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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dark Intrusions -- A Review by Nick Redfern


Nick Redfern provides an erudite review of Louis Proud's book, Dark Intrusions, which deals with the sleep paralysis phenomenon, and is often cited as the raison d'etre of alien (UFO) abductions.

But as Mr. Proud notes and Nick Redfern points out, there is much more to sleep paralysis than what has been superficially addressed by the literature extant.

The review can be read by clicking HERE....



  • Hi

    In my opinion, there are certainly a number of aspects of sleep paralysis which do bear on the abductee phenomenon.

    Likewise, some research I have been doing on the possible relationship between the brain's "sense of self" and comments by abductees and contactees that they feel "alien" and not human may be of interest to readers.

    See my blog at http://ufos-scientificresearch.blogspot.com

    By Blogger Pauline Wilson, at Wednesday, December 23, 2009  

  • I've experienced SP on numerous occasions, but never have I experienced an entify being with me. Nevertheless, it is terrifying because of the awful feeling of complete vulnerability to external events (e.g., fire). I've always been able to struggle mightily and totally wake myself, then shuffle into the kitchen or bathroom for a calming glass of water. Unsettling as SP is for me, there hasn't been a hint of anything paranormal or extraterrestrial about it. Maybe, this experience of SP depends on when it occurs during the sleep cycle--perhaps during the deepest sleep when the monsters of our subconscious minds come out to play.

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

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