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Sunday, June 06, 2010

MILITARY BASE FIREMEN CLAIM: "We Retrieved ET at Roswell" by Anthony Bragalia

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Accounts of the downed UFO event near Roswell in July in 1947 often mention the role that the Roswell City Fire Department may have played at the crash site. Though there was indeed some connection, new information reveals that there was far greater involvement in the extraterrestrial retrieval by the Roswell military base's own Fire Department. This information shows that it was the Fire Department located at Roswell Army Air Field -not the Roswell City Fire Department- that officially responded to the call to a crash of a sky-fallen ship from the stars. Revealed here for the first time are the identities and testimonies of three brave firefighters who responded to this call- and the remarkable description of what they saw when they arrived on the scene. Recent research and interviews -and clues found buried within the USAF Roswell Report - provide astounding details about the involvement of these base firefighters.



The necessary role that the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) base fire department would have played in the crashed UFO event has for some reason never been considered until now. Yet it seems obvious that the Roswell military base fire department -given their very function- would have to have been involved. Military base fire departments provide firefighting, fire prevention, tactical rescue and hazardous materials spill response. One of the chief functions of a base fire department is also to deliver "first responder" emergency and medical services. During its history, Roswell Army Air Field fire department personnel responded to air crashes and accidents with some frequency. They also responded to the fires, explosions and fuel spills often associated with such aerial crash incidents.

It is then entirely consistent that the RAAF base fire department would have responded to the crash of an Unidentified Flying Object that July in 1947. During that period of time in rural New Mexico, many aerial accidents involved military rather than civilian craft. Perhaps they thought it was their own vehicle- or perhaps they knew that it could not be their own. In either case, their definitive answer surely came when they located the site of bodies and craft that could have only originated from another world.


Fire and extreme heat are indeed associated with the Roswell crash event:

- Sgt. Lewis "Bill" Rickett, CIC Intelligence Officer based in Roswell (and part of Intelligence Officer Jesse Marcel's staff) was interviewed in the 1990s. Rickett said that he and meteorologist Dr. Lincoln LaPaz had later investigated the trajectory of the Roswell craft. They had found a large, round, burned-out area where the heat was so intense that the sand on the desert floor had literally turned to glass.

- Barbara Dugger, granddaughter of Roswell Sheriff George Wilcox, says that her grandfather mentioned to family a "big burned out area" at the site.

- RAAF 1st Lt. Chester Barton maintained in an interview with researcher Joe Stefula that -from a considerable distance- he saw a burned area with burned metallic-like debris from the perimeter of the site.

Of course not only would have the RAAF fire department been involved in extinguishing any fires from the crash, but they also would have provided cleanup, rescue and emergency medic treatment assistance as well as additional utility vehicles and manpower.



The association of the Roswell City Fire Department and the Roswell UFO crash event comes largely from the testimony of Frankie Rowe. Frankie Rowe is the daughter of (now deceased) Roswell City firefighter Dan Dwyer. In 1947, Dwyer (pictured with others, above) was with the City's fire department. According to his daughter, she was told by him that he had gone to the crash site and had seen the crash of a craft not from earth as well as that he had encountered alien beings.

As readers may remember, a little over a year ago I located and spoke with the last living Roswell City firefighter from 1947. Firefighter Smith, now 91, confessed to me that the crash event was in fact of an extraterrestrial vehicle. He affirmed this again when I asked author Kevin Randle to contact him. Smith also confirmed the involvement of Frankie Rowe's father, Dan Dwyer. This astonishing story ("Roswell Fireman Confesses- It Was a Flying Saucer!") can be read in its entirety here:


Another telling thing that Smith offered about the crash event was this: Smith explained that the "more involved" fire department was the fire department at Roswell Army Air Field. He did not want to detail specifically who at the base fire department was involved, but he did confirm that they were more heavily engaged at the crash site than anyone at the City fire department. Smith said that though City firefighters like Frankie Rowe's father Dan Dwyer did go out to the site on their own, it was the RAAF base firefighters that acted in an official capacity to the event.

With this confirmation of base firefighter involvement, I continued to hunt for additional clues.



