UFO Conjectures

Friday, October 30, 2009

UFOs and The Divine Milieu


The great Teilhard de Chardin proposed in his treatise, The Divine Milieu, that human beings – actually the souls of human beings – make up the “mystical” body of Christ; that is, we humans comprise the actual corporeal structure of Christ, who is manifested by the living Universe.

Christ (God) is the Universe, and a corporeal body – a real physical presence, biologic in nature or essence.


And human beings make up the cellular structure of that Universe or, rather, the Mystical Body of Christ, which is the Universe -- the total reality.

If this is so, and we accept it as a firm (beyond theology) possibility, then we might conjecture that UFOs are viral or bacterial intrusions – infections as it were – within the Body of Christ.

This would account for the various configurations of UFOs; they are various kinds of viruses or bacteria, and appear in many forms (even mimicking solid structures).


We don’t mean to imply that UFOs, in our hypothesis, are metaphorical. We, like Teilhard, assume UFOs to be tangible artifacts – biologic entities, some benign and some not.

The intrusions of UFOs in the Earth’s biosphere are infections of a kind then. Will they ultimately bring about illnesses for Earth and the Body of Christ, or will they be counteracted by a kind of immunity as yet to be discovered or experienced?

At present, the pursuit of UFOs cannot be fruitful. They may likened to such viral infections as HIV or the AIDs virus, not amenable to cure or understanding.


UFOs cannot be inoculated against apparently, and the lack of explanation of UFOs over the years, confirms this.

But a profound medical-like approach to ridding the world of UFOs or, at least, understanding the phenomenon, might be undertaken by those who truly wish to resolve the riddle they have provided.