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Sunday, June 20, 2010


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Many politicians and office holders -especially today- are held in public disdain for their lies about so many things. But some rise above the rest as genuine public servants. They have spoken of the need for truth about the ultimate deceit- the coverup of fallen extraterrestrials at Roswell. A review of their telling statements and actions -and a newly uncovered revealing photo- show a deep concern about the event throughout the years. From Senators and DC insiders to U.S. Governors - up to the highest office- there have been those who are in power who wish to empower us with the knowledge that we are not alone in the Universe. They provide clues to the greatest secret: that craft and bodies from another world were made known to man many decades ago.

Of course the politician most closely associated with investigation into the crash is the late New Mexico US Congressman Steven Schiff. Schiff pressed the US GAO (General Accounting Office) to conduct an independent audit of any extant records or materials that the govenment may have had that related to the crash. Though he passed in 1998, his call to truth on Roswell continues to echo through the hintful voices of several prominent and valiant civil servants:




Multi-term US Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico was the former US Energy Secretary. He was also a former US Presidential Candidate. Most recently Richardson was offered a U.S. Cabinet role with the Obama Administration, though he declined. Popular and a populist, Richardson is an affable man that is personally liked by many on both sides of the aisle. Richardson arrived in New Mexico in the late 1970s when the first mentions of Roswell were rumbling. He is very serious about Roswell and is very candid when he says that the government continues to lie to the public about the incident. Richardson is surely privy to many things that many are not. He has carefully considered the history and evidence of Roswell. And he may well himself be privy to the ET nature of the event.

So compelled is Richardson on the subject that he even wrote the foreward to a book on the subject. Richardson has stated publicly that "it would help everyone if the U.S. Government disclosed everything it knows." He adds, "The American people can handle the truth." Richardson believes that "with full disclosure" that "we should be able to find out what happened that fateful day in July 1947." This is an extraordinary choice of words. He speaks of the crash at Roswell as a "fateful day." "Fateful" is variously defined as "momentous," "exceedingly important" or as "critical" in its significance. And indeed Roswell was.

Richardson is very direct about the matter. Curiously, even well after the USAF and GAO reports with its "official" balloon explanation were issued on Roswell, he saw fit to state: "the mystery surrounding this crash has never been adequately explained." He does not believe that official inquiries to date have told the real story to our nation's citizens about Roswell. And he encourages "our best scientific investigation" be brought to bear on the subject.

According to a 2007 AP news story, when Richardson was asked by a Dell employee in TX about Roswell, Richardson responded that he understands that "the data on Roswell remains classified" and that he was not happy about it. Not surprisingly, Richardson brought out the ire of sceptics when he came out on Roswell. Dave Thomas, skeptic of New Mexico Scientists for Reason, especially was upset, and made his "disappointment" in Richards known in public statements.

Given that Richardson reported directly to the President of the United States -and that he possessed Top Secret clearances of the highest order as head of the Department of Energy- he was uniquely positioned to know the precise nature of the Roswell event. He oversaw US DOE black research projects and the development of bleeding-edge technologies as well as having guided some of our national laboratories.

And as a decades-long resident of New Mexico, his interest in Roswell likely began early. This is especially true if he was so motivated as to write the forward to a book on the subject and to have made such stunning statements. And Richardson was there in New Mexico early on to hear from his constituents within the State about the matter when the Roswell event became more public in the late 1970s.

As Governor, he may well have been able to tap institutional memories, the testimony of old time politicos, and even may have perhaps viewed telling records within the State about the event. There is substantial evidence that the State was involved in the response to the crash through the reported involvement of the Lt. Governor at the time, Joseph Montoya. Combined with his high level role within a U.S. Presidential Administration- there can be no doubt that he knows something very significant about Roswell. And as a genuine public servant, Bill Richardson may well be trying to tell the public something very significant about Roswell.