Researcher Kevin Randle provided to me the names of some of the individuals that he could confirm were part of "Squadron A" at RAAF in 1947 as base fire department personnel. Randle has access to the 1947 RAAF Base Yearbook and other resources to help with such confirmation. The individuals Randle identified that he could find were Lt. Col. William H. Unger, Major Wilson L. Jones and Captain William E. Anderson.

It was this last name -Captain William E. Anderson- that seemed vaguely familiar to me, as though I may have read it before in relation to Roswell. For many months I thought about this. Then entirely by coincidence -when recently re-reading the US Air Force's debunking 1995 "The Roswell Report" authored by Col. Richard Weaver- I found where I had seen the name William E. Anderson before. Incredibly, there in the very Air Force Roswell report that I was reading (on page 23) was the name William E. Anderson of the RAAF fire department- explicitly mentioned in relation to the Roswell crash.

The Air Force report cites testimony from a sworn affidavit dated June 7, 1991 in which former RAAF Master Sgt Robert R. Porter attested that Captain William E. Anderson (of the base fire department) had directly told him that the crash was of a flying saucer. Porter and Anderson were both on a flight heading out of RAAF to Ft. Worth in a B-29 with cargo that contained some of the crash debris. Porter apparently trusted Anderson's word and thought that Anderson had a more intimate involvement or knowledge about the flying saucer crash incident. Interestingly, Robert Porter is the brother of Loretta Proctor, the rancher who lived adjacent to the Foster Ranch where the crash occurred. Loretta has testified that rancher Mac Brazel brought over a piece of the debris for her and her husband Floyd to examine. Porter is also Uncle to the late Dee Proctor, Loretta's son who was with Mac at the Foster Ranch where crash debris was found.

So we have an RAAF Master Sgt from 1947 implicating a member of the Roswell base fire department as being intimately aware of the fact that the crash was of a flying saucer. A facsimile of the Porter Affidavit (and his mention of Captain Anderson in Section 5) can be found here:



Sgt. James W. Storm was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field at the time of the crash in 1947 and worked for the base fire department. Storm went by the nickname "Stormy." Stormy's brother-in-law is Roswell area resident, retired Sgt. John Tilley. Tilley was himself stationed at RAAF beginning in December of 1947. In an interview with this author, Tilley indicated that even a half-year after the crash (when he began his time of service at RAAF) he had heard stories from others at the base who were there in July at the time of the crash. They had related to him stories about beings from another planet having crashed and that the bodies were then taken to the base.

Tilley also confirmed that the Roswell base fire department was involved in the crash recovery, based on what Stormy had told him. Tilley had a brief conversation with his (now deceased) brother-in-law decades after the crash. Stormy has blurted out to Tilley that he had escorted a covered large section of what he called "the saucer" from the crash site. Stormy made it apparent that the saucer was an object that was not known to us. Stormy added that a group of Roswell City Fire Department firemen and RAAF base firemen had used a snub-nosed tractor and low-boy flat trailer. At one point, they parked off of the road far enough so that they could not be seen by passersby. Stormy also told Tilley that his Assistant Fire Chief had been promised that if he "cooperated" and kept quiet, he would be made Fire Chief. Stormy said that the Assistant Fire Chief did in fact later become the Fire Chief. Tilley indicated to me that Stormy was a man of few words and was becoming more cryptic in his description of the event. Sensing that he told all that he would tell about the matter, Tilley chose not to question temperamental Stormy further about it.


Sergeant Willliam W. "Bud" Taylor is confirmed to have been stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in July of 1947. Research shows that although "Bud" Taylor was not directly assigned to Squadron A as a firefighter, he was cross-trained in firefighting and was mobilized occasionally by the base fire department to assist when more hands were needed. Back in the 1940s, fire departments at military bases were small and few were dedicated staff. A type of "fire auxiliary" system was in place allowing the department to draw upon others at the base when needed. Bud was also a base Safety Officer, so he maintained a very close working relationship with the department.

