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Thursday, September 04, 2008

From Anthony Bragalia....


Those who continue to study Roswell continue to be derided as having a "will to believe." Debunker Karl Pflock used the term "The Will to Believe" as part of his infamous Roswell book title. Posts on this blog often imply the same sentiment in describing those of us who study the event and its meaning.

But a far more curious dynamic is the need to disbelieve Roswell. T.S. Elliot noted that "humankind cannot bear very much reality." The reality of Roswell is one that many are simply incapable of accepting from the outset because of the very implications of such a reality.

I have previously examined what Roswell did to the individual psyches of Roswell witnesses (see posts August 26 and 15 on this site.) When society at large is required to accept the visitation of others to Earth, it requires that society collectively accept that it is in all ways inferior to these visitors.

Knee-jerk denial that such things "could simply not be" is a defense mechanism immovably put into place by some. Roswell denial shows a refusal to acknowledge a reality that is too threatening to our most fundamental sense- our sense of survival.

The Earth revolves around the Sun. But this fact was suppressed by authorities for over 200 years. When the truth was finally revealed, it caused a major upheaval in government, church, science and thought. Four centuries later we must again face the truth- we are not the Center of it All. And for many, that fact cannot and will not be beared. Instead, it will be ignored.

Another challenge to acceptance is our seemingly inherent inability to embrace what is "different." And nothing could be more utterly alien than aliens! Humans are proven unable to accept differing races, cultures, religions and nations within our own world...and certainly many would be unable to accept these things from another world! Denial of Roswell is the ultimate prejudice.

What makes Roswell researchers different than many is the knowledge that they hold deep within their hearts and minds that we are part of something larger than ourselves. Some cannot accept this and can therefore never accept Roswell. They are the modern-day self-centric, who want the Sun to revolve around the Earth no matter what.

Those unable to believe Roswell do not believe testimony. No matter how many say it, no matter who says it- no matter how the pieces now so clearly fit. They want the most Open Secret shut, because to know it would hurt too much. They ridiculously demand us to produce a physical piece of Roswell debris, or an alien corpse. They demand this because they know that it will likely never be forthcoming in their lives- allowing them to remain safe in their disbelief. Knowing that Roswell is Real frees us from ignorance. But for some, ignorance is the proverbial bliss.

With the torrent of new and credible Roswell revelations, I sense a growing worry among the disbelievers. That Roswell "happened" is now evident. Even many of the disbelievers now understand that they have no choice but to acknowledge we were lied to, and that something unusual or extraordinary did occur. Some even now admit (ironically based on the work of dedicated Roswell researchers) that it was not a weather balloon or a Mogul train. But still they must cling to their increasingly desperate belief that it had to still be in some way terrestrial. Because to think otherwise means that they would have to think of Others.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An Open Letter to Ufologist Kevin Randle


Mr. Randle:

You’ve proven that some Roswell witnesses lied and are still lying.

You’ve also proved that some persons interviewed about Roswell have told the truth as far as they know it.

However, witness veracity, or not, can’t resolve the Roswell controversy. Only the most rabid believers in an alien flying saucer crash and some vitriolic debunkers think that witnesses will provide the Holy Grail of truth about Roswell, either pro or con the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Science, media, and the public generally won’t accept witness accounts as proof of anything. And they are right to eschew such accounts.

Surely you must be tired of trying to take a stand on behalf of some maligned Roswell witnesses. The rest of us UFO aficionados are.

But you have also proved that something happened at Roswell, something extraordinary.

Now comes the time to get your hands on some Roswell material that actually makes the case for or against an extraterrestrial intrusion or crash near Roswell in July 1947.

You (and others) have scoured various archives, and you’ve reported that the GAO determined the pertinent Roswell documents and military communications for the time-frame have gone missing, destroyed presumably.

But some material still exists that you (and others) haven’t found or seen as far as we can tell from your Roswell writings.

Some documents about the Roswell incident reside at the Library of Congress, in that construct’s archives.

And the Office of Naval Intelligence also has material from the 1947 episode, actual documents from the Roswell dates of the incident there.

Also the CIA has material that can be acquired by Freedom of Information requests (as you know) directed to the appropriate CIA division: Office of Military Affairs.

(What the material still extant will prove or disprove about Roswell we can’t say and won’t pursue since Roswell is a dead issue for us.)

Yes, the alleged UFO crash at Roswell has been seemingly dredged to the bottom of the pond, to no avail – none whatsoever.

It’s time to get some real proof, which has eluded you (and others), or close the Roswell casket.

Being mired in Roswell’s obfuscated detritus is not a mentally healthy endeavor.

Produce something concrete, or move on….to UFO incidents with a high probability of denouement.