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Wednesday, January 06, 2010



Captivating and credible testimony recently obtained from the elderly widow of a highly-placed U.S. Air Force General reveals that the Roswell crash of 1947 was in fact an extraterrestrial event. Her confession affirms that the true nature of the wreck has been shrouded in secrecy for decades- even from those at the highest levels of government.

Her husband, General Harry Nations Cordes, who possessed Top Secret/SCI clearance, was uniquely positioned to be "in the know" on such matters. Perhaps no other military man in history can lay claim to having been stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in July of 1947; later with Wright Patterson Air Force Base; to have worked at Area 51; been employed by the CIA; to have acted as Deputy Chief of Staff at Intelligence Headquarters for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and still later to have led many intelligence functions at the Pentagon.

The Cordes story is a telling one- and leaves little doubt that what fell from the skies to the desert floor in New Mexico six decades ago was not from Earth.



General Harry N. Cordes

Harry Cordes graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA and received an MBA from the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Shortly after the outbreak of WWII, duty called and Harry enlisted in the Army Air Force, graduating first in his class at navigation school. There, his love of flying developed and he was accepted for flight training as a pilot. Spanning over four decades, Cordes' career involved him in many historical events. He flew over 25 types of different planes. He flew combat and reconnaissaince missions in Europe, the Pacific, and Vietnam. Gary Powers, who gained global attention during the height of the Cold War, served under Cordes.Cordes was a U-2 pilot and was the first human to fly in a space suit. Cordes saw action in the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missille Crisis and the A-Bomb tests at Bikini Atoll. He served at the highest level of decision-making for many of the nation's most confidential matters, including "Star Wars" - the Strategic Defense Initiative.


In 1947 Cordes was stationed at Roswell (RAAF) as a Radar Operator. It was there that he met he met Rogene, his future wife. Rogene's father's cattle and sheep ranch was adjacent to the Roswell crash site. It is Rogene Cordes with whom this author has had extensive dialogue over several months. It is Rogene Cordes -the General's widow- who felt compelled in the winter of her life to now tell all about what she and her husband knew about the Roswell crash and its history-making implications.



Both Rogene and Harry were well aware of the crash of a "flying disk" at the time of its occurence in the summer of 1947. As Roswell residents at the time, they read the papers and they personally knew many of the involved principals. But it was not until the 1980s when the Roswell story was brought back into the public eye that they began to discuss the meaning of the event and the truth of what has crashed there. Rogene recounts that she knew her husband knew much about the incident. She too wanted to know what really had happened.

Rogene told me that she used every tool she could to get him to talk. This included what she called "beauty" and "pillow talk" to coax him to reveal more about what he knew about the crash. Harry told her that he was not physically at the base the week of the crash and that he was on travel during that time period. She hints that she did not believe that he told her all that he knew. When she pressed him further he told her, "many of the guys there knew what had really happened. But it was a matter of duty to country to never talk." Finally, after repeated attempts, Harry told her, "I was a radar operator at RAAF as you know. The object was flying and it was unidentified. The machine was tracked by White Sands radar and those folks didn't know what the hell was happening." She pressed further. She said, "Just tell me, was it a balloon?" Harry replied, "It was no balloon. Jesse Marcel told the truth. But if I tell you the details you will never view life the same." He beseeched her to ask no more. But she did. Harry blurted out, "Rogene, if I tell you...I will have to kill you." She thought he was joking. But Harry was not laughing.

Much later Rogene much decided to approach her by-then retired husband on the Roswell matter more assumptively. She asked him directly, "Where do they keep the craft honey, at Area 51?" She knew of course that he had worked at the Nevada Test Site for some time. He told her that it was not stored there. "Maybe at one time it was at Wright Patt, in off-limits area."

Still later Rogene brought up the issue with her husband, remembering that he was in the CIA at one time. She asked him, "What did you learn about the crash when you were at the CIA?" The last thing he would utter on the matter to her was, "When I went to work for the CIA one of the first things that I did was to look for the Roswell file. I know it exists, but it was missing. Either that or they were hiding it from me."

Rogene told me that "I know that he wondered his whole life why there was a coverup- why they would not tell the people."

