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Saturday, October 02, 2010

The FOTOCAT Project

Dear colleagues:

The September 30, 2010 update of the FOTOCAT Project's blog has just been released.

See: http://fotocat.blogspot.com/

It includes a new Project publication, the pdf paper: AN APPROACH TO UFO PHOTOGRAPHS IN FRANCE.

I hope you will find some information of interest in this edition.


Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos
Manager, FOTOCAT Project
Valencia, Spain

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The UFO Underground

A web-site and blog we recommend and support will be addressing some of the more sensible but arcane aspects of the UFO mystery.

Some respected UFO researchers and mavens will be adding their heterodox views to both the web-site and blog, where those views will be sheltered from the usual rabid opprobrium of the entrenched UFO clique that hides out at UFO UpDates and where their incendiary, vindictive attacks and back-stabbings are protected and promoted by UpDate proto-fascist, Errol Bruce-Knapp and his sycophantic minions.

Click here for an introduction to the new site

Monday, September 27, 2010

Soul-Harvesting by UFO aliens?

Nick Redfern gets futher immersed in the "demonic" aspect of UFOs (which we are a bit loath to accept at the moment).

But visitors here can decide for themselves.

Click here for Mr. Redfern's take

Nick Redfern on a religious charade?

Nick Redfern addresses an issue related to the topic(s) in his recent book, Final Events.

Click here for the commentary

The Flying Saucer - Republished! (by Nick Redfern)

Bernard Newman's 1950 book, The Flying Saucer, is one of the most thought-provoking UFO novels ever written - largely due to the fact that the author moved seemingly effortlessly within the real-life world of international espionage, and may have based his novel on secret, real-life attempts by U.S. Intelligence to exploit the whole "crashed UFO" scenario for reasons relative to psychological warfare.

Indeed, I dug deep into the story of Newman and The Flying Saucer in my own book, Science Fiction Secrets, which was published by Anomalist Books last year.

So, you may ask: why am I telling you this now? Simple: a brand new edition of Newman's book has just been published by the good people at Westholme Publishing. A review-copy has just arrived at the Redfern household and, after re-reading it and refreshing my memory, I'll be posting a brand new review of the book right here.

For those who may want to obtain a copy of the new, 2010 edition of Bernard Newman's 1950 novel The Flying Saucer, here's the Amazon link:

Amazon link