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Friday, July 17, 2009

Where’s the Roswell evidence? There isn’t any…


….just conjecture and hearsay, nothing concrete or substantial – mere circumstantial profferings that may work in a court of law but not in the halls of academe or laboratories of science.

Despite all the ravings of Roswell believers, there is not one scintilla of bona fide evidence to support the idea that an extraterrestrial flying saucer crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 (or at any other time).

There is a newspaper story and multiple second and third-hand “witness” exclamations, but that’s it.


There is no alien debris or photographs of alien debris (just balloon debris), or anything else that can substantiate the initial newspaper account and lingering witness accounts.


If there were alien bodies, as some contend(ed), no one has provided proof of them.

And if the alleged craft was comprised of “memory metal” as Tony Bragalia’s research seems to indicate, where is that memory metal? Why did no one spirit a piece away from the officials of the day, if the Roswell crowd was as smart and intrigued by the event as some UFO buffs have it?


Those in the UFO community who hate Roswell debunking, let them provide the evidence that they think “proves” the Roswell scenario that has emerged as a reality for them.

They can’t do so, for there is no evidence, none whatsoever.


The supposed FBI teletype may have occurred but that doesn’t prove an alien accident. It merely shows an FBI interest, if true, in a bizarre occurrence near Roswell that July in 1947.

The overreaching military presence doesn’t prove anything either, other than a reaction to what may have been considered a “cold war” intrusion or attempt.


Every other Roswell detail may be attributed to an hysterical aftermath of a minor incident that has been magnified after the fact by Stanton Friedman and other UFO/ET stalwarts,
continuing even now in the enlightened age of 2009.


There is no Roswell proof. There never will be. So let’s all move on….to other UFO mysteries where the payoff may be more rewarding.