Though Harry Cordes was sparse in details about Roswell, he would tell her more general stories about UFOs that were encountered during his time in service. He told his family (including both of his daughters) that at one time when he was flying at 70,000 feet (the highest anyone has ever flown up to that time) he had personally witnessed what he said, "could only have been an alien craft."


Rogene, born and raised outside Roswell, NM, grew up on a ranch. She was employed at a Roswell bank in the summer of 1947. Rogene knew many of the people in the community whose names today are well-known in relation to the Roswell crash.



She spoke cryptically of Butch Blanchard, who was Commander of RAAF at the time of crash, "Butch was a believer." She states that she knew he had told "all the guys involved at the base" (many of whom she and her husband entertained at their home with dinners, card games and BBQ's) to say nothing of the crash event. Whenever she brought up the subject with the "military fellows" she was met with stoney silence. She said to me, "Anyone who wanted to stay in the military simply didn't talk about it! It was their patriotic duty to not say much and to not ask too many questions." She also knew Blanchard's wife at the time, Ethel. She believes that Ethel was emotionally distressed over her husband Butch's involvement in the retrieval- and that it may well have contributed to their eventual divorce.



Rogene lived just a few doors down from Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox and his wife, Inez. Rogene even today does not like to talk about the Wilcox involvement, "George Wilcox and Inez were threatened and were afraid for their own reasons. They really did not want to ever discuss it, not even to talk about it with their friends. George changed after all of that."



Though Rogene is unsure about the totality of the truth of embalmer and undertaker Glenn Dennis' Roswell tales, she said that she went to high school with Glenn. She knew him to be "on the straight and narrow." But one story he told she knows was true. The day after the Roswell crash Rogene was trying to get ice for the soda and beer for the holiday weekend. She made the "usual rounds" for ice, including at Clardy's- the general store in town. She was told that Roswell base personnel had already been in and that "they cleared out all the ice, they bought it all." She then went to the train station, where dry ice could be purchased. To her amazement, she was told that the Roswell base personnel had already been there too and "had bought it all out." Rogene felt that the entire town had it's entire supply of ice and dry ice depleted. This had never happened before or since the crash weekend. Later, when Glenn told about the need for ice to help preserve the bodies from the crash, she "put two and two together."

Most interestingly, Rogene confirms that there were military cordons around surrounding ranch lands to the crash site. With her own eyes she saw "military men with guns at their sides" who would not let people pass. Their paths were diverted away from the area. Later she also overheard talk at the bank "from early-rising ranchers" about long trucks covered in canvas going to the base.



Finally, she explained that she knew Walter Haut well. Haut was the public information officer at the Roswell Army Air Field who issued the story of a "flying disk" that had fallen near Roswell. Rogene believed that the original story issued was the true story. The news story was recanted the following day. She said, "I know Walter finally confessed that it was not from Earth at the end of his life. Walter finally told the truth."


The woman from Roswell -the General's widow- had cleared her conscious. She concluded her conversations with me, "Harry died in 2004. He didn't want to say everything he could have. But I feel better telling what I know. People should know. And now they will. Roswell really happened."


  • "People should know. And now they will. Roswell really happened".

    Nothing new under the sun (or stars). People did indeed know, and have known that "Roswell really happened" ever since the publication of the Berlitz-Moore book in 1980. Just think: this book celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Anyone for a party? (What a pity the 25th was forgotten.)

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, January 06, 2010  

  • I have no doubt and from not being from or around the area involved that our government people believe they know better than the average Joe and they must do all in their power to ensure the world as they knew it is not upset with new and strange realities that no one had an explanation for.

    By Blogger Mike, at Thursday, January 07, 2010  

  • This statement "But if I tell you the details you will never view life the same" This is what happens to many people who have a close encounter with a UFO craft. They change forever.

    Thanks for an interesting article Tony it redeems you in my book for that Socorro fiasco. :)

    By Blogger cappufo, at Thursday, January 07, 2010  

  • I suggest to Tony Bragalia that instead of digging up third-hand testimony (which is exactly what it is, since General Cordes was absent from the base at the time) to support the 'crash' tale, he looks at Kent Jeffrey's 4-part article on I have read a vast amount on the Roswell case but Jeffrey's piece is about the most plausible, most sensible and contains the most sound common sense analysis of the Roswell 'saga' of anything ever published on it. Moreover it is written by a man who was formerly inclined towards being a Roswell ETHer.

