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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


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Over four decades ago a meeting of high-ranking military and intelligence officials, academic scholars and senior-level government scientists convened to analyze the nature of the mysterious UFO phenomena. This dynamic mix of professionals hailed from the Air Force, NASA and other esteemed organizations.

At the meeting these learned and accomplished men considered that the truth about the visiting extraterrestrial is far more disturbing than we would ever dare to imagine:
The aliens walk among us undetected! They have already inserted themselves into our culture and our world. And as you will soon hear for yourself, these stunning statements were taped, leaving no doubt about their intended meaning.

And just as our government inserts its intelligence agents into "countries of interest" by having them look and act like the target populus - the extraterrestrials would do the same. Before any open contact is made, they no doubt engage in the standard practice of learning as much about "the natives" as possible by "becoming" them!

On February 8, 1966 the civilian UFO research group NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) held a small reception in Washington, DC in honor of noted Brazilian UFO researcher Olavo Fontes, MD. Fontes was most known for his early work on the Brazil "Ubatuba" UFO case and resulting debris sample. Long defunct, NICAP was a credible research organization that counted among its members those within many professions throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

According to archived records of the organization, at this meeting there were 14 people in attendance. Many of these attendees were rather notable:

- The former Chief of Intelligence of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
- Two senior-level NASA scientists
- A retired USAF Colonel and NASA Program Manager

This meeting was (in part) recorded and had included some conversations among those that were assembled that concerned what the intentions may be of the "beings behind the UFO craft" that were being sighted in our skies.

The roster of attendees included NICAP officers and "friends of NICAP":

- Frank Bloss (Trident Missile Engineer)
- Robert Suggs, PhD (Noted Anthropologist)
- Leon Katchen (NASA Physicist later a developer of the Space Shuttle)
- Eli Bernzweig (Attorney and Ethicist)
- Frank Rawlinson (NASA Physicist later with Goddard Space Flight Center)
- Edward C. Russell (President of the non-profit English Speaking Union and early Peace and Cultural Exchange Advocate)
- Col. Howard Wright (USAF Ret., Decorated Pilot, Intel Agent, NASA Program Manager)
- Col. Howard McCoy (USAF Ret., Chief of Intelligence, USAF Wright Patterson AMC)

It is these last two attendees (and the meeting's honoree himself) who offer the most telling information about UFOs, their pilots and what they are doing here...

Seated among this small gathered group was retired USAF Col. Howard Wright. Wright served as a decorated pilot in WWII, was engaged in many military intelligence missions, and later was employed at NASA as a Deputy Program Manager working on projects that were closely associated with the Air Force.

Wright made these remarkable statements about the extraterrestrial presence to his associates:

"I was in Intelligence for a long time, military intelligence. I was in the War. It is logical, not just military thinking, but as logical thinking, that there was never a successful military occupation or adventure where prior to the invasion or prior to the mass landing there were not agents sent ahead. This is standard practice. In Germany we and the British inserted Americans and we inserted British who looked like the Germans and spoke their language. In Japan we inserted them, but we had agents in their country exactly the same as we have agents behind the Iron Curtain now.

The main purpose of these people is to be as exactly like the natives as possible and yet the fact of life, the fact of military logic, the fact of cultural logic -and especially since they have not been hostile - dictates that there would be, if they are humanoid , that there can be humanoids picked out since the range of size and shape and color on this planet covers almost the entire spectrum.

“It almost dictates the fact that there would be agents of the space people, wherever they come from, living among us at the present time and having been here over the last hundred years."

Fortunately for history, someone in attendance had privately recorded parts of the meeting (perhaps unbeknownst to those in attendance) and later had stored it in the NICAP archives to be retrieved only decades later. You can hear Wright speaking to the group here:

Col. Howard Wright Discussing ET's Infiltration of Society,
From NICAP Archive:

Wright's comments are very insightful and make complete sense. What is equally telling is that Wright is one of two retired Air Force Colonels at this invite-only function. The other is Air Force Chief Col. Howard McCoy, a professional colleague and friend of Col.Howard Wright's. Howard McCoy was in fact a very senior-level officer in our nation's military after WWII. He was the Chief of Intelligence for the United States Air Force Air Materiel Command. He was close to the Secretary of the Air Force Stuart Symington and with General Curtis LeMay. McCoy was also instrumental in initiating the 1948 official government UFO study "Project Sign."

