worlds, where the intruders’ immune systems were not prepared for Earth’s germs.


(If alien visitors were affected, or had been, by Earths’ microbes, they wouldn’t keep showing up in the numbers reported.)

And wouldn’t some alien force from other planets (or dimensions) bring with them some kind of illness or disease foreign to Earth’s inhabitants? Maybe they have. (AIDS?)


UFO investigators haven’t done much with what we’ve present here, but they haven’t done much with anything ufological, since the UFO mystery goes on unabated, and seems destined to do so for a while, maybe never to be resolved.

Meanwhile, we’ll see if anyone can capture a UFO visitor, physically or by camera. But we’re not holding our collective breaths.