UFO Conjectures

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The UFO Dialectic


There isn’t one.

UFO discussion nowadays is fraught with passionate bias, but no real access to new thinking about the phenomenon.

UFOs, via ufology (the study of UFOs that pretends to be a scientific discipline), have been given short shrift by those who grab hold of discussions and demean the phenomenon by assy beliefs and self-aggrandizing colloquies.

The UFO waters have become so muddied by all the discursive blogs and web-sites about UFOs that no one can make sense of anything UFO-related.

No one is studying the phenomenon as it exists, but many are evoking UFOs (and flying saucers) as they existed, especially the Roswell anecdotal material.

Web-sites such as Frank Warren’s The UFO Chronicles merely pile on UFO account and sightings, without any scrutiny of those accounts and sightings.


There is no discussion about the UFO sightings at Chronicles, just account after account, and story after story.

This isn’t bad, in that discussion about UFOs at blogs, such as Kevin Randle’s A Different Perspective, contain commentary by Mr. Randle related to old UFO events, in his case, Roswell, and comments from readers that are tiresome in their repetitiveness and biases.


Randle’s blog is totally useless, whereas Warren’s blog (or web-site) at least has material about new and old sightings, although Mr. Warren’s efforts are just like many other UFO aficionados – lots of photos, witness accounts, and newspaper clippings, all avoiding scientific perusal or dialectic.

The mess that is “ufology” has corrupted the UFO phenomenon so badly that scientists, academics, and media won’t take the phenomenon seriously.

One would think that UFO fanatics would have learnt a lesson from the flying saucer follies of the fifties, that nonsense having almost eviscerated UFO discussion by any sane person(s).

The great Donald Keyhoe kept UFOs and flying discs from becoming a total laughing stock, but there is no one around today with his charisma and stoic demeanor.


We don’t expect a UFO dialectic or any scientific effort to determine what the phenomenon was or is.

The internet and the nuts who have glommed on to UFOs to showcase their inane thinking about them have made any serious discussion or study of UFOs virtually impossible.

As we’ve said many times, the UFO phenomenon needs a whole new makeover, and discipline that shakes off the ufology epithet and the persons who continue to flog UFOs with insipid and asinine discussion about them.

A closed, underground group might pull this off, and we hear there’s a movement afoot to do just that…