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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Socorro Event: Explained

Since many ufologists (Joseph Capp is one) laud witness testimony, then this explanation for the 1964 Socorro event, observed by Lonnie Zamora, should carry some significant weight.


  • From Anthony Bragalia:

    Just a few things on this ridiculous explanation:

    1) Duke Gildenberg (the interviewee) was originally told this story by Captain James McAndrew- the very McAndrew who was the AF's liar who disinformed the public with his Mogul explanation for Roswell.

    2) The timing is not right. A check of the range log calls for morning tests- and the sighting occured at late afternoon, almost dark.

    3) No proof whatsoever has ever been offered by the government in its many Socorro investigations that this is what happened.

    4) Duke first told this story to skeptic Dave Thomas in a televised interview some years ago on NM TV News 13. Dave Thomas now believes the incident was a Techie hoax.

    5) Some already know this: A NM Techie hoaxer has already come forward. More to come!


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, December 09, 2009  

  • Dave Thomas here. It is NOT TRUE that I believe "the incident was a Techie hoax." I'm intrigued by that idea, am looking around and interviewing former students in Socorro, where I work, and have several leads I am following. Some interesting things about old hoaxes have come out, but not relating to April 24th, 1964. I also have some anecdotes of that day, but nothing involving confirmation of a "hoax."

    So I'm interested, but not a Hoax Believer by any means. Perhaps a miscommunication or something? I'll be as interested to hear about the "NM Techie hoaxer [who] has already come forward" as anyone.

    Dave Thomas

    By Blogger Dave, at Wednesday, December 09, 2009  

  • Anthony Bragalia wrote:

    In communicating with Dave Thomas in emails this morning, it is learned that Dave has not come to any definitive conclusion about the nature of the Socorro sighting. Though he favors a human explanation for the sighting -and is exploring the possibility of a hoax- he has not made any firm determination one way or another as of yet.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, December 10, 2009  

  • The Socorro/Lonnie Zamora sighting is a bit complex for a hoax (but the possibility is plausible).

    More importantly, we think, is that all the event parameters are too terrestrial for an explanation that is other-worldly.

    The blue-flame that Zamora saw, the roar, the strut-markings in the soil, the two coverall personages – these all reek of an Earthly origin, and that’s why the Gildenberg account, in the video clip here (above) resonates with us, and corresponds to what we’ve discovered and noted at our Forensic Ufology blog and in other venues concerning the Hughes Toolco-Aircraft/Raven Industries/CIA testing of a prototype moon landing module, since confabulated, via insinuation, by such UFO fanatics as David Rudiak as a probable Alien space-visitation.

    For us, the absolute identification of the insignia or symbol that Zamora saw will tell us who or what was responsible for the April 24th, 1964 incident in Socorro.

    Unfortunately, Ray Stanford and (maybe) Air Force Captain Richard Holder mucked up that identification by intimating that Zamora saw one thing but altered his observation to throw off possible saucer-sighting wannabes who would use the symbol as part of their contrived sighting(s).

    Thus, we haven’t a clear delineation of the Socorro symbol, and that major clue has been deformed or lost in the nonsense that Stanford and (maybe) Holder concocted.

    Until Tony Bragalia’s hoaxers come forth, with a detailed account of how they created their stunt, or until the Socorro symbol – the real one! -- is traced, Socorro can be put on the back-burner of UFO investigation.

    The event has been worked to death, and obfuscated by those, at the beginning and since, who’ve destroyed what has become a signal UFO incident, and one that could have gone a long way to explaining some (if not all) UFO sightings of a similar nature.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, December 10, 2009  

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