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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

UFO “entities” and the gravitational problem


How is it that most, if not all, of the entities seen around flying saucers and UFOs over the years have no problem with the gravitational pull of the Earth; that is, these supposed visitors from other planets seem to adapt to Earth’s gravitation as if it were exactly the same, or nearly so, to that from whence they came or come.

We’re referring to those entities that have been reported on the ground, such as the many dwarf-like creatures that habituated France, Italy, and Spain in the fifties, and the two “beings” reported by Lonnie Zamora outside the egg-shaped craft he spotted in 1964.


The creatures, in Pascagoula [October 1973] allegedly floated Hickson and Parker but were not “themselves” adversely affected by gravitation.


The Betty/Barney Hill creatures walked on the ground, also unencumbered by gravitational elements apparently.


Antonio Villas Boas was abducted by entities very man-like – CIA operatives in some quarters – and moved with no gravitational restrictions.

We can find no UFO report involving alien entities that indicates those entities were hobbled by Earth’s gravitational pull. Some entities float or fly but none are weighted down by the pull of gravity.


This means that UFO entities are either from planets where the gravitational pull is similar to or the same as that of Earth, or the “visitors” planet has a heavier gravitational pull, allowing them to float when they show up here.

Or…..the entity visitation reports are bogus.


  • The 'entities' are also able to breathe our atmosphere without any problem. Some can even speak English. Some are indistinguishable from humans. And so on.....

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, January 06, 2010  

  • Yah, those darn entities sure have it easy when they get here.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, January 06, 2010  

  • It doesn't matter how much lower our gravity is than theirs, the aliens would never float on our planet. Just like our astronauts didn't float on the moan.

    By Blogger Michael Malone, at Friday, January 08, 2010  

  • So, Michael, those reported floating entities are what?

    Misperceived? Anomalous entities of an unknown kind? Bogus elements of fraudulent reportage? Mental aberrations of those who "see" them?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, January 08, 2010  

  • From a mid-nineteenth century theological work:

    'The spiritual body is possessed of the power of rising from the ground in opposition to the force of gravitation, of existing in regions where there is little or no atmosphere, and passing with great rapidity from one star to another.

    'In regard to our Lord's resurrection body, we find this faculty exhibited at the time of his ascension from the Mount of Olives...

    'That the resurrection bodies of the saints will be possessed of this power is proved not only by the general promise of their likeness to Christ, but by direct statement:—

    'Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air (1 Thess. iv. 17).

    'We are not to suppose, however, that this faculty of the spiritual body implies the absence of gravitation;* [* See Appendix H.] for without gravitation we should not be able to walk, stand, or sit — all of which both Christ and the angels were able to do. How this faculty will be possessed, we have no means of knowing: it is one peculiar to the spiritual body; and, until we know something by experiment or experience of its nature, we need not attempt to speculate on the subject further than to know that the fact is certain.

    'That the angels are possessed of this faculty is proved by the very circumstance of their visiting the earth and returning from it....

    (From: 'The Stars and the Angels; or, The Natural History of the Universe and its Inhabitants'; published London: Hamilton, Adams, and Co., 1858).

    And from the above mentioned, 'Appendix H':

    'The fact that the spiritual bodies of Christ and the angels are able to rise from the ground into the air at one time, and at another to stand, and sit, and walk, as we do, affords strong reason to suspect that a higher law exists to which gravitation is subordinate — in the same manner as magnetism is subject to electricity. The attraction of iron to a magnet is, like gravitation, in the inverse ratio of the square of its distance; but in one moment the polarity may be changed by a change in the electricity, and that which before was attracted is now repelled....

    'Although we may not be able to explain how the spiritual body is able to rise from the ground, and pass from one star to another (and science does not deny the possibility of such a thing), of this we are sure, it must be accomplished according to law... the true philosopher will never pronounce anything to be impossible, merely because he cannot understand it.'

    By Blogger B Hughes, at Saturday, January 09, 2010  

  • the Pascagula event happened on

    October 1973.

    During the Kelly -Hopkinsville eventin Kentucky 1956. the aliens

    weredescribedas floating in the air
    one may sea how an artist had drown
    a picture of that most strange encounter.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Monday, January 11, 2010  

  • Thanks for Pascagoula corrective.

    It was a typo -- our dating, that is.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, January 12, 2010  

  • Good observation! I appreciate that your research spans decades, rather than just "the latest sighting."

    I have served as a missionary in Roswell NM for over 10 years studying this topic (including lecturing and organizing conferences). I've found that conundrums like the above (gravity, breathing, as one commentor already noted) argue for a spiritual explanation of the phenomena, rather than an "extra-terestrial biological entity explanation" (aka the "inter-dimensional hypothesis" as coined by Hyneck and Vallee).

    There's much research now to suggest they are merely fallen angels seeking worship and communion with humans, and placating them with spiritual words to soften the torment they inflict. Redfern's Contactees is a good resource of similar spiritual messages, as well as anything by Dr Karla Turner and Dr John Mack.