Bud Taylor retired from service and became a very prominent and successful proprietor of a retail establishment in Roswell for many years. He passed in the late 1980s. However he did speak of the Roswell crash event privately at least once- and well before all of the Roswell books and TV shows were published and broadcast. According to his Nephew Robbie (whom I located and communicated with recently) "Uncle Bud" did mention the event -very sparsely- in the mid 1960s when Robbie was a young man. Robbie is now a respected and retired businessman who formerly headed a leading IT consulting firm.

After I dialogued with Robbie, I asked researcher Tom Carey to do so as well. According to Robbie, "Uncle Bud" had quietly and briefly related a bit about the Roswell crash event when at a family function discussing his time in the service. Bud told his nephew that in the Summer of 1947 he was stationed at RAAF and assisted the base fire department. He had been called out to the crash site and arrived to see something that he would never forget, a crashed vehicle and entities not from Earth.

Taylor provided some details:

- The craft, Taylor said, "seemed like it could have been from Earth- only from our future."

- Certain areas of the interior of the craft were entwined with a network of strange, plastic-like fibers or filaments.

- The interior was also outfitted with embedded "flat screens" or display panels.

- An ethereal violet or pink-purple color was incorporated into some of the materials of construction of the craft.

- Some of the craft structure was embossed with unusual hieroglyphic-like symbols that he described as being somewhat like "Asian writing."

- There were bodies. Small corpses were found that he described as being like "little humans."

Bud's nephew was not reminded of his Uncle's story until almost three decades later in the 1990s. He had become aware of the Roswell crash incident being told by others through various media. It was then that he "connected the dots" and realized that his Uncle Bud was indeed telling the truth those many years prior.



Men such as Bud Taylor, William Anderson and James Storm acted as base first-responders to the first-ever crash of visitors from another planet. Little did they know at the time that their response to a local emergency would ultimately become one of global and epic importance. Their stories are consistent with one another and are independently given by their loved ones and close friends. Indeed, the participation in the crash retrieval by the RAAF base fire department was corroborated by the last living Roswell City fireman.

These men have demonstrated bravery beyond measure. Their historic involvement has now been told. All firefighters deserve much gratitude for all that they do. But these firefighters from Roswell have earned special respect for their efforts. They are the only ones in history to have ever responded to a call from out of this world.


  • "They [the Roswell AF base firemen]are the only ones in history to have responded to a call from out of this world".

    So did the ETs actually make the call?

    If they did, how are you certain these ETs were the first ever to have needed the help of our terrestrial fire (or police) departments?

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Quite droll, Christopher.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Dear Tony,
    In my forty years in following this subject have I ever read or heard the other side give the witnesses one iota of respect. So, I am sorry to say there is no way to appease these people through a massive human response. Any witness, and I do mean any witness, on the side of Roswell-Spaceship memory are constantly disparaged. While on the other side memories that agree are accepted. Completely devoid of any psychological training, these no spaceship people really believe it is easier to talk of spaceship publicly than balloon.
    That is why I believe the witness in our history will be vindicated by the investigations of today. Not by trying to reason with a side which has lost it's humanity.
    But by overwelming evidence that UFOs are here to stay.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

    By Blogger Joseph Capp, at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Greetings,

    In Roswell (myth) how many archeologist teams we have now as testimoned by second one sources ? (Burskirk team (hoax), Holden's team, Dick's team, the Canadian team...).

    Sorry, it is not ad hominem attack to "doubt" about testimonies. But a constat we have many problem in this "myth" : The multiplication of archeologist's teams is one good example demonstrating "testimony" is not a scientific evidence.

    Proctor family is very lucky too : we have first Flyoid and Loretta, herselve intra-individualy chaging the testimony step by step, later Dee was included in the myth. Now the uncle...

    Sorry, but it "smells" the embelishment, the retrospective falsification, false memory, sociopsychological contamination, etc. ... until nothing is found ante-1978 (just a simple letter, picture, document, diary or what you want).

    Before we have the civilian firemen as protagonists. Here comes the military ones !

    Anyway, good luck to Tony, because it is great some are devoting such resources to investigate this case even if I think it is already solved.

