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Sunday, June 27, 2010

WikiLeaks and UFOs [REDUX]


We have gotten a few comments recently for our 2007 post (here at this blog) about WikiLeaks and UFOs, which may be read via this link (to our earlier effort):

Wikileaks and UFOs [2007]

WikiLeaks is back in topical conversation among media persons and at media sites.

We find WikiLeaks (and its founder, Julian Paul Assange) to be intriguing, somewhat dangerous, and revolutionary in a way.

If WikiLeaks can provide government documents that disclose government and military materials that help explain the UFO mystery, we're all for it.

It's when WikiLeaks makes public documents and procedures that open the U.S. military to vulnerabilities by its enemies is where we part ways with WikiLeaks.

That said, we're all for transparency and open war on governmental secrets that keep the public ignorant of things that impact them in significant, existential ways.

More about this upcoming here and at our other venues.....