So here then we have the former head of Air Force Intelligence listening intently to his Air Force Intelligence compatriot seated right next to him in the same room speaking rather surely about the extraterrestrial infiltration of society! In fact so similar were the two Colonels that these statements on the alien reality were originally attributed to Colonel McCoy himself, but later investigation proved that the words were that of Col. Wright.

Skeptics may point out that it was McCoy who wrote in 1948 (in a document written after the Roswell crash from the year before): "I can't even tell you how much we would give to have one of those crash in an area so that we could recover what they are." But McCoy wrote this to a USAF Scientific Advisory Board Conference whose members have been shown to not all have possessed such sufficient clearance and need to know about such a crash. Either McCoy was misstating to misdirect and to protect security surrounding the issue- or he did not know at the time but later found out. Of course had such a crash event occurred, its existence would not be made known in such a general letter, circulated broadly to numbers of individuals.

Because we do not have the entire recording of this meeting that McCoy attended, we do not know precisely what he thought about Col. Wright's statements on visiting extraterrestrials "blending in" with our world. But we must wonder: Why in the world was McCoy even there in the first place?

Why was the former Director of USAF Intelligence at a private function honoring Ufologist Dr. Olavo Fontes (who had some years before studied what was believed to potentially be debris from a UFO) ?

Why was McCoy considering statements about infiltration of our world by those from another?

What was he doing there with a fellow Air Force intelligence officer and scientists from NASA?

Why was McCoy still privately obsessed by "things alien" long after he had retired from service- and decades after his Project Sign project was completed?

If the extraterrestrial has mastered the ability to traverse the cosmos by manipulating space, time and matter to its advantage- it certainly has developed advanced camouflage technologies. They can no doubt "disguise" themselves to appear human. Or perhaps they are a continuum of things human. Such a humanoid could create a semblance to us so as to appear as we do. Perhaps they know that to one day face us, their face must look like us. They may be so different that immediate assimilation would be hindered by their radically different appearance. Or perhaps they are only a few thousand years ahead of us and don't look that much different.

As our own military and intelligence professionals know, this "blending in" would allow such "visitors" to gain first-hand information on us in advance- and undetected. They would understand us more completely if they walked amongst us. Wildlife researchers also know this. They cloak themselves in bear-skin to film the behavior of bear up close. In a similar way, the extraterrestrials would "cloak" themselves to seem more like those they are observing. In this way they know us better, without us ever even knowing!

Col. McCoy himself understood about the infiltration of other lands. He was in WWII and was instrumental in capturing German enemy technologies. The former head of our nation's Air Force Intelligence probably concurred with his associate Col. Wright: The people from other planets have already immersed themselves in our own!


  • Greetings,

    As usual (Concerning McCoy's letter 1948, Mars the 17th, but for the others classified documents too), we find here a classic joker of Roswell myth believers : When SECRET or TOP SECRET classified documents are exhumed, and ALL documents pointing NOONE crash have happened and NO Alien materials are in USAAF or USAF possession,

    they use the rethorical joker or ad hoc argument : "Adressed to people without the "need to know". It is a classic argument in Roswell myth proponents in order to keep the myth alive at any cost... No suprise, typical.

    Karl Pflock in Fortean times n°114, as last Tim Printy's SUNlite excellent release p.18 to 20 well summerize such exhumed classified documents.

    No crash, no mention of Roswell event, ask to help to CRACK the Saucer Mystery to multiple agencies (they did it but they have Alien materials !)... ETC. QED.

    All pointing the FACTS USAAF and USAF are a little loosen in this mystery and need help (then they have no EVIDENCE for the alien pist), as they were privilegiated domestic or soviet pists.

    They are loosing time between them in classified documents (in the time where FOIA didn't exist and period they have not to be affraid, but sure they are speacking and writting between them and big heads).

    But dear Skeptics, all of this is a strategy in order to protect the big secret: the Roswell's Flying Saucer and bodies recovered... !!!

    In other words, for Roswell myth believers the ABSENCE of such a mention (Roswell event, alien materials recovered in SECRET and TOP SECRET documents) is THE EVIDENCE such crash happened ! Its demonstration !

