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Sunday, August 30, 2009

UFOs and VITAMIN C - Linus Pauling's Flying Saucer Secret by Anthony Bragalia


Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling -physicist, chemist and controversial advocate of Vitamin C therapy- was a secret UFO researcher who authored intriguing confidential studies on the flying saucer phenomena. Recently acquired information also reveals that Pauling may have provided his technical expertise to Battelle Memorial Institute in the study of Roswell-like memory metal in the years after the crash!

Emerging research reveals that Pauling was intensely studying UFOs and that he had a special relationship with Battelle- a research and development contractor known to have been active in UFO study through its work with the USAF's Project Blue Book. Battelle has also been implicated in the study of the Roswell UFO crash debris "memory metal." Battelle's involvement in the debris analysis has been previously reported in articles by this author archived on the UFO Iconoclasts website. It is now known that Pauling was invited by Clyde Williams, the Director of Battelle at the time of the Roswell crash, to discuss "intermetallics" - a class of materials which are the basis for "shape memory" alloys!


A truly multi-disciplinary scientist, Pauling is distinguished as one of only four individuals to have won multiple Nobel prizes. He is the only scientist to have ever been awarded his prizes without sharing it with another recipient. Named in the list of the "20 Greatest Scientists of All Time" by New Scientist magazine, Pauling held a PhD in Mathematical Physics and Physical Chemistry from Caltech and also held degrees in Chemical Engineering.

Francis Crick, the co-inventor of the DNA model, was a close Pauling associate. Crick acknowledged Dr. Pauling as one of the world's "greatest minds" and to be "The Father of Molecular Biology." Crick was also the architect of the theory of "Directed Panspermia" which holds that the "seeds of life" were spread through the Universe through extraterrestrial action. Crick -like his friend Linus Pauling- shared deep interest in intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe.



Pauling is most well-known by the general public for his advocacy of high doses of Vitamin C to help lessen the duration and severity of the common cold. Today millions consume the vitamin for the prevention and treatment of colds and in the improvement of health.

Pauling personally consumed 3 grams of Vitamin C every day of his adult life. He died in 1994 at the age of 93. Pauling believed that an adjunctive cancer therapy could be found in mega-doses of Vitamin C delivered by IV. In 2007, the National Academy of Science in its journal Proceedings vindicated Pauling. The journal reported that cancer survival rates were subtantially improved with IV-delivered Vitamin C. Phase I Clinical Trials are expected to begin shortly.


Holding Top Secret clearance during WW II, Pauling advanced military research and development in ways that are only now being discovered. When WW II began, Dr. Pauling offered the U.S. Government the use of his laboratory and services as an R&D consultant. He devised many inventions for our defense departments including life-safety systems, explosives and missile propellants.

However Pauling -with his belief in ET clearly established, as shown in the next section of this article- then abruptly eschewed his military R&D work in favor of becoming a vocal peace advocate. He championed nuclear disarmament and was an opposer of the militarization of outer space. Pauling was quoted, "It is my opinion that the militarization of space is sheer folly." Pauling was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1963.



Pauling's lifelong dedication to scientific discovery included the intense study of the flying saucer phenomena and of extraterrestrial intelligence. He believed it to be likely that we have been visited by beings capable of interplanetary travel.

Within documents that were located in the Special Collections library at Oregon State University (where Pauling earned a degree in Chemical Engineering and where his papers are now archived) are found portions of UFO studies by Pauling that he composed in July of 1966. He marks these papers as "CONFIDENTIAL." It is unknown if these were private studies- or if Pauling was conducting his analysis on the phenomena secretly on behalf of an agency or contractor of the U.S. Goverment.

Pauling examines several aspects of UFOs and offers ideas about the phenomena that were advanced many years later by others. He explores "evidence of present-day observers," "a study of historical reports," and a "study of the possibility that extraterrestrial sentient beings have been in contact with the earth over a long period of time." Interestingly, he also alluded to the idea of Panspermia- a concept advanced by his friend, DNA discover Francis Crick, years before Crick did so. Pauling envisions "the extraterrestrial origin of man and some or all of the organisms on earth." Portions of these studies are shown below:



When Pauling died, it was discovered that he had maintained a massive library of UFO books. The archivist at Oregon State University who now stores these volumes characterizes them as "well-worn." They include such titles as Incident at Exeter, The Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects and The Flying Saucer Story.



