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Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Roswell Will Never Be Solved by Nick Redfern


With a blog-post title like that, you might think I have given up the hunt, lost my enthusiasm, or taken on a decidedly pessimistic approach to Roswell. I would, however, strongly disagree. Rather, my words are borne out of what I would say is a realistic and practical approach to the Roswell debate - or, perhaps, the Roswell problem is a better term.

And here's why I am certain that Roswell will never be resolved.

Unless you include whistle-blower documentation such as the MJ12 documents as being evidence in support of what happened - or did not happen - on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico on the fateful day in early July 1947, the only real data of any significance that we have in-hand comes from the witnesses.


And that's a good thing; a very good thing. The reason being that without the reports, testimony and recollections of the witnesses, all we would have would be a couple of pages of official documents (such as a 1-page FBI memo and a few other scant items), a handful of press-photographs, and a bunch of newspaper clippings. In other words, whatever happened at Roswell, it is thanks to the witnesses that we know something of significance occurred.


So, witness testimony is massively important and has taken us to where we are today with respect to Roswell - which, unfortunately, is a confusing, hall-of-mirrors realm inhabited by tales of crashed UFOs, dead aliens, crash-test-dummies, Mogul-balloons, weather-balloons, flying-wings, Nazi-saucers, Japanese PoWs, Unit 731, V-2 rockets, atomic mishaps, and more. In other words, the witness testimony and second-hand and third-hand testimony is huge - but, rather than uniformly presenting one version of events, the testimony and data has merely muddied the waters even further.


And there's another problem, and it's a big one; a very big one, in fact. Due to the passage of time and the inevitability of death, most of the witnesses are gone. Ten or fifteen years from now they will likely all be gone.

Then, with our (thus far) one and only meaningful source of data gone forever, how will we take Roswell further? How will we solve Roswell? Will we even be able to solve Roswell - ever? That's where I take issue with those who desperately want Roswell to be proved extraterrestrial before they, too, go to the big Hangar 18 in the sky, and who earnestly believe it will be solved, to the point where we have hard evidence, not just a body of intriguing, interesting and notable testimony.

Here's the problem that many fail to deal with in a level-headed fashion: witness testimony is vital to any investigation and can shed welcome light (sometimes a little light and sometimes a great deal of light) on matters of profound controversy - which Roswell most assuredly is. The problem, however, is that no matter how much testimony and witness material we get, that will still never, ever, definitively prove what happened at Roswell.

The reason the Roswell debate is ongoing - despite literally hundreds of people having offered testimony in varying degrees (first-hand, second-hand, third-hand, etc.) is because no-one has thus far delivered the goods. And by the goods, I mean, of course, a body, a body-part, undeniable extraterrestrial wreckage, or undeniable "Roswell UFO Files" that can be proved to have originated with one or more elements of the official world back in the late-1940s.

So, by 2025, when the Roswell research community will have likely lost its strongest and only source of quality data - the people and the witnesses - the only way we can ever hope to solve Roswell is by getting access to the bodies, the craft and the documentation - if such even exist.

So, let's go there:


If the device that came down on the Foster Ranch really was a weather-balloon, then the chances are that the amount of paperwork generated on the affair might have been so small that it will never surface - precisely because there's barely anything to see that we don't have already.

Similarly, if the Roswell craft was a Mogul Balloon, then, it seems that, from reading the USAF's report of 1994, documentation on the crash was never generated to any meaningful degree in the first place.


And, if Roswell involved Japanese prisoners-of-war, as detailed in my Body Snatchers in the Desert book, well...everyone I spoke with said that because these were supposedly semi-illegal experiments (borne out of the human radiation experiments of the 1940s and 1950s - for which the official Government report on the 40s/50s experiments confirms countless files were destroyed years ago), all the files were destroyed to protect the guilty.


So, in other words, logic dictates that substantial and significant paperwork would only exist if the Roswell event involved a crashed alien craft and bodies (or something else that was equally-weirdly fortean or anomalous).

But, the irony is that if E.T. really did crash on the Foster Ranch, then it is this paperwork more than any other that the Government will never,ever, let us see.

Consider the facts as we know them: the USAF checked, checked and checked again and found no paper-trail on Roswell (aside from a couple of pages, such as the already-known 1-page FBI document of July 1947), as did all of the other agencies approached.

The General Accounting Office could not find anything, and neither could Congressman Steven Schiff.


