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Friday, April 18, 2008

Not One UFO Explanation – Not One!


A number of UFO buffs have listed the best UFO sightings that prove the phenomenon is real.

Sure, UFOs are real. That’s not the question.

The question is “What are they?”

Stuart Miller [Alien Worlds magazine] likes Paul Kimball’s top ten UFO sightings in Kimball’s documentary, Best Evidence.


Mr. Kimball presents some very interesting cases, and leaves out some even more interesting cases, such as the Coyne/National Guard helicopter event of 1973 in Ohio.

The Kimball listing, along with others – even our own here at this blog – provide some intriguing UFO events, but none – including our own – provide anything close to an answer of what UFOs are, from whence they derive, or what is their essence.

After 60 years plus of scrutiny by UFO aficionados, some seriously investigating the sightings and/or supposed landings, not one person has solved the UFO mystery; not one UFO case provides bona fides for the phenomenon.


There is conjecture all over the place, and here too, at this blog.

There has been much conjecture about UFOs in the modern era, and almost as much for UFOs in previous eras, going all the way back to pre-literate ages.

Yet there has been no definitive answer to what some UFOs are.

Yes, some UFO events have been determined, such as the Gulf Breeze, Florida sightings (false), The Mantell pursuit (a Skyhook balloon), Roswell (an atomic bomb/balloon experiment), the Billy Meier photos (hoaxes), the 1964 Socorro landing (a Lunar Module test), the Phoenix Lights (military flares and a prototypical aircraft), the Villas Boas affair (CIA abduction), and so on.


But others are without resolution, and intriguing indeed: The Coyne confrontation (above), the 1948 North Dakota/Gorman dogfight, Shag Harbor, the Tremonton, Utah crafts (filmed), the Ann Arbor/Hillsdale sightings of 1966 (misrepresented as “swamp gas”), the 1561 Nuremberg UFO battle(s) – one of Kimball’s “best” also, and so on.


But the seemingly authentic UFO events and sightings are not explained, and remain at the core of the mystery, elusive as ever.

Listing UFO sightings doesn’t do anything to determine what UFOs are.

The listing is a kind of treading-water thing, to maintain some interest in the phenomenon, which would otherwise go the way of séance hoo-doo or the Loch Ness Monster fad.


UFOs keep popping up, and ufologists keep their avocation alive by cogitating upon them.

But no explanation is forthcoming, nor is one expected.

UFOs, like the existence of God, appears to be a matter for mental gymnastics only, and is forever destined to elude human understanding.

But for those with nothing better to do, UFOs will remain an existential raison d’etre, more or less.