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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The UFO Phenomena [SIC]

There comes a time when objectivity must supercede subjectivity, and that time has come to the UFO phenomenon…….or, rather, the phenomena.

UFOs are not just one thing, and never have been.

The things or images seen in the skies, and sometimes on the ground, must be categorized, not in the “Close Encounters of the First, Second, or Third Kind” but along the lines of the classifications that are used in biology: species, genus, family, order, et cetera.


To allow the sobriquet “UFO” to define, as a generality, the diverse objects and lights reported by observers does a scientific disservice to the phenomenon, which should be categorized as phenomena, because that’s what the reports indicate – a varying spate of unusual “things” that have so far defied explanation.

Going back in time one finds obtuse reports of strange aerial phenomena that can’t be classified as one thing.

The modern era of flying saucers and/or UFOs suffers the same confusion; ufos and flying disks have never been described in a way that permits a singular definition.

Thus, ufologists, the serious ones, have been flummoxed by the extreme diversity that neophytes dubbed UFOs or flying saucers, not taking the time to differentiate the completely different aspects of the so-called unidentified flying objects.

As in biology, some species of UFOs could belong to a genus, such as Tangible Objects. The species name would be represent something concrete, solid.

Others fall into a genus of Intangible Objects, and the species would be Lights for instance.

(We expect that others would provide better categories, but we’ll use ours for now just to give you an idea of what we’re suggesting.)

The categories would have to include the Contactee or Abduction scenarios, in a genus of Phantasmagoria with species of Benevolent Contact and Sinister Contact.

(Remember, these are only our own lame suggestions.)

The classifications would have to have the patina of seriousness about them, an almost scientific hue.

And then ufologists could specialize in those areas of the classification that interests them, taking away the confusing or inchoate nature of ufology as it exists today.

This is one way to bring order to ufology, and a methodology that might allow some of or, at least, a few of the UFO sightings of the past to be placed in a perspective and UFOs of the future to be scrutinized by a disciplined approach, which is sorely lacking in the UFO community nowadays.

[See all the UFO blogs and web-sites to confirm our point.]

Our suggestion here isn’t beyond the abilities of some in the UFO community as it exists today.

But the suggestion here will be scoffed at by those who like the idea of a wild and wooly phenomenon which lets them keep the modicum of notoriety they’ve accumulated over the years pretending to be part of a select group privy to UFO secrets and information.

Nonetheless, we present the “biological” thesis to get ufology off the dime, so that the phenomena [sic] may finally have a denouement.