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Monday, January 19, 2009

WHY ET DOESN'T WANT TO MEET US by Anthony Bragalia


The extraterrestrials only hint at their presence. Despite the passage of centuries- they do not make open, mass contact. Instead they seem to merely observe us, shyly flittering through our skies. They keep their distance just enough. They seem to want us to know that we share the universe with Others. But why don't they want to meet us?

To answer this question, we must ask ourselves -if we were from another place- would we want to meet the people of Earth?

Before making overt contact, those from afar have carefully observed our ways. And what they see they must surely not like. What they see is a species that -though intelligent- continually and repeatedly acts out of ignorance. They see those who are unaccepting of anything that is different. They see reflected in us the truest definition of ignorance. The ignorant "ignore" or deride anything that is not like them.

We are a race compelled to view things through an "Us" and "Them" filter. If we cannot live civily together as Humans on our planet, how can we ever coexist with Non-Humans from other planets? If Blacks and Whites still can't get along in many places, how can we conceivably get along with a "Gray" or a "Green"? We don't like "different" and we never have. People who do not share our color, our country or our religion are not like us- so we don't like them. We thrive on division. We are selfish in our identification, as in "my" country or "my" faith. And we think that our ways -and the ways that we look- are "better" or more acceptable. In a society like ours that that is conditioned to instantly judge on outward appearance- the wholly different appearance of ET would be too much for too many to handle. Extreme elements of society would express ultimate prejudice towards those who are so extremely different.

And Man does not like to "share." He has to be taught. The behavior of young children shows us this. As we get older, the term "share" more likely means to us the capital stock of a corporation. The true meaning of "share" has been lost to man. We find it difficult to give of what we have to another without expectation of return. ET no doubt knows that man does not wish to "share" Earth. The first thing that we did when we first landed on another celestial body was to plant our flag on it. Man does not wish to share the Universe. Instead, he wants to own it.

ET cannot be "equal" to us. The truth is that man can never be "equal" to races perhaps many millennia advanced from us. Their knowledge and their experience must vastly surpass that of Man's. This is the central problem with open contact- ET knows that man still views himself as the Center of the Universe. Man's pride -and fear- would not allow him to accept those that know better.

For decades government officials in all countries have told their populace that there are no visiting ET. They tell us repeatedly that there is no evidence. Though many of them know otherwise -they maintain that there is no such thing to maintain the illusion of their control. Our world's leaders deny the reality of those on other worlds. ET must feel unwanted.

ET sees that Man is even unable to connect with his own Gaia-sphere. We have dampened the pulse of our living planet by poisoning its soils, waters and air. We not only lack respect for other humans, we do not even honor that which sustains us- Earth. We've proven that we cannot participate in the natural Holos of our own world, let alone Other's worlds. We don't cooperate with Nature- we conquer it.

The way man treats other animals on this planet reflects how man can feel about non-humans. Our cruelty to animals even requires that we establish organizations to prevent such cruelty. If a creature has four legs, or if it is covered in fur and cannot speak, it is somehow perceived as less worthy. Man throughout history has placed himself as the head of Earth's many dominions. We dangerously believe that we can control all of the kingdoms of creation. ET must surely find this worrisome.

In the mid-1940s, Man sent out an instellar smoke signal to the stars. He announced with the greatest loudness that he had split the Atom. In so doing, we also transmitted a deadly message. We can kill and destroy like never before. Now, at the push of a button, we are able to burst open the very fabric of creation at the molecular level, incinerating into nothingness large areas of our planet. With the flick of a switch, millions can now perish at will.

Later, with the advent of rocketry and spaceships, man showed that he could travel beyond the confines of his atmosphere. He could now carry this wickedness off-planet. The concept of military "defense" in space shows that man is not content to keep his war and division on Earth. He is now willing and able to bring it to the cosmos.

ET has revealed itself to us as a Watchful Eye. Whether out of concern for themselves and the rest of the universe- or for us- they continue to monitor our plight on Earth. But they will not make contact. They are far too smart for that.


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    By Blogger jamieinenglewood, at Tuesday, January 20, 2009  

  • Unfortunately for your analysis, numerous contactees have been telling us, since at least 1950, that ETs have indeed made contact with us. What do you say?

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, January 21, 2009  

  • Hi CDA-

    I do not presume to know if private, mental communication with ET has ever occurred, as claimed by the UFO "contactees" of the 1950s or the "channelers" of more recent times. The article refers to overt, large-scale and verifiable physical contact between Man and ET. I purposely used such phrases as "meet us" and "make open, mass contact" to make the distinction.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, January 21, 2009  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Mayan Sky Observer, at Wednesday, January 21, 2009  

  • i think they dont want meet us because this is american behavior.
    americans predators of the world.

    By Blogger Mayan Sky Observer, at Wednesday, January 21, 2009  

  • To answer this question, we must ask ourselves -if we were from another place- would we want to meet the people of Earth?

    If they are like us? Why I believe they would. We have entire branches of science which are devoted to studying our distant ancestors. Five hundred or a thousand years from now I can't see us being that much different. Although arguably, five hundred years ago the only people who went out and contacted less advanced societies did so to exploit them.

    But, it seems to me that a truly alien society would not have the same motivations as ours (hence the word *alien*)

    By Blogger The Odd Emperor, at Tuesday, January 27, 2009  

  • people are saying the UFO at the inauguration was a helicopter can anyone confirm this?

    By Blogger Mr.Anonymous, at Thursday, January 29, 2009  

  • Mr. Anonymous,

    The question would have been better asked at the post above this one.

    But let us say that a helicopter, traveling at the speed indicated in the video, would have it's tail rotor ripped off.

    Analysis of the video shows what appears to be a true UFO -- no bird, no bug, no plane, no helicopter.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, January 29, 2009  

  • This article was very well expressed. It is called lack of respect.

    By Blogger changeme, at Sunday, March 08, 2009  

  • I'd like to think that alien life would be quite a bit more intelligent, enlightened and hence more patient with us. Surely they would know they can not judge a whole planet based on some of the corruption and greed that they see. Despite my often being embarrassed of being a human, I know there are still a fair amount of good folks on this world.

    By Blogger Mikey, at Tuesday, March 10, 2009  

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