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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Defending Roswell/UFO "witnesses" and Anthony Bragalia (in a roundabout way)


CDA, Gilles, Don, et al….

Andy Warhol’s dictum about “15 minutes of fame” doesn’t just apply to current society. It also can be retro-fitted to the late 70s, 80s, and even the 1950s.

Contactees were emboldened to seek fame (more so than fortune) and concocted their stories to achieve it.

The Roswell old-timers, who have or had no significant legacy to hang their isolated lives on, also, in many cases (if not all), have decided to attached themselves to the Roswell episode.

Even nice old-ladies are not immune to such “innocent” skullduggery.

Anthony Bragalia, Joseph Capp, and a few others feel a kind of compassion for these people and believe that these nice folks couldn’t or wouldn’t confabulate or lie, especially on their death beds.

But the historical evidence indicates that nice people lie, and death bed confessions are fraught with all kinds of caveats, because of dementia and the state of mind at death, as Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s work shows.

However, what Anthony Bragalia has uncovered are subliminal clues that indicate something strange happened at Roswell in 1947, something stranger than what the Mogul explanation purports or even what the extraterrestrial account indicates.

There is a sub rosa set of occurrences that show an environment in Roswell and its aftermath which portend something weirder than what has been thus far reported.

And Mr. Bragalia’s witness testimonies are where those sub rosa clues reside, even inside the testimony that is flawed. (Witnesses who outright lie have to have a “seed” from which they formulate their falsehoods. Even their prevarications can contain something worthwhile. It may be harder to discern that something, but it’s there for adept researchers.)

Mr. Bragalia’s problem ,if it is a problem, is that he’s holding back some of what he’s uncovered, because it is premature to accept the “profound” conclusions that one would have to draw from what is “hinted” or because he (Mr. Bragalia) is planning a book.

It’s frustrating surely. We’re frustrated that the denouement of Roswell remains open by trepidation on Mr. Bragalia's part and also that of a few other UFO researchers, who have reasons to be cautious of their finding(s).

The need to be absolutely concrete in the ultimate Roswell explanation is paramount for these researchers as they don’t want the deal-killing opprobrium of die-hard skeptics or outright debunkers.

The Roswell incident(s) lie in an Alice in Wonderland context, unfortunately. And this makes conclusive remarks harder to come by. But we understand that Mr. Bragalia (and a few others) are on the brink of a break-through, one that will finally answer the Roswell question(s) and provide an answer (or portion of answer) to the UFO enigma.