    Interested parties may view my recent DVD lecture "ET's Message" that covers their New Agey / occultic spiritual claims in detail for free online at my site http://www.AlienStranger.com

    More proof that these are fallen spirits is found in the fact that they flee when Jesus' name is invoked; see the online video by Joe Jordan of MUFON at http://www.ChristianSymposium.com

    which is the most recent conference I organized, which investigates the fallen angel hypothesis from many well-researched speakers, including 4 PhD's.

    Guy Malone
    Roswell, NM

    By Blogger Guy Malone, at Wednesday, January 13, 2010  

  • In response to Guy Malone's post, here are some quotes – again taken from a nineteenth century theological work – that might be of some interest:

    '[H]owever rare and attenuated [the]... Matter [that these Spirits are formed of] may be [they are]... capable of Visibility, whenever its actual appearance may suit [their]... purposes... [T]his subtle Material Vehicle may, to human eyes, be invisible: even as, for a season, smoke is visible; and then rapidly vanishes into thin air. The necessity of some Material Vehicle, by means of which... [these] Spirits might become visible, was fully understood and felt by the speculative Psychologists....

    '[T]hese [Spirits] may appear, in a well defined, though intangible, form. They may severally fade into a variety of fantastic and indefinite shapes. And they may become altogether invisible....

    'We have the same reference to the flashing rapidity of Angelic Motion, when we are told, that “He maketh his Angels Spirits, and his Ministers A FLAME OF FIRE”. They are Spirits, indeed: but, then, like ourselves, they are Spirits embodied in Material Vehicles, which, as occasion serves, may either be condensed into tangible solidity or rarefied into conditions that resembles lightning in marvellous rapidity of locomotion. Tertullian, very rightly, I think, ascribes the same wonderful rapidity of locomotion, both to Angels and to Demons.'

    '[T]he 'Principalities and Powers'... stand immediately associated with Malignant Angels. The whole is confirmed by the remarkable expression, which occurs at the close of the passage. Our Translators somewhat vaguely render the Original: “against Spiritual Wickedness in High Places” [Ephesians 6:12]. Its proper rendering is: “against Spiritual Wickedness in the Higher Region of the Heaven”; not, of course, those Heavens which are the regions of holiness and happiness, but, simply and exclusively, the relatively higher region of the Atmospheric Heavens.'

    (Taken from: 'The Many Mansions in the House of the Father: Scripturally Discussed, and Practically Considered', by G S Faber; published London: Royston & Brown, 1854).

    By Blogger B Hughes, at Thursday, January 14, 2010  

  • Here's a further quote from another nineteenth century theological work:

    'It deserves consideration, whether Satan is not called “the prince of the power of the air” for the same reason that birds are called “the fowls of the air,” because they pass through it from place to place. I cannot admit the theory of spirits having no relation to place or to material objects. If the former and the latter are both realities, both substances, and if Satan is engaged in going to and fro on the earth, they must surely have some relation to each other. Satan then, is called the prince of that infernal power, or army, which transports itself from place to place with the greatest celerity [archaic: 'swiftness'], not by moving on the earth, but by passing through the air. The fowls of the air are so denominated, not because they inhabit it, properly speaking, any more than land animals do, or have power over it, but because it is the medium through which they move from one place to another.'

    (Taken from: 'The Existence of Evil Spirits Proved; And Their Agency, Particularly in Relation to the Human Race, Explained and Illustrated', by Rev Walter Scott, President and Theological Tutor of Airedale College, Bradford, Yorkshire; published London: Jackson and Walford, 1843).

    I write further on this subject on my blog 'World War Armageddon'.

    The first posting on it is entitled, 'Churchill, Sandys and “flying saucers”', and in it I recount my late father's sighting of a flying saucer over West Germany during 1952 (whilst he was serving as a fighter-pilot in the RAF); and I also give there details of a subsequent meeting at which Duncan Sandys (Churchill's son-in-law) – then holding the Cabinet post of Minister of Supply (for the Armed Forces) was present at.

    This can be found online at


    And an update to it, entitled, 'Vampires &...Demons?', can be found at


    By Blogger B Hughes, at Friday, January 15, 2010  

  • I find that all of these posts that deal with problems with gravity and speaking our language seem to have a bit of tunnel vision to them.

    Who said these visitors are from another planet - the visitors? Why would they be truthful to witnesses?

    Consider the idea that if these visitors were from a parallel universe (which is no more far fetched than coming from the other side of the galaxy), there is nothing that would prevent them from performing physical law defying feats, or speaking any of our languages. Also consider the idea that some of these visitors - like the "greys" - could be from our own future, when time travel has been figured out. It could be that because of the physical limitations of this type of travel, humans could not survive the journey, so human hybrid life forms are created that could. This would also explain why many ufo sightings could perform such amazing aerodynamic feats. If many were only robotic research craft (like the primitive type we send out into the solar system), there would be no restrictions on what they could do as far as there speed and sudden stops and "vanishing". Also consider that all of the different forms these visitors appear to witnesses could be merely some type of hypnotic or even futuristic visual camouflage, intended to disguise what they really look like (which would explain the varieties of types reported). If they were merely researching their past - which is our present and our past as well -
    what a perfect disguise. They would not interrupt their timeline or ours and no one who has an encounter with them would really know the truth.

    By Anonymous Curious, at Friday, June 18, 2010  

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