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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Book by Charles Upton

Dear People:

What UFOs are has always been known. If today we think of them as a “mystery,” it is because we are in the habit of concentrating on phenomena, and forgetting to ask about meaning. Investigation of the UFO phenomenon is necessary to our understanding of UFOs, but it is not enough. No matter how much data we amass, unless we understand the nature of the whole universe – material, psychic and spiritual – that data will never lead to finished knowledge.

Cracks in the Great Wall: UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics was written to remedy this lack. Charles Upton has interpreted the findings of UFOlogists Jacques Vallee and John Mack according to the doctrines of French metaphysician René Guénon, with help from Kaballah authority Leo Schaya, Eastern Orthodox priest Seraphim Rose, Christian fantasy writer and popular theologian C.S. Lewis, and “traditionalist” writers Frithjof Schuon and Whitall Perry, thereby producing the most comprehensive theory of UFOs presently available. The author deals with the physical reality, the social significance, the psychic effects and the spiritual meaning of UFOs, also recounting his own small experience of the phenomenon. If we know what the universe is, what a human being is, and what phase of this “cycle of manifestation” we are presently in, then UFOs will no longer be a mystery – they will be a sign.

Are UFOs alien spacecraft? Spirit entities? Human deceptions? What if they were all three? Only traditional metaphysics reveals how these “alternatives” fit together, what UFOs actually are, and what they mean for the human race.

Cracks in the Great Wall:
UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics
by Charles Upton

Sophia Perennis 2005; ISBN 1597310247
Paperback: $18.85 US; ₤12.95 UK
(Trade Cloth also available.)
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Whither Stanton Friedman?

Stan Friedman appeared (again) on Larry King Friday night, July 18th, in a UFO (of course) segment with Seth Shostak, Bill Nye, and others.

Here’s Stan, holding up his latest book for the cameras and audience:


Stan wasn’t talking about his book, no one was. He was just getting some camera time.

Yes, Stan has made a living from the UFO mystery, and one of the few ufologists who have.

But Stan has become, more and more, a promoter of goods rather than a promoter of his ideas.

On the King show, Mr. Friedman made pronouncements that flying saucers – that area of the UFO phenomena he prefers – are from outer space and the evidence is overwhelming.

Yet, he didn’t provide, and never does on such shows, supply that evidence, nor even make an attempt to do so.

He pronounces, from on high, like Moses, that flying saucers are extraterrestrial and the data, the evidence, shows that.

Mr. Friedman doesn’t even trot out one sighting that makes his case, and the time allotted to him allows him to do so.

But Stan Friedman needs to sell books, and get booked, for UFO conferences, et cetera.

He needs to supplement his retirement funds apparently, and that has become his cause primare ever increasingly.

His goal may be self-serving and not evil, but it is bad for ufology, in that it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those who want to see objectivity about the enigma and not be subjected to persons who are selling wares or themselves.

We like Stan, even adore him almost, but as the face of ufology – the flying saucer part – he is doing a disservice to the whole UFO panoply by appearing to be a guy who wants to support himself rather than get at the ultimate truth.

God bless you Stan Friedman, but please consider the image of ufology that your promotional appearances create….