And still another New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson, gave hints about the true nature of the Roswell crash. On June 22, 1997 on a local Albuquerque, NM evening broadcast program, Johnson indicated that Roswell was not ours, that he is privy to information that the general public is not- and that more than that he could not say. The next day his Press Secretary backpedaled was asked by a reporter about this and said that the Governor's comments were "not substantive" and issued no further comment. Again in 1997, Governor Johnson -speaking at Roswell about the event and the ET information coming out on it- was overheard to say: "Its all in there, except for a few facts."




Dick D'Amato (C. Richard D'Amato) is -by any standard- a classic "DC insider." He apparently also knows far more about what happened at Roswell than most in DC. After attending Cornell and the Fletcher School of Diplomacy, D'Amato earned his JD from Georgetown. He was a Professor at the US Naval Academy. Entering the world of politics, he rose quickly through various appointments. He served on many high-level US congressional advisory bodies (including on defense appropriations, national security and on international relations matters) and attained Top Secret clearances. He was named the Chief Counsel and Investigator to the US Senate Appropriations Committee. He later became National Security Specialist for Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd and a liasion member of the National Security Council. Today a private consultant, D'Amato remains active in politics in Maryland.

Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. has a strange story to tell about Dick D'Amato. Dr. Marcel is the namesake son of Major Jesse Marcel, Army Intelligence Officer who was the first to reveal the ET truth about Roswell. Dr. Marcel relates that in 1991 he received a call from D'Amato out of the blue. D'Amato knew that Marcel had planned to attend a meeting in D.C. He invited Marcel to meet with him to discuss the Roswell event in what D'Amato called a "Secure Room" at the Capitol. Dr. Marcel (who as a child himself saw some of the ET debris) told D'Amato that would not be necessary -he had already said all that he he knows- and that he was not going to say anything that he hadn't said before. But D'Amato explained to Marcel that the fact was that he himself wanted to relate to Marcel something important about the crash incident. Marcel agreed to meet. What would this DC insider tell him?

Marcel said that he was told to meet in the Capitol Building, Room 228. Marcel indicates that D'Amato greeted him warmly. Marcel then noticed something displayed in the room. D'Amato had prominently placed on his desk a book on Roswell that explained it as an ET event. D'Amato pointed to the book and told Marcel: "This is not fiction." Marcel replied that of course he knew it was not fiction. He then looked at D'Amato and directly asked: Why doesn't the government tell the people? D'Amato told Marcel "if it were up to him" he would, but that it is of course not up to him. He agreed with Marcel that the information needed be officially released.

D'Amato then told Marcel that he had known of instances where "people have been threatened" about their involvement in Roswell. He asked if Marcel himself had ever been threatened. When told that he had not, D'Amato offered assistance and protection Marcel if such a thing should ever occur.

It is known that D'Amato has had private discussions with select researchers where he has detailed that there is a black arm of secrecy over the subject- and that money is being secretly appropriated to projects related to Roswell. D'Amato indicates that he does not know where the wreckage is now, and that it is such a covert project that even with subpoena power he could not penetrate these operations.




Barry Goldwater was a multi-term US Senator and a former US Presidential Candidate. He was a retired and highly decorated Major General in the Air Force who had led highly classified US Senate intelligence and military committees over many years. Though known as "Mr. Conservative," Goldwater was someone who had a strong interest in Roswell and ET.

In 1994, not long before his death, Goldwater confessed something he knew to be definitive about Roswell and UFOs. He revealed to a worldwide audience on CNN: "I think at Wright Patterson, if you could get into certain places, you'll find that the government knows about UFOs." Asked specifically about Roswell, Goldwater replied, "Reportedly a spaceship landed." He then stunned host Larry King and added to this remark by declaring (as if he knew it personally): "It was all hushed up." King then asked if he tried to find out about it. Goldwater said that he most assuredly did.

