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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Roswell Fixation


The July 1947 “flying disc captured” episode in Roswell, New Mexico continues to absorb UFO mavens.


Kevin Randle, a Roswell investigator of note, has been fixated, for many years, on the so-called Roswell witnesses, especially Jesse Marcel who was the Intelligence Officer for the 509th Bomber Group at the Army/Air Force in Roswell.


Stanton Friedman is a Roswell groupie, and has been since the late 1970s. He believes that extraterrestrials crashed a flying saucer (maybe two flying saucers) in and around Roswell and Corunna, New Mexico.


He continues to flog the Roswell incident.

One interesting Roswell web-site can be found here:

The Roswell Files

And there are dozen, maybe hundreds more Roswell sites and blogs extant in the internet universe.

For UFO aficionados – the quasi-fanatic kind – Roswell is the Holy Grail of the belief in the alien (extraterrestrial) visitation hypothesis of “ufology” – ufos (flying saucers) contain explorers from outer space.

There is a mystery or two stemming from the 1947 incident in Roswell, but it can’t be deciphered by the fixation on contradictory witness testimony, Joseph Capp and other witness-defenders notwithstanding.

Kevin Randle is remiss by persisting in the illusion that the minutiae of Marcel’s testimonies over the years will provide a Roswell denouement.

But he has a batch of blog-followers who have assumed his obsession and debate the trivia of Marcel and a few others, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Roswell is interesting, we grant these people that. But it hasn’t been approached forensically by any ufologist, ever.

The overt details – the obvious “evidentiary” aspects – of Roswell have been mined and talked about for years now.




But those details haven’t been investigated with scientific or even journalistic rigor by anyone in the superficial discipline of ufology.

Dr. Randle – he likes to flaunt his Ph.D – should be an expert on Roswell but he has diminished that expertise by his obtuse fixation on the lies and/or truths of Jesse Marcel and others who’ve obtained Roswellian fame from the writings of Friedman and a few other Roswell quidnuncs.

Yes, something happened at Roswell in July 1947, and that something might be, could be clarified if persons like Nick Redfern, Paul Kimball, and our colleague Anthony Bragalia have their way.


But they have to sweep away the errant detritus that Randle and his ilk continue to strew in their path to the truth.