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Monday, June 23, 2008

Plato, the Cave, and UFOs


From Wikipedia:

“The forms that we see, according to Plato, are not real, but literally mimic the real Forms.

In the Allegory of the cave expressed in Republic they are called the shadows of artificial replicas of real things.”

Are UFOs “forms”?

We think they may be.

And if they are. then what are the real Forms, that which the UFO “forms” are mimicking?

Jacques Vallee, and a few others, have been suggesting all along that UFOs represent another reality, a reality behind the apparent reality.

Even as a chair can be a Plato “form” with the real chair Form residing elsewhere – an “elsewhere” that isn’t exactly defined in philosophy or Jungian psychology (where Plato’s archetypes play an important role) – UFOs can be “forms” but where is the UFO elsewhere, where the real UFO Form may be found?

That is the question that Vallee (or Jung in his book on flying saucers) fails to answer.

Without the source or “elsewhere” of UFOs, it becomes difficult, maybe even impossible, to assess what UFOs really are.

But that’s what ufology needs to do: find the “elsewhere” that houses the UFO phenomenon or phenomena.

This means that philosophical disciplines need to be applied to UFO research and investigation.

While we eshew philosophy at another venue of ours, we think the methodologies of philosophy (and maybe quantum mechanics which is more philosophic than scientific) can be worked to attack the UFO enigma.

It will require effort of a serious kind, which we know ufologists are rarely up to, but that is what it will take to get to the core of the UFO reality.

And we know a few pesons who are up to the task, and prepared to make the mental (maybe physical) pursuit.

We’ll keep you apprised of their progress, if any…

UFOs and The Roswell Virus


The 1947 Roswell episode has tainted and continues to taint UFO research and scrutiny.

Joseph Capp at UFO Media Matters is obsessed with Roswell, Paul Kimball’s blog has been infected, and Stan Friedman and Kevin Randle have been ill with the Roswell “disease” for many years now.

For some reason, ufologists seem to think that the Roswell incident holds the key to the UFO phenomena, and the 30 year scrutiny – the initial story got shunted aside from 1947 until the late 70s it seems – of Roswell has mined everything that was and is available to mine.

The Ros”well” is dry, and ufologists can’t slake their thirst there, but they are deluded by the Roswell mirage.

It is time to move on, to other aspects of the UFO mystery.

Those aspects may be hidden or subliminal but intense research should be able to ferret out something worthwhile, if something worthwhile is actually there.

Sure, the Roswell story intrigues, in several ways, but it investigation of the imbroglio continue to come up empty.

Human behavior, military snafus, and the will to believe have been spotlighted, but UFOs?

Nothing tangible has turned up….none of the supposed debris, or alien bodies, or photographs of anything weird.

Peripheral materials have surfaced; FBI messages, anecdotal remembrances, Mogul balloons, even death-bed revelations.

But nothing that science or anyone could call “evidence” – not even circumstantial evidence, just hearsay and a flawed newspaper headline.


It’s time to move on…..really.