UFO Conjecture(s)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

UFOs and Mathematics


Mathematics seem to be an intrinsic element of reality, not invented but discovered early on by early civilizations.

Some have even implied that mathematics (arithmetic) was provided by extraterrestrial visitors to the Earth over 10,000 years ago. [Sagan and Shklovskii, Intelligent Life in the Universe, Delta, NY, 1966, Chapter 33 ff.]


Leibniz and Newton’s discovery of calculus has become the primary methodology of modern day physics, classical and quantum.

But all math, including Euclid’s geometry, Hipparchus’ trigonometry, Lebniz’ calculus, Descartes’ algebra, et cetera, are contrivances; kinds of formal creation, manipulated by science to “prove” its theorems and hypotheses.


A clue to the UFO mystery, we contend, lies in mathematics, the real math, not the perverted math in practice by physicists and science today.

The movement of UFOs (flying saucers) seem to provide patterns that have so far been ignored or non-discerned by ufologists.

A mathematical pattern could very well be a signal or communication of some sort by those who brought and bring UFOs to Earth (from other worlds, other dimensions, or other times).

And do any symbols seen in conjunction with UFOs (as noted in an early posting here) have mathematical meaning? It seems that they may, but no one has taken the time to study the possibility, not seriously anyway.

Physicists have no idea what the essence of mathematics is; that is, science doesn’t know what math really is.

Science hasn’t pursued the mathematical reality, as that might take science into realms involving theological realities, and that is anathema to science.

But ufologists are not loath to go where science won’t go, so the pursuit of math and its possible connection to UFOs could prove interesting, even revelatory.

The speeds of UFOs, the flight patterns, the sound pulses, the numbers of UFOs in any one sighting could have meaning, obscure to human perhaps, but meaning nonetheless.

A group [The Einstein Fellowship] is working on the idea presented here and we will present any suggestions or hypotheses from them upcoming.