Leads that were acted on by this author and that were provided by UFO enthusiast Frank Stalter are very revealing. It has been discovered that Pauling was a close friend of Clyde Williams, the Executive Director of Battelle Memorial Institute in the 1940s and 1950s. Williams and Pauling shared a unique research interest in "intermetallics" which are especially complex metal alloys that are associated with "shape memory" or the ability to "morph."


A personal calendar that Pauling maintained throughout his working life is also archived at the Oregon State University library. The January 11, 1951 entry of Pauling's calendar refers to a letter that was received by Pauling on that date from Battelle's Executive Director, Clyde Williams. During this precise time period, Williams' organization was contracted by Wright Patterson Air Force Base to conduct scientific analysis on the UFO phenomenon in support of the Air Force's Project Grudge (later Project Blue Book.)

Incredibly, Williams (who was Battelle's Director at the time of the UFO crash at Roswell) indicates in the letter that he wanted to meet with Pauling (whose interest in UFOs was know at that time) because he "would like an opportunity to visit with an old friend." Williams wanted to tap Pauling's needed expertise about the "principles of determining the structure of intermetallic compounds." Dr. Pauling's genius apparently extended to exotic metals. Three years after the Battelle letter requesting Pauling's analysis of intermetallic structures was received, Dr. Pauling would be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The prize was awarded for his "research into the nature of the chemical bond and its application in the elucidation of complex substances." In fact by the 1950s, Pauling was thought to be the premier materials chemist in the entire world.

Pauling's expertise in "intermetallics" may have profound implications. Intermetallics constitute a then-novel (and highly unusual) class of materials. They are mostly compounds of metals whose crystal structures are different from those of constituent metals. The best known representatives of intermetallics are the shape memory alloys (SMA's.) Shape memory metal was reported as a "morphing material" found at the reported UFO crash at Roswell in 1947. The best known of these shape-recovery materials is Nitinol. Nitinol has been historically traced by this author as having its origins in Battelle studies that were contracted by Wright Patterson AFB, where the crash material was reportedly flown to. These studies commenced immediately following the Roswell crash. See archived articles on the UFO Iconoclasts website that detail these findings.

Pauling was at that time one of our nation's only experts on X-Ray crystallography. He had also developed groundbreaking research in "quantum chemistry" - a branch of theoretical chemistry which straddles the border between chemistry and physics. It is especially useful in determining unknown material and in characterizing the phases of matter. It is clear from the Oregon State University archives of Pauling's work that Pauling had a prior association with Battelle.

As an "old friend" of its Executive Director, Pauling likely had ties to Battelle extending back to the 1940s. His work in the examination of crystalline structures and chemical technical analysis would have been very valuable in studing intermetallics such as shape recovery metals. Pauling's strong professional interest in flying saucers makes this an intriguing -and perhaps telling- connection to the UFO debris found at Roswell.

Buried within the pages of Pauling's personal copy of the 1966 bestseller Flying Saucers:Serious Business (also archived at the Oregon State University library) is a copy of a letter from Pauling to the President of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology that concerns UFO study. This letter was found folded into the section of Frank Edwards' book that mentions the UFO crash at Roswell and includes the statement, "There are such difficult cases as the rancher near Roswell, New Mexico..."



Linus Pauling -one of the most brilliant scientists in all history- was accomplished in ways that we may never fully realize. Pauling is most well known for his work in Vitamin C nutrition and improved human health. But perhaps it is his work on UFOs and exotic metals - and his subsequent promotion of global and interplanetary peace- that may well prove to be his greatest legacy.


  • You have established that Linus Pauling (double Nobel Prize winner) had an interest in extraterrestrial life. You have established that he also had an interest in UFOs, although he apparently never got round to writing his report. You have established that he became very peace oriented (Nobel Peace prize in 1963). You have established that Pauling was a friend of the one-time head of the Battelle Institute, and that he (Pauling)was interested in metals and metallurgy. Also that he was also a strong believer in vitamin-C.

    So what is the connection between all this and the Roswell crashed saucer? Have I missed something?

    Incidentally your timescales are wrong, as the Battelle UFO study began in 1953 (cut-off date for sightings Dec 31, 1952) and was thus at least two years after the letter from Clyde Williams.

