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Friday, March 27, 2009

UFO Witnesses


Joseph Capp of UFO Media Matters is a rabid advocate for those who claim to have seen a UFO.


Mr. Capp believes that witness accounts provide the primary reality evidence for the UFOs phenomenon.

But cognoscenti know that witness testimony is the weakest link when it comes to evidentiary hearings of any kind.

Witnesses are notorious for getting it wrong because witness testimony is fallible in a plethora of ways.

But don’t take our word for it:



Mr. Cap does a disservice to “ufology” by giving an imprimatur to witness accounts while eschewing other evidence, or pursuing a discipline that might unmask UFOs for what they really are.

The physiology, the psychology of witnesses are never scrutinized in a forensic way by UFO researchers.

UFO accounts are gathered, and the bizarre aspects of a sighting, abduction, or episode get all the attention, while the witnesses’ psychical and physical make-ups are overlooked.

Yet, Mr. Capp, good guy that he may be, is way off base by hyping witness testimony, overlooking the fact that witnesses are human beings with all the sensory and mental frailties that humans are saddled with.

UFO will not be explained by witness accounts. Witness stories have been the bane of real UFO research, beginning with the incredible Kenneth Arnold sighting of 1947, which is still be debated because of the various possibilities for what Mr. Arnold saw.


Mr. Arnold, a credible, decent man and pilot, examples exactly the problem with witness testimony without accompanying evidence, such as photos or trace elements.

And UFO accounts go down from there, with many witnesses providing even less credentials than Mr. Arnold.

So, Mr. Capp has got to forego his christianized proselytizing on behalf of UFO sighters and try to come up with a better, scientific-oriented approach to UFO study.

That way, his credibility will be enhanced and UFO followers can get to the core of the UFO mystery, where witness testimony is unnecessary and irrelevant.