Now, if the USAF's Mogul and crash-test dummy stories are indeed cover-stories (and not genuine attempts to put Roswell to rest), for the Air Force to lie to the GAO, and to lie to Schiff would suggest that any theoretical "Roswell Files" have to be buried so incredibly deep, and the USAF must be supremely confident (to lie on such a huge and widespread scale) that those files will never surface and cannot be accessed by anyone who isn't clued-in on what really happened. But if that is so, then how do we get the files?


FOIA hasn't worked at all; Schiff couldn't do it; and the GAO got absolutely nowhere. So, this is a question I'd genuinely be interested in seeing people answer: in view of those points directly above in this paragraph, when the witnesses are all dead and we can only then go after the files, how will we get access to them? And Disclosure doesn't stand a chance in hell of working.

So, if we can't get the documents, what next? That just leaves the bodies and the craft.



If the accounts of alien-bodies at Roswell were borne out of crash-test-dummy experiments, they wouldn't have been saved and stored in some secret hangar - that would be a totally insane scenario.

If they were Japanese: well, I was told that because the high-altitude experiments were failures, there was no reason to preserve the bodies. And again, that's totally logical: preserving for decades a bunch of mangled Japanese bodies would be manifestly absurd, because to do so would serve no purpose at all.

Indeed, the only possible reason why any potential bodies would be preserved and saved would be if they were alien in origin - or were, again, of some other weird, Fortean origin.

But, ironically, just like the paperwork, if bodies were found on, or near, the Foster Ranch, and they were alien, then they too would have to be buried so deep (perhaps literally!) that we can't get to them.


And, remember: if the bodies were alien and were preserved, and still are preserved somewhere today, that place (such as a real-life equivalent of the mythical Hangar 18) would have to be a secure, sterile facility, where the corpses would require storage in the best preservation situation as possible. In other words, probably somewhere underground, in tightly-sealed canisters.

So, just with the paperwork: if Roswell involved aliens, then how do we access, photograph or steal alien bodies stored 50-feet underground, that are preserved in sealed containers and are no doubt heavily guarded?

The answer is simple: we can't.

So, we move onto number 3:

As with the bodies, access to any Roswell craft of alien origins would be impossible to anyone outside of what would undoubtedly be a tightly-knit circle of people in-the-know.


So, here's where we are currently at with Roswell: nearly everyone involved is dead. Fifteen years from now they will likely all be gone - and, to date, that's our only significant source of data on Roswell.

And, I just don't see (because of the reasons outlined above) how we can gain access to the documents, the bodies and the craft - if they exist.

Now before people get all emotional and defensive, bear in mind that my approach to the Roswell problem is not a defeatist or a pessimistic one. Rather, it's a realistic approach to the problem of solving Roswell. And by solving I do mean solving; not just gathering more testimony. Testimony can be great. But testimony is not proof. And we need proof, if we are to take Roswell to the next level.

I would be genuinely interested to hear how people think Roswell can be taken any further than it is now, when the witnesses are all gone and everything else, such as paperwork, bodies and materials (if it exists, of course) are all hidden far from prying eyes.

Unless the Government decides to release anything of an E.T. nature relative to Roswell, the fact is that we are very close to where Roswell will not be able to be taken any further, and we will be going around in circles; as, in many ways, we are already.

For example, you only have to check out some of the on-line debates about whether there were four bodies or five bodies recovered. Or whether or not a Mogul balloon was big enough to create the debris field at the Foster Ranch. These debates go on for days; sometimes they go on for weeks. Fucking weeks! But, those debates can never, ever resolve anything. All they can do is offer possibilities that this person is right, or that person is wrong.

I think it's very likely that 50 years from now, people (if they're still even interested in Roswell - which they may very well not be)) will still be debating the size of the debris field at the Foster Ranch; or why Marcel Sr didn't show Marcel Jr the memory-metal; or why the USAF has changed its story on Roswell several times.


And, don't get me wrong: these are all highly important questions. But the reason we'll be forever doomed to asking them is because, unless the Government changes its stance, we stand zero chance of getting to the hard data that could solve Roswell.

That's not defeatist: it's realistic. The head-in-the-clouds approach of vainly hoping we'll all live to see Roswell resolved will solve nothing.

Now, with that all said, could there be an alternative to getting the answer and, ultimately, the proof? Well, the only thing I can remotely think of is if some old man or woman has at their home an Aladdin's Cave of aged and fading documentation that they illegally obtained before the lid clamped down on Roswell, and who are waiting for the right person to present it to.

Could such a thing happen? You'd damn well better hope it does.

Because, if it doesn't, there's absolutely no denying that Roswell will finally join all those other never-to-be-firmly-solved-and-proved mysteries that include (a) who killed JFK?; and (b) who was Jack the Ripper?