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Friday, August 15, 2008

Anthony Bragalia's reply to our Truman Syndrome post


The psychological trauma that was experienced by many people who were exposed to the skyfallen craft and corpses from another world was enormous.

Your "Truman Syndrome" item on your blog brings up an aspect of Roswell that has alway intrigued me, and has never been fully addressed...

How did witnesses to the debris and bodies cope psychologically and spiritually with the knowledge that man is not alone in the Universe?

Well, the fact is, many did not cope!

Examples include:

Dee Proctor - The child-witness w/ Mack to the crash. Died a morbidly obese, divorced, raging alcoholic who rarely spoke, and hid behind his Mother Loretta like he was still a child. Prone to anger, avoiding researchers for decades, he died of cardiovascular disease at 65, holding in his heart a secret to great to bear.

Sheriff George Wilcox- Look closely at the photos of him taken for the paper, answering the phone, during the time of the crash. He is a "deer in the headlights." Never ran for office again, never sought another term. Deputies B.A. Clark and Tommy Thompson said he was never the same. Inez ran for her husband's office, loosing the election. She also lost her husband's attentions after the crash. A changed man and marriage. George was made to do things he did not want to do.

Miriam Bush - The base hospital assistant to Dr. Harold Warne @ RAAF. Saw the dead creatures. Emotionally scarred, she abruptly left the area, could not be found for a while, alcoholic, had a loveless marriage and committed suicide.

Jack Rodden - Roswell photographer who saw the bodies. Family said he was a changed man afterwards. Never the same, he would leave the room when asked more.

CIC Agent Sheridan Cavitt - Son Joe Cavitt said his father would get angry when Roswell was brought up. Said that is father "had issues" and throughout his life "it was like having half a father." Refused pain medication at the end of his life, afraid he would talk.

Rev. Elijah H. Hankerson - Roswell Base Chaplain in July 1947. Family said at the end of his life he repeated trance-like "I'm just a man. " "The Universe is amazing." "A little knowledge can be a bad thing." Elijah never told his children (born after) that he was ever even at Roswell. He held a burdensome secret. Hankerson acted as a First Responder to the Air Accident, consoling the living and praying for the dead.

Father William Benson replaced Hankerson on July 10th 1947. Hankerson, a Protestant Reverend, was shipped out to another base in the South Pacific. Benson was brought in on the 10th because he was Catholic- priests take confessions of the burdened.

Vern Brazel - Fled the Roswell area as soon as he could. Changed his name to Tunnyhill. Knew Dee, was there at the site as a kid too. Killed himself in his 20's.

Mac Magruder - WWII Legendary Flying Ace, saw the bodies at Wright Field when at AWC. Tears welled up in his eyes when he told his son his deepest secret, "We killed it."

Mack Brazel - Left the area and moved to Tularoosa. Ranch hands said he was never the same, held everything in. Wept openly when he told his granddaughter Fawn "they were just sweet little creatures."

I could go on and on and on. Scars were left. Emotions were tattered. Memories forever emblazened with the sight of the unearthly. Lives forever changed in an instant.

Military men and Presidents? Perhaps they were made of "different stuff." But in their most private moments these men of great strength and leadership wondered and dwelled on the greatest secret. Eisenhower incessantly doodled the disks. And the Haberdasher President knew...he just put it way back in his closet.

Lesser men went mad.

Tony Bragalia