    The ABSENCE of EVIDENCE of such a crash is the EVIDENCE it happened... That's Roswell myth proponents logic world. Yeah, I'm Santa Claus too, proove me wrong.

    Best Regards,

    Gilles F.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • While an interesting concept, it isn't supported by much. Moreover, Wright seems to be spit-balling, making hypotheses about what would be required to spy on humans. I don't think he's "speaking rather surely about the extraterrestrial infiltration of society!" His language - if verbatim - is extremely conditional. Look at the words used. He starts out talking largely about his experience in espionage before moving into "would be", "if they are", etc. Furthermore, the quote in bold below these statements seems to float, as if pulled from a later piece of the transcript. Overall, I get the sense that this is a man who is postulating various scenarios and not making statements of fact. The conditional language, the hypothetical setup, the fact that this was something of a UFO think tank.... It all makes for fantastic suppositions, and as usual, Bragalia has proved himself a master at unearthing UFO arcanum.

    By Blogger Cullan Hudson, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • Cullan:

    You hit the nail right on its head, as always.

    Mr. Bragalia always manages to unearth a few things that the old UFO crowd has overlooked.

    And he usually provides a provocative interpretation too.

    Thanks for the note -- you are right to notice the equivocation in Colonel Wright's presentation.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • "The ABSENCE of EVIDENCE of such a crash is the EVIDENCE it happened..."

    Regarding "Tim Printy's SUNlite excellent release p.18 to 20"

    Why do you think they harped on the fact that they had no "crash recovered exhibits"? Is that the only way they could imagine gaining "exhibits"?

    During Korea they didn't have crash recovered exhibits of MIG 15s, but they wanted one, so they offered a bounty and several MIG pilots in 1953 landed on western bases to collect it.

    During the 1940s the internal political struggle in the USAAF was between the air-only and the aerospace factions with the air-only faction winning out.

    It is not clear to me whether the ETH was advocated by the aerospace faction to strengthen their position, or whether they actually knew there was an ET presence.

    Regarding the Original Post...are there no other reports of this conference? The taped comments are without context, as has been noted.

    NB to CDA. Here we see the AF making the association between the saucers and a crash prior to Scully. Where did they get the idea?



    By Blogger Sourcerer, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • When he said "...since they have not been hostile", etc. it was presented as a flat-out statement of fact. "they" haven't proven to be hostile.

    Two key points elucidated by this statement are:

    1 amongst peers of the subject, from MI backgrounds, the general assessment is that they are NOT hostile

    2 some unknown flying objects are indeed assumed to be piloted by beings, humanoid or otherwise.

    Now there are plenty of old school UFO historians/researchers that might argue against this statement as being factual. Keyhoe, being a long time Director of NICAP,having taken the reigns from Brown, was one of these. It is probably written about in one of his books, but I don't have them in the house to verify.

    By Blogger Bob Koford, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • Sourcerer wrote : During Korea they didn't have crash recovered exhibits of MIG 15s, but they wanted one, so they offered a bounty and several MIG pilots in 1953 landed on western bases to collect it.

    Hum no, they gained a MIG-15 crash exhibit imho.

    "Early in 1951, ATIC analysts obtained engine parts and the tail section of a crashed MiG-15 from the Korean theater"
    Sources : A Brief History of Air Force Scientific and Technical Intelligence,

    BTW : it was RUPPELT, if I'm correct whom participated to analyse such mig-15 exhibit. So, if a crashed saucer was examined in Crash Intelligence service in W.F, there is logic reason he knew it. No trace of Roswell in Ruppelt...

    Regarding your question to CDA, crash intelligence service were well eproved and have made their proof in WWII (and will be in Cold War). So, that's normal and not a surprise Army have reflex to obtain "crash exhibit" and wait it (mainly cause they are suspecting soviet advanced designs imho.

    Source (the same) : " In the fall of 1942, the first twelve "Air Force" officers to receive ATI field collection training were assigned to Wright Field for training in the technical aspects of "crash" intelligence."

    So my question is (if I'm correct) : How do you explain Ruppelt have noone cue about Roswell crash (or UFO crash), noone mention to Roswell when he was in first place in W.F Air Material Command before SIGN and GRUDGE ?

    Hoo, he was part of the big conspiracy and/or have no "need to know" ticket, I suppose ?


