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Friday, June 20, 2008

UFOs and Evolution


If Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct – and we think it is, with some caveats about how evolution was generated – then the idea that UFOs contain beings very much like us, from other (extraterrestrial) worlds doesn’t work, and can’t.

The evolutionary process, as Darwin explicated it, is unique to Earth.

The chemical make up, the geology, the vicissitudes of Earth’s history cannot and would not be duplicated elsewhere. The odds against that are 10ⁿ.

The physiology and mental make-up of mankind is a product of this Earth – if Darwin is right – and only of this Earth.


Creatures evolving on other worlds – even on some moons of the Solar System or Mars – would not be subjected to the same chemical/geological interactions that are specific to the Earth.

(The time-traveling hypothesis of some ufologists and/or the concomitant Earth civilization of some – Mac Tonnies comes to mind – might make sense within the Darwin framework, particularly the UFOs-from-our-future scenario, which we’ve addressed here previously.)


Since most of the creatures spotted outside and inside UFOs (the Hill abduction is one) have features, physical attributes similar to those of humans – see our previous post -- those beings cannot have come from afar.

Even if we posit the Creationist “theory” of mankind’s rise to ascendancy here on Earth, the UFO inhabitants would be unlike humankind, unless God made them, on their world(s), in His image and He is a “gray.”


But that’s a stretch, even for us, and Stanton Friedman.

The uniqueness of Earth and its creatures – if Darwin’s theory is true – dilutes the extraterrestrial hypothesis, unless….

…unless the idea that we -- all things on Earth – were seeded by extraterrestrials, which is the SciFi version of Creationism.


Since we are cozy with the idea that UFOs are phenomena – many diverse things – we can allow a number of hypotheses, except for the one that says UFOs are extraterrestrial visitors from galaxies and worlds light years away, who or which evolved in the same way as we have on Earth.

That idea just doesn’t work in the context of Darwin.