    Best Regards,

    Gilles F.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • This is the first I've heard about military firemen being involved. Now if only someone could find a shred of that melted sand. . . . But they no doubt hauled it all away, if it was ever there. I'm a UFO skeptic in the honest sense of skepticism--I don't know what crashed, but I'm sure the military is lying, and I trust Stanton Friedman way more than Seth Shostak. Thanks for the post.

    By Blogger David, at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Joe- Thanks for the comments.

    Gilles- Of course, if such a thing as the Roswell crash did occur, it would make sense that adjacent ranchers, fire department personnel and archaeologists who roam the desert may have been involved. Not sure that I fully understand your point...And very few doubt what are likely historical facts: Loretta Proctor saw the debris Mac brought to her, her son Dee was at the Foster Ranch when the discovery was made, and Robert Porter (Loretta's brother) was a Sgt at RAAF at the time.

    CDA - "So did the ETs actually make the call?" I hope that this is your (failed) attempt at humor. Either that or you are the most "literal" person I know.


    By Anonymous Anthony Bragalia, at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Mr. Bragalia,

    Some of us appreciate CDA's levity.

    It provides comic relief in a topic that takes itself too seriously when, innately, it (Roswell)is an enormous joke.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • BTW,

    I found curious this sentence by "your" second hand testimoner, making Taylor speacking :

    "Some of the craft structure was embossed with unusual HIEROGGLYPHIC -like symbols that he described as being somewhat like "ASIAN writing".

    (emphazed by me)

    By a strange coincidence (sic), we have here the terms of Hieroglyph and like asian (or japanese) writting

    Same terms as we have in the books, and he is "repeating", Tony.

    Without offense, these details are very smelling he have readed the books and what you could think about this testimony :(

    Dunno if clear ?


    Gilles F.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Sorry Tony,

    Didn't read your reply when posted my last one.

    "My" point is that they are too much archeologists teams in the story testimoned. It smells the construction and the mecanisms of a myth.

    Concerning Proctor family protagonists : same. when you follow how it changes, how things are added, discovered, step by step, from 1978 to today. There is no reason to "discover" such new details now, they were free to speack in 1978.

    Loretta changed many things after the death of her husband.

    After, Dee was introduced in the discovery of the Foster debris. Why not first in 1980's book ?

    Now it comes the uncle. Why not before ?

    Sorry, I think as cognitive psychologist about embelishments, retrospective falsification, etc.

    A contrario to what happens in History testimonies, the number of (auto-proclamed) witnesses increases more and more we are fare away the event. More and more from 1978 to today ! That's very problematic but very pointing to a myth in my humble opinion.

    Another point as evokated above, we have first in the myth the civilian firemen.

    Now come the military ones. I'm sorry, another element of how myth works, still working.

    Concerning Taylor (introduced by second one) it smells S.F. (like pointed above).

    More, it is "repeated" some terms present in the different books (HiÊroglyphe like AND Asian like). What a coincidence ?

    Sorry, but it makes the pist of "psychosociological contamination" as first to call my "common sens".

    Regards, and sorry for my english :(

    Gilles F.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Gilles is right, there are far too many myths about Roswell with the second-hand and third-hand testimony repeated ad nauseam.

    However, one entirely new piece of evidence is, as I have said, the view of the INTERIOR of the craft, with its embedded screens and display panels. Nobody has ever (to my knowledge) got inside the Roswell craft before, so Bud Taylor is apparently unique.

    However I do wonder whether he was a science fiction fan, or whether he had, in the 50s, read Adamski's seminal work where he travelled to the moon in a spacecraft (Venusian I believe) in which such screens and displays were described. Adamski may even have used the term "ethereal" in his description of the colors of the interior.

    So I ask Tony in all seriousness, whether Bud Taylor or his nephew were either SF fans or possibly readers of George Adamski's "Inside the Space Ships".

    I also point to the final paragraph of Tony's article. It is a remarkable piece of hyperbole. Had that crash occurred in the UK I wonder if Tony would have recommended those firemen for knighthoods, for an unsurpassed act of bravery.

