UFO Conjectures

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Devolution of UFOs and Ufology


Objective ufologists have to admit that the UFO phenomena is long-lasting but pretty much defunct as a topic worthy of time and trouble by anyone….and we mean anyone.

The effort by ufologists, as we keep pointing out, has been without result and import.

UFOs are a back-burner item for many ufologists, while others keep flailing the dead horse as the phenomena (phenomenon to them) appears, goes away, and remains elusive in the extreme.

Science and media are right to ignore UFOs, since doing anything about them – researching or reportage – will be time wasted, and there are so many others things in life that provide (or can) a rewarding existence.

But ufologists have a lot of time (and some money) invested in UFOs, and letting loose will admit stupidity, a life-time of inane concern for a phenomenon that means nothing in the great scheme of things.

Ufologists come and go (die or leave the UFO hobby heart-broken because it doesn’t allow resolution) but the phenomena goes on, even though nowadays UFOs are an ember of its once startling effect on those who’ve seen them and those who hope to see them.

It’s quite sad – pathetic even – to see vibrant persons (such as Kimball, Tonnies, Redfern, et al.) taking the prime of their life on Earth and throw it away on a phenomena that doesn’t mean anything to anyone who has a full understanding of the purpose of life.

Some try to incorporate UFOs into their mundane activities, but even that is silly. UFOs shouldn’t even get that little bit of attention. The phenomenon is a quirk in the evolution of humanity.

UFOs mean nothing to the long road that the gods or Darwin established for mankind.

But a state of denial or a severe blind-spot in the mind of ufologists persists. And it doesn’t make sense, of any kind.

All kinds of mental gymnastics by ufologists attempt to make UFOs pertinent to human existence but the ratiocinations are flimsy at best and often bolstered by ruminations that are nearly insane in their permutations. (See Joseph Capp for instance.)

UFOs are – or were mysterious – but the days of awe have long passed. UFOs are now merely a footnote to man’s time on Earth, like the Loch Ness creature, Sasquatch, or any other phenomena that Loren Coleman has spent a life-time pursuing.

Even the small amount of time we spend on UFOs is admittedly ridiculous, and we have no defense for our squandered time (and effort).

But we’re not normal, and those mentioned above are…or so they think.