    By Blogger cda, at Friday, January 08, 2010  

  • CDA-

    The site to which you refer is bias, at times smarmy, and woefully out-of-date. Of course I have read it. I read and consider all things Roswell- both pro and con. At your suggestion I re-visited it this morning.

    Nothing has changed. Still a stale site that is distorted and ingratiating.

    To his credit, whoever runs this site did include a section entitled "Kevin Randle Responds to Kent Jeffrey." I suggest readers review Kevin's comments before reading anything else on that site. The only thing new on that site is a link to the liar-skeptic Tim Printy's "work." Google for my article "Stalked by a Saucer Skeptic" to learn more about this intellectually dishonest man.

    And of course CDA is wrong again.

    There is nothing "third hand" about Rogene's recollections of the event at the time it occured. She lived there at the time, as did her husband, who was a RAAF officer. There is nothing "third hand" about her personally knowing private and telling things about
    Butch and Ethel Blanchard, Walter Haut, George and Inez Wilcox and Glenn Dennis. There is nothing "third hand" about her seeing the military cordon and being astounded that the entire town of Roswell was cleared out of ice by RAAF personnel at the time of the crash. And there is nothing "third hand" about General Cordes' attempts at getting to the Roswell files at the Pentagon and at the CIA. It is abudantly clear that Rogene's rememberances of her husband's private comments and insinutations to her about the event were disturbing enough that she felt compelled to come forward to tell all.

    Perhaps it can be forgiven that because CDA is a foreigner that he is not cognizant of US secrecy systems like compartmentalization and "Need to Know."

    CDA will never be convinced of any testimony of any type ever - no matter who it is from - relative to Roswell. In CDA's extreme naivete, he insists the impossible - that the government openly acknowledge the event and reveal to us the craft, the debris metal and bodies. Somehow I think that even if they did that, CDA would think it a lie or hoax. CDA has a will to disbelieve.

    That too is abudantly clear.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, January 08, 2010  

  • To AB:
    I think you ought to consider what 'third-hand' means in this context. I am not talking about Rogene's recollections. Yes she may have spoken to many people connected with the case including her husband. But what really matters is being a witness to the crash (none have ever surfaced) or going to the crash site and seeing the debris. Someone like Marcel would count as a first-hand witness. Since Gen Cordes did not either visit the site or see the debris (being away from RAAF at the time) he is clearly only a second-hand witness to the actual event. This means his wife, to whom he told the story, is a third-hand witness. You, having heard of it from Rogene, are a fourth-hand 'witness'. And we, the readers of this blog, are therefore fifth-hand 'witnesses' if you want to take it that far. Yes, it is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    I hope I have made myself clear.

    If Rogene really did see the military cordon and knows for certain it was the 'Roswell crash' cordon and not something she read about decades afterwards, this would perhaps make her a second-hand witness but nothing more.

    She recalls how "the entire town of Roswell was cleared out of ice by RAAF personnel at the time of the crash". I put it to you that this is preposterous nonsense. If such an event really took place the newspapers would have been full of it, and the citizens of the town would have been up in arms. Sorry Tony, but this 'out of ice' tale is complete and utter fiction.

    Interesting that Kent Jeffrey mentions Gen Cordes in his article, but did not hear anything remotely resembling the tale Cordes later supposedly told his wife.

    That 'ice' tale really is laughable. But, in truth, I guess you probably realise this yourself.
    By the way didn't Roswell people have refrigerators in 1947?

    Re your last paragraph: Should the USAF one day decide to release all their hard evidence on Roswell, the scientific world would indeed be a vastly different place. International politics, religion and probably a lot of the social structure would be very different too, and it would not matter one iota what I or other skeptics believed, would it?

    By Blogger cda, at Friday, January 08, 2010  

  • The crash of the UFOs at Roswell, wasn't the story of Roswell, it was the truth of what the crashes were meant to do.

