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Friday, May 16, 2008

UFOs: A Reason to Party?


A Canadian film-maker who likes UFOs takes umbrage with our idea that he and his cronies diminish the seriousness of UFOs by using them as a front for beer-drinking and womanizing.

Most ufologists think some UFO phenomena are serious matters, even going so far in some quarters to say they represent an apocalyptic omen.

Other UFO blokes (us included) think that UFOs are a benign (thus far), unknown intrusion of several phenomena, one of which may be serious (an alien presence of some kind).

Science eschews UFOs because the field has been, since day one, infected by crazies who have tried to use UFOs (sometimes successfully, as in the case of George Adamski) to augment their ego-needs.

Serious “ufologists” have distanced themselves form the crazies but there is a renewed effort, by the Canadian film-maker and his pals, to re-invigorate the nonsense element within the UFO community.

The recent release of some British government UFO files has created an environment that might generate a sensible interest by the public and media in the UFO phenomena.

But that sensible interest will be undercut by those who use UFOs as a pretext to act silly and be cavalier, all the time pretending to be investigating UFOs seriously.

The 1950s created an atmosphere of looniness about flying saucers, but with the alleged abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, UFOs took on a sinister aspect.

UFOs have a patina of eeriness about them that is more than subliminal, even though nothing untoward about UFOs has been proven, in the scientific or military sense.

But UFOs may contain a serious threat to humanity, or not. We just don’t know.

Yet, UFO aficionados who use the phenomena as an excuse to get wasted and traverse the world as playboys and playwomen do an injustice to those who want science and media, even the public, to give UFOs a bit more concern than has happened since the contactee days.

The party-people diminish UFO study as their ballyhooed shenanigans give continued credence to others that UFOs are the bailiwick of the fringe, and not anything that should be taken seriously.

So our plaint that the film-maker is subverting ufology, and the investigators he has shilled into his fun-loving approach to UFOs, is only that: a plaint.

The film-maker can have all the fun he wants, but let’s not use his tomfoolery as a template for ufology or UFO research.

Life is short, and partying is okay, if one is a hedonist or epicurean.

But for those who think there’s something serious going on, within the human condition, and that UFOs may be a part of that, then the UFO happy-crowd should be ignored or avoided.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The UFO Phenomena [SIC]

There comes a time when objectivity must supercede subjectivity, and that time has come to the UFO phenomenon…….or, rather, the phenomena.

UFOs are not just one thing, and never have been.

The things or images seen in the skies, and sometimes on the ground, must be categorized, not in the “Close Encounters of the First, Second, or Third Kind” but along the lines of the classifications that are used in biology: species, genus, family, order, et cetera.


To allow the sobriquet “UFO” to define, as a generality, the diverse objects and lights reported by observers does a scientific disservice to the phenomenon, which should be categorized as phenomena, because that’s what the reports indicate – a varying spate of unusual “things” that have so far defied explanation.

Going back in time one finds obtuse reports of strange aerial phenomena that can’t be classified as one thing.

The modern era of flying saucers and/or UFOs suffers the same confusion; ufos and flying disks have never been described in a way that permits a singular definition.

Thus, ufologists, the serious ones, have been flummoxed by the extreme diversity that neophytes dubbed UFOs or flying saucers, not taking the time to differentiate the completely different aspects of the so-called unidentified flying objects.

As in biology, some species of UFOs could belong to a genus, such as Tangible Objects. The species name would be represent something concrete, solid.

Others fall into a genus of Intangible Objects, and the species would be Lights for instance.

(We expect that others would provide better categories, but we’ll use ours for now just to give you an idea of what we’re suggesting.)

The categories would have to include the Contactee or Abduction scenarios, in a genus of Phantasmagoria with species of Benevolent Contact and Sinister Contact.

(Remember, these are only our own lame suggestions.)

The classifications would have to have the patina of seriousness about them, an almost scientific hue.

And then ufologists could specialize in those areas of the classification that interests them, taking away the confusing or inchoate nature of ufology as it exists today.

This is one way to bring order to ufology, and a methodology that might allow some of or, at least, a few of the UFO sightings of the past to be placed in a perspective and UFOs of the future to be scrutinized by a disciplined approach, which is sorely lacking in the UFO community nowadays.

[See all the UFO blogs and web-sites to confirm our point.]

Our suggestion here isn’t beyond the abilities of some in the UFO community as it exists today.

But the suggestion here will be scoffed at by those who like the idea of a wild and wooly phenomenon which lets them keep the modicum of notoriety they’ve accumulated over the years pretending to be part of a select group privy to UFO secrets and information.

Nonetheless, we present the “biological” thesis to get ufology off the dime, so that the phenomena [sic] may finally have a denouement.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cyclones, Tornados, Earthquakes, and UFOs?


In light of the massive cyclone in Myanmar, dozens of tornados in The United States, and a gigantic earthquake in China, not to mention the Lebanese conflict, the various African crises, the South American volcano, what do UFOs have to do with it all?


In the real world, UFOs impact nothing….not the culture, not societies, not civilizations, nada…zilch, zip.

UFOs are for muddled dilettantes. That’s it.

So let all “ufologists” put UFOs in the proper perspective and move away from the pretense that they matter.