And Goldwater was in a unique position to have found out. Goldwater was a highly decorated Command Pilot in the Army Air Force in the 1940s. He was very close to General Curtis LeMay, the Air Force's Chief of Development in the 1940s (including when the Roswell crash occurred.) He was also a friend of the Base Commander of Roswell Army Air Field at the time of the crash, Butch Blanchard (whom he knew through General LeMay.) Goldwater had heard much first-hand testimony about the Roswell crash. But now he wanted confirmation- to see the extraterrestrial himself.

Goldwater then told Larry King that some years later, he went to LeMay to discuss the matter. Possessing the highest of our nation's clearances, Goldwater sought permission to access the documentation and physical evidence of the crashed disc materials that he knew to exist at Wright, in what Goldwater has referred to as a "Blue Room." Goldwater recounted to King that he said to LeMay: "General, I know that we have a room at Wright where you put all the "secret stuff." Could I go there?" Goldwater continued his interview with King: "I've never heard LeMay get mad, but he got madder than hell at me, cussed me out and said 'Don't ever ask me that question again." Goldwater wanted to but never did.


US Representative from Massachusetts William Delahunt replied to his constituent Robert F. Brown in 2005 in response to a letter from Brown about Roswell. He replied with a startlingly candid but brief comment: "After looking into the matter, I have found that the debris from that is still being analyzed and is not open to the public at this time." A US Congressmen from Virginia, Rep.Virgil Goode, told a Roswell researcher some years ago, "I have been reading about what you've been doing for a long time- a lot of us have. But you know, there's a group that really runs the show. Very shadowy. The US Congress is just window dressing."

Other such hints and confirmations about Roswell's importance have come from other politicians over the years. And even a two-time President of the United States and the current US Secretary of State have held deep personal and professional interest in resolving the Roswell mystery.




Many know that former President Bill Clinton had replied to a Belfast boy in 1995 when asked about Roswell, "Ryan, if the US Air Force did recover alien bodies, I want to know." Clinton certainly did "want to know," as did his wife former First Lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

- Found in the President Clinton's personal library inventory (taken by Ken Starr's impeachment investigators) was a copy of a book on the Roswell crash incident.

- John Podesta was Clinton's former Chief of Staff who later as a private citizen, organized the Coalition for Freedom of Information initiative in DC. This included a call for public disclosure about many issues, including UFOs. Mentioned specifically was a need to reveal all about Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly. These projects are classified US military projects that relate to the retrieval of crashed flying objects requiring identification. Podesta obviously does not believe his own government has been forthcoming to the people on this vital matter. He states: "It is time for the government to de-classify records and provide scientists with data on the real nature of the phenomenon."

- Webster Hubbell, Clinton's former Associate Attorney General, was the third highest ranking member of the US Department of Justice. In his autobiography, Hubbell revealed that President Clinton held extreme interest in the subjects of UFOs and ET. Hubbell relates that Clinton distrusted many within government who would know the truth, as he sensed that they would hold back from him. Clinton decided to do his own covert Roswell investigation. He had asked Hubbell to make private approaches and inquiries and research to find out what really happened. Hubbell reported back to Clinton that, despite his best efforts, the subject was impenetrable.

- Laurance Rockefeller, world-famous industrialist, billionaire and prominent member of the political and philanthopic Rockefeller dynasty, was also a UFO researcher. He believed Roswell represented the crash of ET. He used his influence and ties to brief President Clinton's Science Advisor, Jack Gibbons, on the subject. In fact, Rockefeller briefed the First Lady herself, in person:


In an incredibly revealing photo known now to exist (thanks to the eagle eyes of researchers including the noted investigator Grant Cameron) the world can see graphically what the ET question means to those in power. Pictured in a rare and little-circulated photo taken some years ago, we see Roswell-proponent Laurance Rockefeller and First Lady Hillary Clinton strolling through Rockefeller's sprawling ranch.