    These crashes were planned, as are/were every other crash around the world.

    They carried programmed nanobots, microbots, and other inplants to get into and ride upon the humans who came to the crash sites.

    The army helped in dispersal of these bots, by taking them back to a base of ops, then these people went all over the nation, spreading bots, who multiply, until they reach their programmed limit.

    These bots are now everywhere, in everyone, and are watched over by ufos, especially ones who search land and water, to see if these bots are banding together as they were programmed into creatures, who can be used in a variety of attack modes.

    You can believe, for you are not alone in your bodymind

    By Blogger penblade, at Friday, January 08, 2010  

  • Great stuff as always, these old timer accounts carry weight . . . and none of them is saying it's all a bunch of nonsense.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Saturday, January 09, 2010  

  • "Perhaps no other military man in history can lay claim to having been stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in July of 1947; later with Wright Patterson Air Force Base; to have worked at Area 51; been employed by the CIA; to have acted as Deputy Chief of Staff at Intelligence Headquarters for the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and still later to have led many intelligence functions at the Pentagon."

    Except for this guy.

    Gen. Lew Allen, Who Lifted Veil on Security Agency, Is Dead at 84.

    By Blogger Timincal, at Sunday, January 10, 2010  

  • This linking together of these 6 positions has no special relevance. These posts were only chosen (by Anthony Bragalia) because they each represent one small link in the chain of the 'Roswell crash' as viewed by ET (and conspiracy)
    proponents. It is like a quiz question: find the connection between these six things. Answer: They are all connected with either the Air Force or with military intelligence.
    Only a 'Roswell is ET' believer would make any other connection.
    General Cordes is one known person in the chain. But that is because nobody has searched to see if any others exist. (Gen Lew Allen may be another. My guess is that there are plenty of others, even if they only set foot in Roswell for one day).

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, January 11, 2010  

  • The "ice" bit to me was actually one of the most credible and telling parts of the lady's interview. I read it and nodded in recognition. There was absolutely nothing within the four corners of Ms. Cordes's statement which makes it unreliable. That is, there is nothing materially contradictory to any other major witness, nothing which is self-contradictory, and nothing incredible on its face. There would have to be other witnesses who specifically contradict her about precise facts and incidents before one could say she was lying - there is just nothing in her statement itself which justifies ignoring her testimony.

    cda's mockery of her story about the ice puzzles me, because there is absolutely nothing about that which strikes false. Indeed, her actions as related were precisely those of someone looking for ice to put into tubs and buckets of soft drinks and beer for a July 4th celebration. cda surely must not understand the Southwest, the 40's or American culture in general if he finds that a mark of her unreliability.

    What cda meant as a barbed question, "didn't Americans have refrigerators?", indicates to me his complete ignorance of the era...or his unwillingness to concede the slightest point which tends to show that the government has deceived us about Roswell. Not even modern fridges give enough ice for Ms. Cordes's needs. In the 40's ice was made in single metal ice trays, 12 cubes at a time. No one's fridge held more that 4 ice trays, tops. Ms. Cordes would have been looking for at least 25 pounds of ice, probably much more depending on how many tubs of drinks there were, and much, much more if hone ice cream was planned. There were no supermarkets with huge ice bins then. Going to the places Ms. Cordes mentions is the very thing people did in the 40's - and for years afterward - to get more than a few cubes of ice.

    A final note. I am in my 50's, and was a career federal prosecutor who was used to hearing false, incorrect or even perjured statements from witnesses all the time. I was a natural skeptic, and still am. But the quantum of evidence in this matter is persuasive to me that something unknown to us, something not of human origin, is at the heart of the Roswell event. I am persuaded by the number of witnesses who have come forward to contradict the government story. (Has there ever been any direct witness testimony corroborating the official US story in 1947, or the much later stuff about "Mogul" from a few years ago? If so, I've never heard it.)

    I am also very impressed with the numerous statements of persons who have come forward very late in life. They have not a thing to gain by doing so, but I can see several reasons why the government would have motive to mislead the public.

    I don't think I can say with certainty exactly what happened other than something outside of human experience. But I do know beyond a reasonable doubt that every story the government has given us about Roswell has been false.

