UFO Conjectures

Thursday, April 24, 2008

UFOs are tangible quanta


We won’t persist in the quantum aspects of UFOs, which we (and others) have done in recent months, but let us try to make a (minor?) point…..

UFOs operate as if they are quantum artifacts. And we’ve enumerated that aspect of UFOs in postings below, as has Bruce Duensing at his blogs (Intangible Materiality and UFO Paradigm Probe).

UFOs act like quarks; that is, they mimic the names arbitrarily ascribed to quarks by physicists: up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom.

(You can find more about quarks and, of course, quantum by Googling the terms.)

UFOs, as we’ve indicated before, are macro-manifestations of quantum particles, not metaphorically or figuratively but in actuality.

They can be studied, scientifically, as such, which would eliminate the defensiveness (and foolishness) that permeates UFO “research” which we discuss in our previous posts here and elsewhere.

This also goes to the heart of our desire to see UFOs renamed, or re-invented as Alien Worlds Publisher/Editor Stuart Miller suggests.

Those who see UFOs as extraterrestrial craft won’t go along with this, nor will those who think UFOs are hoaxes, hallucinations, misidentified military aircraft, meteorological phenomena, or God’s angels.

But those who really want to find out exactly what UFOs are might consider a paradigm shift regarding the mysterious intruders, and work to bring about brand new investigation and methodologies to the UFO table.

We’re trying to do that with our physics/philosophy consortium, The Einstein Fellowship. And we think others in the UFO community, not locked into old-think about UFOs, might do something along the same lines.

That is, if they can muster some open-minded and objective persons who haven’t been liquored-up by flying saucers, and addicted to the merry mayhem that UFOs often generate.

That’s the hard part: scrapping the UFO accretions of many years and starting anew.

But it can be done, if UFO-interested persons set their minds to it…..