    Gilles F.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • Gilles, I think you have mentioned 'Roswell' ten times in this discussion. I'll point out that Tony uses 'Roswell' once, and then only in terms of a skeptic's response.

    This isn't a discussion of Roswell.

    Gilles: "So, that's normal and not a surprise Army have reflex to obtain "crash exhibit""

    Well, yes, that is true. I was wondering why they never mention any alternatives to a crash recovery.

    As you know, civilians during this timeframe did not have the concepts of ET and UFO to pigeon-hole the flying saucers.

    My point is that the Air Force did. They invented the concepts, including the idea they are machines that could crash.

    My question is whether the ETH was part of the polemics of factions of AF "office politics" or whether, in fact, ET was a reality. That's pretty much what at least one kind of ufology is all about.



    By Blogger Sourcerer, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • McCoy was speculating:

    "there would be, IF they are humanoid"

    Fascinating find.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • "The Incredible Implication" writes Mr Bragalia, about a small private meeting consisting mainly of NICAP officers (who were probably all ET biased). The other attendees were, I assume, scientists from various disciplines and ex-military guys who had a mild interest in UFOs or ET life. So what? Keyhoe makes no mention of this meeting in his book ALIENS FROM SPACE, or at least none of the attendees are listed in the index. Maybe the meeting was one of several that took place involving NICAP and outside people. Should we attach any importance to it? No we should not. And McCoy's presence has zero relevance although, presumably it does indicate a mild interest, on his part, in the ensuing discussion.

    So once again it is merely Tony Bragalia's attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Enough said.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • CDA -

    From such "molehills" come mountains...

    And you fail to answer: Why was the former Director of the USAF Intelligence attending such a private function where his fellow AF Intel associate discussed the extraterrestrial presence?

    Why would McCoy take up his valuable time to be with people discussing how the alien infiltrates?


    By Anonymous Anthony Bragalia, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • Why do you assume McCoy's time, in early 1966, was "valuable"? What was he doing with his time at this point? And why should he not attend such a meeting if he had some interest in the discussion?

    All sorts of scientific people and ex-military (or even possibly current military) guys are/were interested in UFOs and yes, some believed them to be interplanetary. So what conclusions should we draw from this? Answer: that certain USAF guys and certain scientists DID believe in ETH. And plenty still do. Even some Presidents believe in ETH, and some in astrology too. Extend it further: Prince Philip thought very highly of the Leslie/Adamski book, as did Lord Mountbatten and a few other VIPs. The French NATO General L.M.Chassin predicted, in 1960, that the great 'UFO secret' would be out within two years. Lord Hill Norton believed in MJ-12. And so on. Big deal. As I say, this was likely one of a series of such private get-togethers for interested parties, nothing more.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • Another Implication -

    In 1966 Col. Wright could hypothesize rather freely on such matters because it would have been difficult to prove expertly camouflaged extraterestrials walked among us. But would experienced military men have failed to investigate an invasion that had been on-going for a century? Failing documentation of such an effort, maybe this really was unguarded and unsubstantiated think tank speculation as suggested by Cullan Hudson.

    Such speculation wouldn't fly so well today because the world has changed in ways that make it far more challenging for infiltrating alien agents to evade detection. DNA profiling and genomic sequencing could swiftly expose any such entities without being confounded by outward appearances. In addition, millions of DNA profiles are already in forensic databases such as CODIS and efforts to expand medical collection of genetic information expand daily. Embedded cryptic agents will find it ever harder to hide under the equivalent of bear skins for much longer.

    With the powerful capabilities in the hands of law enforcement, scientific and medical personnel, if aliens are walking among us now the hard evidence will soon be in hand. A century and a half after the invasion, the larger question is where are they?

    By Anonymous Tyler Kokjohn, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • Why McCoy and Wright would be at a NICAP meeting on 2/8/66?

    Perhaps, because a few days earlier the United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Ad Hoc Committee met. What resulted from this meeting was the continuation of Blue Book and the setting up of what would become known as the Condon Report.

    1966 was also a 'ufo wave'. One of the sightings reported, on March 19, 1966, was by Col. Howard Wright.

    In September 1966 new USAF regulations centralized any public comment on UFOs by AF personnel to the Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Information, with severe penalties for any breaches.