    By Blogger Jum, at Thursday, January 14, 2010  

  • To Jum:
    The number of ice cubes Rogene wanted is unknown. You say it was 25 pounds. How do you know? Neither do you know how many she was expecting at this party. So these figures are pure guesswork.

    In Tony Bragalia's article Rogene says she never knew the town to run out of ice before or since that weekend. In which case I would expect that this ice shortage (if it really happened) would be reported in the local newspapers, probably on the front page. Was it?
    I would also expect it to have caused a lot of inconvenience for everyone and to get discussed for days thereafter.

    If on the other hand, such occurrences were a regular thing, it hardly deserves a mention, does it? But Rogene indicated that this had never happened before or since. She then says all the ice stores told her the military had come and taken it all. She then says that it was many years before she realised why - because Glenn Dennis had told his story about the military needing refrigerated trucks to transport the Roswell bodies, and from this she "put two and two together".

    Presumably the RAAF base had their own refrigeration units should they need extra ice; they would hardly go around the town and arouse suspicion by visiting the stores, buying up all the town's ice, creating a severe ice shortage and consequent press headlines. The idea is preposterous.

    I do not doubt that in 1947 it was still possible for places to run out of ice. But this tale sounds far too much like a later concoction, based on the Roswell 'story' as it unfolded in the 80s and 90s. Nor is there the slightest reason to suppose that if the town did perchance run out of ice, that it occurred over the July 4th weekend of 1947. And even if it did, there is nothing whatever to show that it was to do with preserving alien corpses en route to the Roswell base!

    Please produce even one press report or one radio recording stating that Roswell had indeed run out of ice at that time.

    Finally, Kent Jeffrey spoke to General Cordes in 1997. But there was absolutely no hint of this 'ice tale' or anything else about an ET crash or bodies. Nothing whatever. Strange.

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, January 14, 2010  

  • CDA's comments on the Cordes' ice/dry ice story are unfounded.

    I thought I would see if there was any other stories about ice and dry ice being used by military at the time of the Roswell crash.

    Well, there is...

    In addition to Rogene Cordes and Glenn Dennis' accounts, I found another individual who mentions it: Sgt. Melvin Brown (known as "Brownie")

    In 1979 he confided for the first time to his family what he had seen at Roswell. In "The Roswell Incident" book we learn that he was ordered to protect the crash site. His daughters and wife confirm his story. The men had formed a ring around the wreck while it was being loaded on to a transporter.

    He relates that trucks came -loaded with dry ice - which Brownie did not quite understand. "They want to keep something cool" he thought to himself. He said that whatever the freight was, it was packed in dry ice and covered with sheets.

    So we have Rogene Cordes, Glenn Dennis and Melvin Brown recounting stories involving the military's use of ice or dry ice that weekend in July 1947....


    By Anonymous Anthony Bragalia, at Saturday, January 23, 2010  

  • If alien exists how is their world
    why anything is not said about their world is it like earth where base of life is oxygen.if it is true how they will exist on earth.

    By Blogger aditya, at Saturday, January 30, 2010  

  • it would have been great if they had the reciet for the ice sold that day???

    By Blogger robbieaskmegicker, at Wednesday, February 03, 2010  

  • it is totaly madness, why the goverment trying to hide this things,and secondly why this fucking idiot allien and his space craft not landing in the cnn,fox cbs or any international news agency in the world and introduce their self to mankind huh..why?

    By Anonymous datus tribe, at Monday, August 02, 2010  

  • I wonder if the General's wife is getting paid for her information.
    If you know anything about astronomy or physics you would realize that distances across the galaxy are so great that it is illogical to believe in any of this. Most likely a test craft of our own design crashed and there was a coverup for security purposes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, August 05, 2010  

  • "If you know anything about astronomy or physics you would realize that distances across the galaxy are so great that it is illogical to believe in any of this."

    I don't think there are too many interested in UFOs who are not familiar with this.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Thursday, August 05, 2010  

  • Anonymous-

    You insult. The woman received no payment. And she did not come forward, I found her.