Blowups of this photo show that Mrs. Clinton (now the US Secretary of State) is holding a copy of the book "Are We Alone?" authored by awarded physicist Dr. Paul Davies. The back cover has been conclusively determined to match the back cover of Davies 1995 book. She no doubt knew that there was a photographer because other, posed photos show her walking with Rockefeller around the grounds. Was the First Lady trying to coyly provide a clue to the world that We Are Not Alone? Did she discuss her ET concerns with her husband, the President of the United States?

In this remarkable and deeply thought-provoking book (a copy of which I own) Davies examines the implications to society about the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. Below is a photo showing the First Lady (who is interestingly wearing a stylized Holy Cross) drawing the ET book close to her as she reflects with Rockefeller:






The most telling thing is this: The Clintons were well aware that the very government that they led had already "determined" that the Roswell crash was that of a balloon. But the Clintons themselves did not believe this explanation. Instead, they took the quest to learn the truth on their own. In 1996, Sr. White House Correspondent Sarah McClendon reports that she had asked the President privately why he does not demand disclosure on the UFO subject. Echoing the thoughts of US Rep. Goode and DC insider Dick D'Amato, Clinton unguardedly replied, "There is a government inside the government, and I don't control it."



Though limited in what they can say, the brave in DC have spoken of Roswell as an event whose true nature has to be revealed the public. Some know more than others, but all believe that their constituents have not been told the truth about the matter. As shown, these government leaders include:

- Two US Governors
- A US Senate Chief Counsel and DC Insider
- A US Senator
- An Associate Attorney General
- A Presidential Chief of Staff
- Congressmen
- A US President and his First Lady

It is evident that these public servants believe that the implications of Roswell have the potential to fundamentally impact the very lives of all of us on this planet. They believe that the public has not been told the truth and that it is time to do so. They too know that Roswell was not a balloon. Though they know that it was fallen from the skies, they do not know from whence it came. And all of them have hoped that in their lifetimes they would find the answer. Perhaps some of them have.


  • "And he (Richardson) encourages 'our best scientific investigation' be brought to bear on the subject."

    It almost certainly was. It's just that they never made what they found public.

    NM Senator Carl Hatch is an interesting case. Met in the White House with Truman the morning after the crash story hit the papers.

    Know anything more about him?

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Sunday, June 20, 2010  

  • For the moment I shall make only one comment: Why do you suppose that Mrs Clinton was interested in ET life? Has she ever hinted that she was? The book in her hands is "Are We Alone?" OK, I accept that, but what if she is holding it because Laurence Rockefeller gave it to her to read whilst out strolling on the ranch? You have provided no evidence at all that Hillary Clinton ever read the said book. Nor is there the slightest reason that she was displaying it for the cameras!

    You call it "an incredibly revealing photo". Sorry, but I do not find it the least bit "incredible".

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, June 21, 2010  

  • Further to my previous post.

    If Rockefeller gave Hillary Clinton the book "Are we alone?", possibly as a gift, to look at, do you not consider it strange that, assuming he was trying to immerse her in Roswell, he should give her a book in which Davies makes no mention of the case, but instead generally dismisses UFOs and confines himself to a few digs at abductions and George Adamski?!

    Is there the slightest indication, anywhere, that either Davies or Hillary had ever heard of, or had any showed interest in, the Roswell 'crash'?

    Regarding Senator Goldwater, there is in the public domain a letter he wrote to a constituent in 1975 (I think) where he relates how he once tried to get into the 'inner sanctum' via General Le May (USAF Chief of Staff at the time c.1961) but was told emphatically NO. At that time Roswell was an unheard of event. Goldwater was trying to find documents and maybe official UFO photos. There was no question of a 'crashed saucer' to examine. Of course decades later, near his death, his memories may have got confused as by then Roswell was in its prime with the USAF report and all the other literature, etc.

    I suspect Goldwater's 'Blue Room' means nothing more than a reference to the Blue Book files.

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, June 21, 2010  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Monday, June 21, 2010  

  • To dear Frank Stalter :

    The agenda stipulates too :

    "(Phoned Mr. Matthew Connelly Monday to ask for this)".