    Reason enough, I think, for former Project Sign members -- those who thought the ETH was plausible -- to get together for discussions with NICAP.

    ET and ETH advocates consider such men to be, mostly, credible sources because of their experience. The question remains whether any of them actually thought ET was here among us.



    By Blogger Sourcerer, at Wednesday, November 03, 2010  

  • When you loose perspective and objectivity, every little bauble looks like a diamond.
    Everyone wants to be convinced of the extraterrestrial nature of UFOs these days. Well, I got to go to work now.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, November 04, 2010  

  • Very good article. I would like your permission to post it on the blog "muy buenas nuevas" ("very good news")

    By Blogger JF, at Thursday, November 04, 2010  

  • JF:

    You have permission to post this copyrighted article on your blog.

    This reply/comment acts as your okay to do so.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, November 04, 2010  

  • Don wrote: "Here we see the AF making the association between the saucers and a crash prior to Scully. Where did they get the idea?"

    Greetings Don,

    Did you "happy", in "satisfaction" or aknowledging, or?, that the mention of "crash" have nothing extraordinary, prior Scully book in McKoy or other pre-1950 claims by USAAF or USAF,

    taking into account it existed "Crash Intelligence" service(s) in W.F. from 1942, which have demonstrated how they helped intelligence about foreing new crafts?

    And, taking into account too, F.S. or Disk lexicon/semantic were Soviet as "obsession" for USAAF or USAF pre-1950 (with domestic projects too, as privilegiated pist).

    Then, to have one of them "crashing" a "reflex" to obtain an exhibit, evidence, proof of what they could be?

    Just curious.


    Gilles F.

    By Blogger Gilles. F., at Thursday, November 04, 2010  

  • No one said aliens walk among us ... rather, it was "IF extraterrestrials are going to invade us, THEN they most likely walk among us".

    I’m disappointed!

    By Anonymous JV, at Thursday, November 04, 2010  

  • We explore other planets light years away as I write this by remote telemetry, as well as explore nearby planets without ever having set foot on them as well as exploring our own down to the numbers on a license plate from orbiting satellites. The strategy of a war sixty years ago as a blueprint for an alien "invasion" discounts our own NSA, which proportionately intercepts knowledge in the form of communications. You may as well cite General Grant in this silly post in which you over-reach. Does a conference on alien abductions automatically confirm their reality? If you are waiting for a confirmation that the powers that be know that they don't know, ask someone at JPL, whose interest in the subject out of school would have you believe they know something that you don't or the rest of us dolts.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Thursday, November 04, 2010  

  • Gilles: "...that the mention of "crash" have nothing extraordinary, prior Scully book in McKoy or other pre-1950 claims by USAAF or USAF..."

    I haven't claimed there was anything "extraordinary" about it. The origin of the association of the flying disks or saucers and machines that could crash was in a faction of the USAAF. Some of those men considered the ETH plausible. Some might have believed it a fact, and some didn't. I think CDA agrees on this.

    For the simple history of it I'm look at, it doesn't matter the reason why they made the association or what they had in mind when they made it. What matters is that they did.



    By Blogger Sourcerer, at Thursday, November 04, 2010  

  • Wasn't Gen. Twining's famous memo of Sept 23, 1947 mentioning "crash recovered exhibits" the first official document using the word 'crash'. Although Stan Friedman and Tony Bragalia will certainly disagree, I am very certain that Twining did NOT have the Roswell incident in mind when he wrote those words. I am equally certain that McCoy did not have the incident in mind when he wrote his words a year later.

    But yes, there would have been, and still are, some AF guys and some scientists, who believed, and maybe still believe, that the odd UFO had indeed crashed (though not necessarily in the USA).

    By Blogger cda, at Friday, November 05, 2010  

  • Aliens, reptilians and small greys are entities of parasitism, intruding, nighttime bedroom harassers .
    They infect our auras with themselves. They are discorporate, souls stuck to our energies who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion.

    Many tens of thousands of alien abductees the world over awaken in bed exhausted with copious nosebleeds, yellow stains on their pillows, scars and scoop marks on their skin,subcutaneous implants and fearful vivid recall of having seen large eyed bug like nonhuman entities, seen them eyeball to eyeball, entities who are nighttime, bedroom intruders.

    What could be worse?
    Well, some lone, isolated people simply do not return after alien abductions.

