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Monday, July 07, 2008

Why ufologists need UFOs to be extraterrestrial


We’ve raised some ire because of our suggestion a few months back that UFOs will only be explained when the UFO old-guard dies off, and a new breed of ufologist takes over.


And a recent note from Chile -- http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2008/07/chile-dying-days-of-ufology.html -- bemoaned the death of that country’s ufology stalwarts.

But why are old-guard ufologists so antsy or anxious to indicate or prove that UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin?

Some of the questions that might be asked of alien visitors are these:

What is the life-span of your species?

How does your species procreate?


How does maintain your species remain healthy?

What medicines or medical techniques can you share with Earthlings (to prolong their lives or make them better)?


Is death inevitable or has your species overcome death (except by Roswellian “accidents”)?


Is there life after death?

Do you have a God?


And so on…

You see, the UFO old-guard doesn’t just want to clear up the UFO mystery; there’s a survival instinct at work nowadays among those who’ve reached senility and are knocking at death’s door.

The Halls. Friedmans, Randles, Schuesslers, Steigers, even Clarks et al. are near that time when they’ll be meeting the grim reaper, as we’ve already noted.


So, of course, they’d like to know the answers to the questions above, for a number of reasons but most of all because they have concern – personal concern! – for how alien beings might answer them.

Therefore, those ufologists zero in on the extraterrestrial hypothesis because it may help them through those final years of their Earthly lives.

It’s not scientific, but when has ufology been scientific?

Now the job is getting our hands on alien visitors and pumping them for the ultimate answers to life – not for their sakes, but for ours, especially the old dogs of ufology.