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Let me get this right Gilles. You believe that all of these individuals are in some way telling lies:

    1) The son of the Roswell City Fire Chief in 1947, Rue Chrisman, who told me it was an ET crash- and that I should talk to city Fireman Smith from 1947 who is still living to learn more

    2) Fireman Smith, who said it was ET - and that the more involved fire department was at RAAF

    3) Finally, when reached, the friends and family of three separate RAAF fire department personnel- all independently confirming base firefighter
    involvement in the retrieval.

    Think long and hard about this chain of events. Are all of these people in collusion, telling lies? For what reason?

    And what you see as "repetition" of certain Roswell "themes" I see very differently. I see it as consistency in testimony. Is it not possible that they are all reporting about the crash event because they are all telling the truth? That is likely why the reports are so similar. And of course one would expect that they would offer largely similar stories if they were privy to the same incident.

    I am sorry, but I simply cannot imagine that the Roswell City Fire Chief son, the fireman from the City of Roswell, and the close associates of three of the base firefighters from 1947 (including one who signed an affidavit) are all creating a similar tale. Bear in mind too that I reached out to all of them. No one came to me. They were not seeking notoriety, money, exposure, etc.

    Such a supposed, "grand confluence of liars" -working in conspiracy to promote one- is frankly far more difficult to believe than the crash of sentients from space!


    By Anonymous Anthony Bragalia, at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Greetings AJB (Tony ?)

    "Let me get this right Gilles. You believe that all of these individuals are in some way telling lies."

    Without offense, I think you are confusing "false memories", "retrospective falsification", "induced memories"
    Lie or Lying.

    Without offense too, you must think about experimental studies about those thema.

    "Is it not possible that they are all reporting about the crash event because they are all telling the truth? That is likely why the reports are so similar."

    I regret too : your nice works I have readed with great attention, don't focuse to first one books and first hand testimonies.

    When you examine first hand testimonies : they described Balloon + ML307.


    First hand testimoners mentionned a detail they cant invent.

    The toy's scotch tape with pink-purple symbols ... similar to a
    3M scoth use, mentionned as important and necessary in nota 22 in the ML 307 blue print to make the cluster more "solid" (pardon my english).

    American Merri-Lei Corp was the manufacturer in charge of the ML 307 used (I have documents and have filed this), in time and space of Mogul project.
    And there exists captures of 3M tape- like used as "candy tape" in 40's. With such symbols...
    So, as develloped in my French Book "Roswell : Recontre du premier Mythe" :
    How do you explain first hand witnesses mentionned this tape ? Dear Tony.
    Mention which didn't serve the pseudo cover up of USAAF in 1947. This mention is in the newspaper, but USAAF didn't use what USAAF have dicted to Brazel ! Why, they didn't use this strange mention ?

    If what Brazel said when interviewed was dicted, but however mentionning this tape (and then deserving the meteo balloons thesis he was dicted to serve, following some conspirationnists ), how do you explain this mention ?


    Gilles F.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • CDA -

    I have no way of knowing if Bud Taylor read Adamski. Bud has passed. I do know this: Adamski's account has no bearing - even remotely- to what was reported by Taylor. Taylor speaks specifically of a network of fiber-optic like filaments, an unusual color violet, and small Asian bodies. I do not believe that Adamski ever spoke of these things in any way ever. And Adamski's "aliens" were tall blond Nordics! Most importantly, Adamski's craft was not crashed! The fact that they both reported a type of viewer,
    screen or panel means nothing whatsoever.

    GILLES -

    Then let me rephrase: Rather than "lying," you believe that the Roswell Fire Chief's son, the Roswell city fireman, and three close associates of three Roswell base firemen from 1947 are all suffering from "false memories"
    and/or "retrospective falsification" and/or "induced memories" ? I simply do not believe it.

    Of those witnesses that I communicated with, all were clear-headed, genuine and articulate. When possible, I had other researchers such as Tom Carey or
    Kevin Randle contact them too to gain a "second opinion." And the maladies that you relate are largely of the elderly. But research shows that only 1/3 suffer substantial mental decline in advanced years. This means that fully 2/3rds of them "have their wits" and remember well.