    I understand Hatch asked monday for this appointment.

    Then I doubt Hatch knew something monday the 7th about Roswell "thing".

    Pure coincidence imho, as there are many other entries where President Truman also met numerous senators, governors during the course of his duties.

    Best Regards,

    Gilles F.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Monday, June 21, 2010  

  • "Many politicians and office holders -especially today- are held in public disdain for their lies about so many things."

    But when it comes to Roswell and ETs they are as honest as the day is long. ROFLOL!

    By Anonymous Peter A. Gersten, at Monday, June 21, 2010  

  • "Pure coincidence imho, as there are many other entries where President Truman also met numerous senators, governors during the course of his duties."

    Sen. Hatch called for the appointment Monday July 7, the crash story hits the papers Tuesday July 8, Hatch meets the President Wednesday July 9.

    Anthony would know more details about the specific timeline of events prior to the newspaper stories, but a US Senator being aware of such an important event in his home state before it did hit the papers shouldn't be shocking and the meeting can't be ruled out as just coincidence without a closer look.

    Hatch had several appointments with Truman at the White House over the years, they served together in the Senate, Hatch appeared to have had many of the same policy priorities as Truman.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Monday, June 21, 2010  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Monday, June 21, 2010  

  • "Brazel came in Roswell the monday...

    Yeah, imagine that . . . they actually had phones in New Mexico in 1947.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Monday, June 21, 2010  

  • Telephones in NM in 1947? Teletypes also (Lydia Sleppy)? NM was a very technologically advanced state of the US in '47. Goddammit, they had, only two years earlier, just exploded the first ever atomic bomb. Radar established there. Missiles and rockets also.
    What more do you want?

    As Stan Friedman has said, this is the very reason the ETs were so keen on visiting and exploring NM. Pity they got over-excited and a bit drunk that day and crashed their craft.

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, June 22, 2010  

  • "Telephones in NM in 1947? Teletypes also (Lydia Sleppy)? NM was a very technologically advanced state of the US in '47."

    We can't know for certain the reason Hatch wanted to see Truman. They had been personal friends for years, going back to Truman's time in the Senate.

    I think there is a strong possibility that Roswell sparked Hatch's call. The crash and news story would certainly be known to both by then and I think it's unlikely the crash didn't come up in some context.

    Wilbur D. Sparks
    Attorney Investigator on the staff of the U.S. Senate Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program (Truman Committee), 1941-46.:

    "Mr. Truman was always partisan in his choice of friendships, but he was perfectly friendly with people like Homer Ferguson, and Joe Ball, on the minority side. His closest friends, I would say, were Harley Kilgore, and Mon Wallgren, Carl Hatch was a good friend of his in the early days. I think Truman was fond of Hatch."

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Tuesday, June 22, 2010  

  • Great post! I can't believe you don't have more comments. Great to see someone so devoted to an issue "regular" people seem to have trouble coping with.

    By Blogger Memory Bomber, at Saturday, June 26, 2010  

  • In my opinion, this is another in a series of great, thought-provoking articles by you, Mr. Bragalia. I just returned from a trip to Alaska, and I was grateful to be able to come home to read your article.

    To Mr. Gersten:

    I think I can agree that: if it can be said by some that the same politicians that are thought of as being generally "liars en masse", as per the name of the game in politics, how can we trust them when they refer to things ET?

    I agree, but I would add that even though it is generally thought of as being a subject that could get them ousted from their known circles, if given the proper environment, it could also have the exact opposite effect/affect.

    If enough of a groundswell were to be percieved by their polsters, it could be thought of as the thing that puts them over the top, instead of ruining them.

    Its like they hold it as their trump suit filled hand. If that one card gets played, they could run the table. Therefore, just in case, they make it known that they are "interested".

    Best regards,

    By Blogger Bob Koford, at Sunday, June 27, 2010  

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