    By Anonymous Anthony Bragalia, at Thursday, August 05, 2010  

  • Why should the fact life exists on other planets change anything here for the masses, its the greedy few who want us stuck on fossil fuels that dont want the truth to be known, we are smart but the ETs are smarter. Energy is ALL AROUND US, in the air we breathe, aren't atoms in the air we breathe? Endless supply of energy, they figured out how to harness energy from everywhere, if we could have free energy, lots greedy rich would have no more funds.

    ALL you non believers who swear God created us personally are wrong, YOU are one who is limiting God, my God is the Creator of ALL that exists, including the ETs and all forms of life in the Universe. Get over yourselves, we are the babies of the Cosmos, nothing more, we need to grow spiritually as much as we've grown technologically. We are NOT the top of the food chain. The ancients had something we lacked, HUMILITY, that's why the "living gods" left us, we got arrogant and thought we didn't need them any more. The perverse among the ETs (fallen angels if you want Biblical version) conned us into thinking we are just like the gods. They (EBEs) created us just as we are now creating new forms of life ourselves. We were MEANT to be, but so are they.
    Darwin was an idiot by today's scientific standards, naure doesnt change DNA to account for the sharp increase in our intelligence, otherwise dolphins woudl also send rockets into space. Stop looking,there is no missin glink, the link is those who from the heavens came, Anunnaki according to the Sumerians. Google and youtube those. Even tehmovei Prometheus makesreferncesto our "creators" and they were flesh and blood (maybe blood), every bit as aggressive as we are (let us make man in our own images-- thats plural, not singualr.) Our Holy Texts are fillediwth unexplainable events we label as spiritual, because we choosenot to see them as actual events, out ancients were not dumb, and sci-fi didnt exist. Only birds were in the skies, so anything in the air not a bird was considered an "angel or a god." Happy hunting discovering your TRUE PAST. :-)

    By Blogger ktm882, at Friday, June 08, 2012  

  • A close friend of mine had an uncle who was a top metallurgist at a University, at the time of the Roswell Crash.

    He was asked to test some material from the crash site, that was as thin as aluminum foil, but he saw with his own eyes that a gun shot at point blank range could not penetrate it.

    Like many others, he was sworn to secrecy, but once let out the truth at a family gathering, but then immediately shut up.

    His testimony, like that of Mrs. Cordes is not conclusive standing by itself, but does corroborate what others saw.

    By in large, the various witnesses support rather than contradict one another.

    By Blogger aspendougy, at Sunday, July 08, 2012  

  • A most credible book on Roswell, is "The Day After Roswell" by...Col Phillip Corso, I think was his name. He was pretty old when he wrote it, why would he lie before his death? It has details hard to fake and does not read like a made-up fictional story. A friend with US Army Intel experience was impressed nad shocked "it did not read like fiction" The craft was real, he tells why it was covered up by who ans so on.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, July 09, 2012  

  • "The crash of the UFOs at Roswell, wasn't the story of Roswell, it was the truth of what the crashes were meant to do.

    These crashes were planned, as are/were every other crash around the world.

    They carried programmed nanobots, microbots, and other inplants to get into and ride upon the humans who came to the crash sites.

    The army helped in dispersal of these bots, by taking them back to a base of ops, then these people went all over the nation, spreading bots, who multiply, until they reach their programmed limit.

    These bots are now everywhere, in everyone, and are watched over by ufos, especially ones who search land and water, to see if these bots are banding together as they were programmed into creatures, who can be used in a variety of attack modes.

    You can believe, for you are not alone in your bodymind"

    That's an interesting idea. I emailed it to a couple of friends, and then thought "no" this is illogical. Why go to such lengths ? If ETs have this kind of tech, why not just introduce something into the water supply for example....since Roswell's ETs were greys (I understand), these are the guys who need to take humans into their ships for implants....also why would ET give technology and advertise their selves ?

    What has breught these UFOs down ? One idea that occurred to me and is pure pure speculation is that "friendly" ETs may have shot them down....

    But I would be interested in your reasons for your idea ....thanks Simon

    By Blogger Simon Smith, at Monday, July 09, 2012  

  • Apendougy-

    David, please email me privately and confidentially at . There is something you mention that is most important...

    Anthony Bragalia

    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Monday, July 09, 2012  

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