    The testimony of these people about the base firefighters is given independently, they did not seek to tell their stories, they gain nothing in the telling, their accounts are internally consistent as well as consistent with one another, and they were all "sharp as a tack."

    Relative to your other point: This is not the place to begin a "tit for tat" on every aspect of the entire Roswell case. But I will say this - whatever Mac was quoted as having found his description was given only after he had been harrassed, hounded and detained by military. What is said in the paper about the nature of the material cannot be trusted. In fact Mac himself hinted at this in his closing remarks that "only if I found a bomb" would he have ever again reported such a thing. Why would he say this about a balloon and tape?


    By Anonymous Anthony Bragalia, at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Tony wrote :

    "But I will say this - whatever Mac was quoted as having found his description was given only AFTER he had been harrassed, hounded and detained by military."

    AFTER emphazed by me.


    The military detained Brazel in jails ! Bad boys. Hum, cause a bad guy he was. Why ? No one civilian witness have been detained like him in the myth ? Why only him ?

    Heu... DURING no ? And not AFTER ?

    Brazel cames in Roswell the sunday (6th) (in fact the monday - 7th-, but that's another problem), and the newspapers interview appears the 9th release.

    He have been detained then, coming to Roswell, inviting to his Ranch Marcel team, etc, and dicted to an interview to Kehalin journalist.


    During this time, in Fort Worth, Marcel gived an interview too, perfectible compatible to the Kehalin one, but for the FW star telegram.

    Yeah, this scenario makes sens !

    The perfect crime.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • "Then let me rephrase: Rather than "lying," you believe that the Roswell Fire Chief's son, the Roswell city fireman, and three close associates of three Roswell base firemen from 1947 are all suffering from "false memories"
    and/or "retrospective falsification" and/or "induced memories" ? I simply do not believe it."

    Yes I do.
    But dont make me wrong, it is not an insult to you, or to the "protagonists", or ad hominem attack.

    I regret the methodology used (from 1978).

    I have never seen "investigators" using standardized method to approach witnesses,like used in criminology or in cognitive psychology, to avoid several bias. well documented.

    Out offense too, what is interresting me is how the interviews, contacts, approaches, etc. have been conduced. And mainly between 1978 and the first release (1980). And after of course too.

    Out offense, I'm "warning you" (but me at first) cause it seems you have no idea how such "details" in apparence, consciously or not, can change, are driving, the essence of a testimony... to the answer the investigator is whishing.

    Add to this an "ambiant culture", you ar multiplying the risk. More if you are interviewing the son or the daughter of "x".

    To be franck, even if difficult in english, I see in Roswell case, the step by step construction of a myth. Sorry.

    Benson Saler have had better words like mines to explain what's is happening in english. Christopher Allan too.
    Charles A. Ziegler concerning narrative "frames" have made the best points too imho.

    So, without offense or ad hominem attack :

    You, ET proponents cant provide ONE piece of SCIENTIFIC evidence.

    You are making all your thesis (BTW contradictory) from speculations you are basing from testimonies, but ignoring how testimonies work, even if FULL of good faith.

    Dunno if it was clear :(

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Tuesday, June 08, 2010  

  • Gilles is correct, again. I simply cannot see what point there is in Tony Bragalia (or anyone else) digging up this endless, tiresome second-hand, third-hand or even fourth-hand testimony to try and prove Roswell was an ET craft.

    What we need desperately is hard evidence. We have not got it, even after 6 decades. It is inconceivable that in all this time every piece of genuine documentation, hardware or even the alien bodies, of such a momentous scientific event would still be top secret and held by a small band of high-ups in ONE branch of the military of just ONE country. But that is precisely what Tony, Kevin, and numerous others are telling us.

    As for these 'firemen's tales' they are anecdotal tales, like those of so many other 'witnesses', military or civilian, and nothing else.

    Certainly the fused glass (of whatever color) would be a very useful piece of physical evidence, but does it exist? Did it ever exist? I think we can safely say it did not.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, June 09, 2010  

  • To CDA:

    "It is inconceivable that in all this time every piece of genuine documentation, hardware or even the alien bodies, of such a momentous scientific event would still be top secret and held by a small band of high-ups in ONE branch of the military of just ONE country. But that is precisely what Tony, Kevin, and numerous others are telling us."