    What could be worse than such perfunctory death?

    What IS much worse is birth, again, at the hands of these creatures.

    A very different endgame is unnaturally inherent after an alien abductee's death.

    As if if lifetime abductions by aliens weren't enough, imagine many series of lifetimes, husbanded by grays who interfere with our soul's transit; they collect and garner souls and transfer them into soulless bodies that they've created, bypassing the God - natural recycling, planning of HEAVEN,_EARTH,_HEAVEN,_EARTH for our soul's designed evolution.

    There is no intermediate Heaven for such souls; no reunion of kindred spirits, no 'blueprint' of ' lessons drawn up by the soul,itself and approved by the Council of Elders, all under God's aegis, a clear violation of spiritual law.

    Imagine struggling to awaken spiritually again in another body, with imposed amnesia again, but this time after time, no Heaven between lifetimes.

    Your only spirit unseen guides and helpers are reptilians and greys who orchestrate joys and create horrors for you so that you're always their productive property for their milking.

    And at our death, rather than return to our home, Heaven, we are their property, a means to an end, an inherent spiritual nightmare.

    When greys say; 'WE HAVE THE RIGHT', in a response to abduction complaints, it's because they've invested much time in us; that's exactly why they know, when asked, so very much, about our previous lifetimes.

    They are more interested in our spiritual essences than we are aware of our spiritual essences.
    How is this magic accomplished?

    In this case, I awaken to find myself placed, bolted and strapped into a large heavy padded metal chair in a round dimly lit room about 20 ft wide.

    The small round room contains four such chairs in a circle with large degraff generator looking poles with round heads, about ten feet high and two feet thick, all standing tall between the chairs.

    I can see across the room.

    A huge hulking form of a man wearing a dark suit, sits opposite me looking switched off or dead. He hunches into another heavily padded metal chair and faces me.

    Spectacular displays of what looks like white firework sparkler-like sparks fly straight up from these poles, high into the air.

    These sparks are quickly circled, cycled into a growing faster larger circle of white sparks above both of our heads, anticlockwise into a growing circle of more solid dazzling lights.

    Parts of our soul energies are merged .

    Then the sparkling circle of rotating lights are siphoned off into another hulking machine just beyond my sight.

    Our energies have been stolen; parts of our souls have been stored for creating another soul into an alien created body form.
    When humans see UFO craft in the skies above our cities they dully forget to evaluate the true purposes of the pilots within but focus instead on the craft itself as though some devious alien mind control were at play.

    What we do know is that we are mere sheep for shearing, to them; we are used by them in almost the same precise way that remora and lamprey use denizens of the oceans.

    It is the Devils's work.

    By Anonymous paul schroeder, at Friday, November 05, 2010  

  • Yes,"They" walk among us,but they are not extraterrestrials.It's all fun and games,and creative speculations because no one wants to face the fact that whatever is amongst us has been tricking us for a long time.Think about it,are we that interesting so an alien race that has the technology for interstellar travel would be spying on us for more than sixty years,if not a lot longer.If they were so advanced wouldn't they've learned everything they needed about us by now,and openly tried to communicate whatever they had to say to us?It is that simple.But no they chose to flicker in the sky,and sometimes they crash,that's right you have technology to transcend the vast space of the universe,and work out all the problems that might arise from that but you casually have aircraft malfunction and you crash.Puhlease,whatever that is so deceiving in nature it is not benevolent aliens from outer space,or even malevolent aliens from outer space because they would not lose any time in preparing us but would get right to the point since they would be much more advanced.Think about it in human terms since some speculate that aliens might be spying on us,or crashing in our backyards,do people who lie and deceive have good intentions?Those who lie and deceive have their own motives,and usually are afraid of being exposed because they would be ripped to shreds by those that they are trying to deceive.My point,UFO's are not some almighty aliens from the depths of the universe,they are something that has been with humanity for a very loooong time in different forms.The government are not hiding anything because they have no idea what it is,Mac Tonnies got to close to the truth and he is dead now.The other one who has almost nailed it is anonymous,i'm talking about Dan Mitchell's Luminosity blog.Truth is stranger than fiction.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, November 05, 2010  

  • CDA, I think the Twining 'memo' is the first mention of 'crash' associated with the disks. It is in paragraph h2. My opinion is that it does not fit the logic of the document.