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, August 31, 2009  

  • Anthony Bragalia replies to CDA:

    Sorry CDA, you are wrong. Battelle was contacted by Ruppelt in 1951. And I have documents that I will release in another article that Battelle was discussing UFO sightings with Battelle as early as 1949. And perhaps you missed it...Pauling was discussing the crystalline structures of
    intermetallics with Battelle's Executive Director, Clyde Williams in 1951.

    Perhaps you would like to "Google" keywords: Intermetallics "Shape Memory" to learn more..


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, August 31, 2009  

  • My sense of this footnote to the history of whatever this phenomenon represents is ultimately one of resignation. Outside of theoretical ufology, which is equally difficult to substantiate in any meaningful sense, I recently wrote a piece on the 1964 Ion Drive Project and it's equally obscure history in relation to late period Reich experiments on high voltage tethered vehicles, which probably never left the ground although there is a slim possibility it had some potential to be exploited. The point of this is a self criticism as well as that of this field in general, in that Ufology has become, in general terms, a sort of contemporary folklorist culture, lacking any substantiation other than inference, speculation and theory. Linus Pauling is a fascinating character, perhaps more so than Ufology in it's current stasis where half century old events are far more compelling than current investigations. Events have moved far beyond the grasp of this field, and so it has become so abstracted, aimless and unfocused, it's largely a hobby rather than a compelling venture. I include myself in this.
    Best Wishes

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, August 31, 2009  

  • Bruce:

    Some of us couldn't agree with you more.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, August 31, 2009  

  • To AB:
    The text of Project Blue Book Special Report 14, which is in essence the Battelle Institute Report, states that their UFO project for the AF began in 1953. However, I have read elsewhere that an earlier contract existed from March 1952. It appears that this project (Little Stork) was later extended to take in the huge flap of sightings in the summer of 1952. The cut-off date was then extended to Dec 31, 1952. It was this report that became USAF Project Blue Book Report 14. At the time Battelle's name was kept secret and was deliberately excluded from the report.

    I concede there may have been earlier contact between the USAF and Battelle. Ruppelt became Blue Book chief in October 1951, so presumably he had no contact with Battelle (on UFOs) before that date.

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, August 31, 2009  

  • Though this is my first post on this site – I've been following this blog for some time now.

    I'm a bit off the main topic of this latest thread with this post:

    But I thought that I'd let you know that I've just started my own blog (on blogspot.com) called: 'World War Armageddon'.

    On it, my first post is entitled, 'Churchill, Sandys and “flying saucers”'.

    In 1952 my late father was a young RAF pilot flying de Haviland Vampires in West Germany – when the flight that he was an element of was intercepted by a flying saucer – just two days after Winston Churchill had written his Prime Minister's personal minute on “flying saucers”.

    I record on my first blog entry the details of that encounter – which has gone unreported for all these years.

    By Blogger B Hughes, at Tuesday, September 01, 2009  

  • Dear Anthony,
    Is the letter about Roswell dated before Roswell became a classic case? I believe, if that is true, than Roswell must of been much more than a footnote in history in some goverment quarters.

    Joe Capp

    By Blogger Joseph Capp, at Tuesday, September 01, 2009  

  • Very good informative post guy's, now about the subject of Vit C, is it true what Dr Joe Walach of "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie" fame say's about the type of Vit C Linus was taking, (Ascorbic Acid) which Dr Walach says can cause cancer in the long term, Because although Mr Pauling lived to a ripe old age so to speak he eventually died of prostate cancer, Walach says we should be taking the Bioflavanoid type of Vit C instead of the chemically made stuff, is Dr Walach right. Since I found this out I'v stopped taking the Ascorbic Acid type. Thank's again for a very good Article

    By Blogger zero, at Wednesday, September 02, 2009  

  • Pauling commented extensively on the Roswell crash and his work with vit. C in a radio interview on WBCN in Boston in the early '80's.

    By Blogger Tunga, at Wednesday, September 02, 2009  

  • One doesn't need to be peace oriented to get a Nobel Peace Prize. If the mass murderer Henry Kissinger can get one then in my opinion it's less than worthless.

    By Blogger bonanza.35, at Wednesday, September 02, 2009  

  • It is all so obvious what UFOs are all about if you understand a few basic things about our political system and the type of folks who have the grip on the human race.