    I can only say this: Even I have interviewed a few military witnesses to UFO events, not crashes, or crash-recoveries, just sightings. Even in the relaxed atmosphere of everyday chat, these winesses showed signs of being nervous, and also at other times actually mentioned it verbally. These are just sightings of strange craft while on duty, and they knew I wasn't anybody that would be publishing anything soon, and they were STILL nervous.

    "I simply cannot see what point there is in Tony Bragalia (or anyone else) digging up this endless, tiresome second-hand, third-hand or even fourth-hand testimony to try and prove Roswell was an ET craft."

    I don't feel it is to prove it was an ET craft, as much as to prove what it proves to be, but in your own the end of your comment...I feel you provide the answer:

    "Certainly the fused glass (of whatever color) would be a very useful piece of physical evidence, but does it exist?"

    How would we know unless someone took the time to look?

    Thanks Tony, and actually everyone that participates no matter your view.

    Very interesting, and thoughtful article.


    By Blogger Bob Koford, at Wednesday, June 09, 2010  

  • Steve & Tony:
    I base my conclusion on the fact that if this unusual fused glass exists it would be available by now (like meteorites or moon rock) for the public to see; i.e. it would be a highly interesting scientific object and would not be hidden away. Of course it may be included in the alleged top secret hardware emanating from the Roswell crash, but after 63 years I am entitled to my doubts.

    Regarding Lincoln La Paz I am not persuaded that he was ever involved with the Roswell crash. This seems to depend entirely on Rickett's memory recall decades later. We know Rickett and La Paz were together on one expedition during the green fireball episode (in the Roswell region), but that was in January 1949, not July 1947. Rickett has got his dates, and events, confused. There is documentation, written by La Paz himself, to prove this.

    La Paz attended a conference held at Los Alamos in February 1949 on the fireballs and he made no mention of Roswell at all. The transcript shows his first 'UFO involvement' with the USAF was after a big meteorite fall on Oct, 30, 1947 near Four Corners, NM. (This is the event that Tim Printy highlighted in SUNLITE a while back, and which Tony Bragalia confused with the Roswell UFO 'crash'). There is also the fact that after "The Roswell Incident" was published La Paz never got in touch with the authors to tell of his involvement and lend support to the crash story. Rather odd, isn't it?

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, June 10, 2010  

  • Hi everyone :-)
    Please remember...It is difficult for a mind that has believed to change, let alone one that has believed for a long time, I had one too. Be kind to a believing mind and change is attractive ;-)
    Who can know any of this? Even if we do "KNOW" all of it and we are finally "RIGHT", How long until we have to change our mind again?
    UFO's, ET's are just 2 of the all so many things we don't know...
    How do sauvants happen?
    What is Autism?
    The world is flat...The sun revolves around Earth and we will never have lighter than air flight....remember any of these?
    Many still believe in a judgemental God and those who don't believe are sinners or even worse...Many still believe that one winning and many losing in competition against one another is better than inspiring each other to achieve their best...
    There are still many who believe money is necessary too. Anyone eaten any money lately?
    Many still believe a governing body of an external nature is going to work as opposed to self regulation. We are waking up yes, we are becoming responsible, we still have much sleep in our eyes though to be washed away ;-)
    Take care, stay you stay well.

    By Anonymous dazlemwithlovelight, at Thursday, June 10, 2010  

  • You would think that if Roswell was all local mythology gone international, some curmudgeon would have come forward by now and said just that. I don't know of any.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Thursday, June 17, 2010  

  • I don't buy "Nephew Robbie's" account. It seems too much like he pulled the details from previous Roswell tales so that it "fit", with the same time changing a few words to make it seem new, like changing "Egyptian", as in "Egyptian Heiroglyphics" to "Asian".

    My guess would be that Robbie was already a Roswell buff far before he was contacted and either embellished parts or all of the story. In my opinion, his version should be tossed out.

    Otherwsie congrats on the other stuff. Good info.

    By Blogger BoyintheMachine, at Sunday, July 11, 2010  

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