    Paragraph 'h'. Some things to consider:

    (h1) It's possible they are domestic craft and nobody has told us about it.

    (h3) It's possible they are foreign craft with a form of propulsion (possibly nuclear) that we don't know about.

    Here's (h2)

    "The lack of physical evidence in the shape of crash recovered exhibits which would undeniably prove the existence of these objects".

    See how specific it is? It is not simply the lack of physical evidence, but specifically evidence from crashes..."exhibits"

    They lack physical evidence. Don't assume they mean no physical evidence exits. A request for such a conclusion was not made of them.

    I think in h2 they are fishing because they've heard the rumors that a disk crashed near Roswell. It is near impossible to avoid the assuming a crash.

    Previously in this forum I quoted two SMU physics professors teaching a course Debunking Psuedoscience, who wrote that it is an "historical fact" that a press release was issued by the army saying a flying saucer had crashed near Roswell. That's how hard it is to avoid calling Roswell a story about a saucer crashing.



    By Blogger Sourcerer, at Friday, November 05, 2010  

  • Apparently some of these comments must have struck a nerve, because it is apparent that there are now commentors with a lot of obvcious disinformation. If you read the comments you know which ones are which.

    By Blogger mfritz0, at Friday, November 05, 2010  

  • They know their here & so do we!! They have been here for MANY years AND for MANY years we have ALL bee told MANY LIES!! SO GET OVER IT ALREADY!! Im sooo tired of going over the same stories--Lets get on with it--Where do we go from here? Apparently they are alot wiser than all of us so er best find a way to get along!! As for all the lies from our so-called government--S.O.S.!!! They LIE/GET RICH OFF US/ROB US/FAKE TERROR THREATS TO GET MORE MONEY OFF US THEN THEY START IT ALL OVER AGAIN & AGAIN WE HAVE BEEN SHEEPLE LONG ENOUGH--WAKE UP PEOPLE & SMEEL THE SHEEP S _ _T!!

    By Blogger mebluewolf2, at Saturday, November 06, 2010  

  • It's quite probable that these people were completely unaware that flying disc 'UFOs' made by NAZI Germany had been flying since at least 1938, and that, by the time of this meeting, had already been buying disc craft for our military from A.V. Roe in Toronto.
    The aliens were among us because WE were the aliens.

    By Anonymous harry mobley, at Saturday, November 06, 2010  

  • Bob Koford said "When he said "...since they have not been hostile", etc. it was presented as a flat-out statement of fact. "they" haven't proven to be hostile.".. and then goes on to say that this statement means "some unknown flying objects are indeed assumed to be piloted by beings, humanoid or otherwise."

    I'm afraid that is not a logical conclusion to draw. This is a statement of fact about hostility, not about the existence of visiting EBEs. All he probably meant was that the saucers had not yet landed on the White House lawn, sunk our carriers or otherwise started a war, therefore there was not a hostile presence.

    Absence of a hostile presence does not prove or imply the existence of a non-hostile presence any more than me stating that there are no elephants in my bedroom proves or implies that there are indeed giraffes in there. So to draw the conclusions you have from the reported statement is, I'm afraid, illogical.

    Spock out.

    By Blogger Steve, at Saturday, November 06, 2010  

  • Steve

    I'm afraid that sounds the same to me as a newscaster stating "an SUV crashed into a parking meter today", forget to mention there was a driver

    shoeshine boy out

    By Blogger Bob Koford, at Sunday, November 07, 2010  

  • How do you gain control over the world and it's people in a new world order?
    Fear of aliens here to take over?
    Seems strange the government to accept this alien presents now- just when the new world order needs to ramp up. Of course it will be the government who will "save" us by declaring martial law and wipe our freedoms away.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tuesday, November 09, 2010  

  • Accounts of MIB have been in public record, or tales, for a long time and these entities have been, not uncommonly, associated with "demons" as a previous commentator mentioned.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, November 10, 2010  

  • Your blog post says

    "Or perhaps they are only a few thousand years ahead of us and don't look that much different."

    It seems you have no idea what your talking about.

    Evolution is random, has nothing to do with years. They will be completely different from anything we can even imagine.

    By Anonymous MHTV, at Thursday, November 18, 2010  

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