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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Inducing fright can be a sinister act when it is used to intimidate. Intimidation forces submission and compliance. Fear deters unwanted talk. And in the Summer of 1947, some in Roswell were very fearful.

If the crashed craft was indeed extraterrestrial, it would require that every effort be applied to keep silent the unwitting witnesses. As a matter of national and even planetary security, it is certain that by any means necessary- the silence would be maintained. And any remaining debris would be retrieved. The ways in which this intimidation would operate would play on the fundamental fears that we all hold. Some witnesses surely feared for self-preservation. They were fearful of the loss of their freedom, liberty and income. They were fearful of being humiliated. But mostly, they feared the unknown.

They were stricken about what they had seen and by what was told them would happen if they ever mentioned what they had seen. This must have been especially difficult. Viewing things so strange and horrible in the desert -and to never be able to speak about it- must have been a double frustration forever endured.

But not all witnesses were intimidated. In reviewing the history of the Roswell event, something becomes clear. Those closest to the crash were the ones most threatened.

* Bill Brazel' Jr's daughter says that their ranch was literally "ransacked" in search of stray crash debris. Floors were pried and furniture shredded
* Rancher Bud Payne rode horse too close to the Foster Ranch. He was bodily removed by armed MPs
* Sherriff George Wilcox- Never ran for office again. Neighbor Rogene Cordes told me that he was never the same
* Dee Proctor told author Kevin Randle (Roswell Revisited, Pg 6) that the military visited him in the days following the crash. That is all he would say. But we can guess what they threatened Dee. Dee died young, divorced, obese and severely alcoholic
* Mack Brazel was held for days by the military. The threats were effective. He became a virtual mute on the subject forever

Examples of the Roswell Intimidation are countless. To compel witnesses with the force of authority and position is one thing...

But did these "threats on Roswell" ever rise to the level of Criminal Intimidation? Was the use of grossly aggressive or even combative methods ever used against Roswell citizens?

The answer is yes- according to the original witness himself, rancher Mack Brazel. He told KGFL station owner Bob Wolf (who saw Mack at a gathering in about 1960) something that Wolf will never forget. When Wolf inquired of Mack about the crash from over a dozen years earlier, Mack -as white as a ghost- replied, "Those people will kill you if I tell you what I know!" A new lead, if confirmed, corroborates Mack's warning of death. This new lead reveals that physical violence was used to keep the quiet! An Officer's Daughter has recently come forward with a revelation that is astounding if confirmed-

Her father brandished a deadly weapon on innocent citizen witnesses after the Roswell crash!

Her story reveals that the most brutally cruel intimidation of witnesses was carried out by those who were strangers to Roswell. It of course makes complete sense. The dirtiest of deeds would not be committed by RAAF officers within the community. Those officers would be too easily identified and called out. Rather, the bludgeoners would have no ties to town. They would return to somewhere else when their job was done.

Her father was a former member of the OSI/CIA ,and at one time with Omaha SAC. But in July of 1947, he was stationed at Wright Field. He told her that he was ordered to undertake a deadly serious assignment. He explained that he visited the surrounding areas of Roswell, NM where a flying saucer had crashed. She said that he was tasked to "manage civilian-military affairs" around the event. He was to ensure an "information blackout." He was to question ranch hands, migrants and "simple types" in outlying areas who might have known or seen something and "make sure that they did not talk." If they had any pieces of the debris, he was required to get them back. He said that this had to be done. We did not know where they were from or what may be their intentions.

The daughter explains that her father was a habitually cruel individual. He was obsessed with hand swung weapons. He was selected for this brutal assignment because he himself was brutal in both combat and life. In fact he served with the 303rd Bomb Group- the notorious, original Hells Angels. He had killed countless during WWII, and his name appears in Missing Air Crew Reports of the time. He retired a severe alcoholic. He was prone to repentant family confession. At times he became emotional.

One time he confessed his most heinous sin to his daughter. He told her that a few of the crash witnesses "were not compliant." The Officer explained that he had to do what he did. She asked him just what it was that he had done. He told her that he had used a violent technique on the witnesses that he had developed in enemy interrogation. He wielded a military Pick Axe and swung out maniacally at those who defied him. Floors were pried and furniture shredded before their eyes (the very technique corroborated by Brazel Jr's daughter!) The Officer said that some of those that he had "questioned" had even physically collapsed, they were so gripped with horror. He learned that some of them had later became alcoholic or socially maladaptive. But always silent.

Weeping the past, the Roswell Intimidator told his daughter that he may well have scared people to their very deaths!

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Roswell clue that everyone overlooks


Kenneth Arnold’s June 24th 1947 sighting of nine objects near Mount Rainer spurred media to take Arnold’s description of the objects' movement – like a saucer skimmed over water (which itself was a strange way to describe aeronautical movement) – eventually coining the term “flying saucer.” But the term “flying saucer” wasn’t in common use until well after June 24th, 1947.

Strange flying objects seen in the period just before the (in)famous Roswell incident of July 1947, just two weeks after Arnold’s sighting, were described, almost invariably, as disks or discs.

(See NICAP but disregard Ted Bloecher’s and Ed Ruppelt’s anachronistic use of “flying saucers” or “UFOs” in the NICAP rundown, as those terms are wrongfully inserted backward into the flying disk history.)

Even most accounts of the Roswell episode referred to a “flying disk.”


And even an FBI memo referred to a “flying disk.”

The alleged William Blanchard/Walter Haut press release had described the recovery of a crashed “flying disk” but the newspaper account – in the July 8th edition of The Roswell Daily Record -- referred, in its headline (above), to a captured “flying saucer” [sic].

Further, the newspaper account went on to report the following:

“The intelligence office of the 509th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Air Field announced at noon today, that the field has come into possession of a flying saucer…

Major Marcel and a detail from his department went to the ranch and recovered the disk, it was stated…

The intelligence office stated that no details of the saucer's construction or its appearance had been revealed.”

The question to ask is this: Why did the newspaper and Jesse Marcel, as quoted, use the term “flying saucer”?

The term wasn’t indigenous, as we’ve noted, to media or the common parlance.

It may have been, however, part of the military argot, but Jesse Marcel and/or the newspaper wouldn’t know that.

Therefore, Marcel use of term could only have came from sources privy to the military jargon, and he passed the term on, in his quotes, to the newspaper.

This means that someone, high up in the military establishment who communicated with Major Marcel used the term, because it applied to what was recovered in one or two places near Roswell that July.

Flying saucer was the newly minted term for flying objects that the military had deemed material and real, and possibly extraterrestrial.

And the crashed disk(s) near Roswell fit the description.