    It is So obvious that I wrote a book about all of it titled:

    The Politics of Extraterrestrials...Connecting the Dots; or How ET has spared the human race from thermonuclear destruction at the hands of the criminal classes.

    It is online and you can read the 140 page revised version at lulu(dot)com

    It took 5 years to figure it out, yet it is really so obvious.

    By Blogger Patrick Sullivan, at Wednesday, September 02, 2009  

  • Hey Tunga,

    About peace prizes and Kissinger. He never collected it.


    from Foreign Press Foundation - 02.04.2005 13:44

    Sharon's friend: In many stories today, 'Newspeak' is used to positively refer to when Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize* in 1973: ''for his role in ending the U.S. military engagement in Vietnam'' as it was explained in a press release. It was a global scandal when it became known.

    Colin Powell: ''It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the policies of the state of Israel."

    Kissinger did not even dare to pick up the Nobel Peace Prize

    by Henk Ruyssenaars

    FPF - March 2 - 2005 - According to the mainstream media, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is "resting comfortably" after heart surgery. 'Disinformation', as most people all over the world think, knowing that Kissinger who has wrecked so many countries and is guilty of the murder of millions, definitely can not have a heart.

    It's therefore surprising that this insensitive henchman did have some moral qualms, those uncomfortable feelings of doubt about whether he'd be doing the right thing, and did not dare to pick up the Nobel Peace Prize he was mistakenly awarded by the Norwegian Nobel committee in 1973.

    In many stories today, 'Newspeak' is used to positively refer to when Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize* in 1973: ''for his role in ending the U.S. military engagement in Vietnam'' as it was explained in a press release. It was a global scandal when it became known.

    This was a rude insult to the victims and the real horror in Vietnam I had seen last in 1971, the fake secret peace talks in Paris, and all was light-years away from reality. It was only three months ago - 11 September 1973 - the coup tragedy in Chile happened, prepared by Kissinger and his spooks and crooks, the cemeteries, torture chambers and jails further being filled with the victims of the ignoble Kissinger's plans. And at the same time award him a Peace Prize? The screams of his victims - some of them my friends - should have been heard in Oslo.

    By Blogger Andy, at Thursday, September 03, 2009  

  • Thanks so much for this article. I really respect the work of Linus Pauling. As a UFO experiencer, I was fascinated to read of Dr. Pauling's involvement with the subject.
    In terms of Roswell I find Jesse Marcel Jr.'s testimony to be compelling. Unfortunately many of the witnesses to Roswell have now passed on.

    By Blogger rose, at Friday, September 04, 2009  

  • Isaac Newton had way more books about alchemy, astology, kabala, and other esoterica than about science and mathematics. Traditional historians of science are pretty huch-huch about it because it does look good for their hero. But does it make those topics more true because Newton had a very serious interest in them? The same question applies here.




    By Blogger Eric Ouellet, at Saturday, September 05, 2009  

  • It's my understanding that many scientists of the day, also delved into the esoteric. After all, it was ALL esoteric at the time.

    In any case, with thousands of sightings by CREDIBLE and qualified individuals from farmers, to pilots, to air traffic controllers, to scientists, and even to highly placed politicians, where there's smoke, there's fire.

    AND, in fact, there's far more evidence for extra terrestrial visitation than there is for an old man with flowing robes, and a white beard living in the sky. And yet, a billion people believe this fairy tale. In fact, if you're a politician and you deny the existence of an all powerful deity, you will NEVER get elected.

    Politicians who declare that they saw something not possible to explain, they get delivered a very hard time indeed.

    The world is NOT LOGICAL, Spock, but that's just the way it is.

    BTW, don't miss "District 9" a killer of a movie about aliens. But this isn't a space cowboy movie like Hollywood delivers. This will leave you shaken.

    By Blogger Andy, at Sunday, September 06, 2009  

  • Can you please fix the error in your blog post - namely Linus Pauling didn't consume 3 grams of vitamin C daily, but more like 18 grams a day. In his book How To Live Longer and Feel Better he said he was taking 18 grams.

    Your measly 3 grams is totally off the mark, especially for those of us dedicated to taking ascorbic acid to bowel tolerance levels. Please honor the memory of LInus Pauling and set the record straight :)

    By Blogger Marika, at Tuesday, August 26, 2014  

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