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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Adventures of an Earthling

Noted documentary filmmaker Mishara Canino-Hussung and her equally noted filmmaker husband Bill Hussung have produced “Adventures of an Earthling” – an investigation and film about some strange sightings that occurred in the Hudson Valley area by residents there in the early 1990s, one of whom is Bill Hussing’s mother.

Skeptical Bill Hussung, while wary of the encounters delineated by his mother and others, including a sighting of a giant space ship, does what any respectful son would do: treat the stories as authentic. After all, why would his mother, a smart, successful woman in her own right, make up such a story. And, he asks, why would she seem so terrified when she recounted the sighting(s)?

To read more about this intriguing tale and other UFO encounters and to get a DVD of Ms. Canino-Hussung’s quite wonderful “documentary,” visit the Boom Potato Films web-site:


From what we’ve seen, the encounters that Bill Hussung’s mother recounts can’t be dismissed out of hand. We’ll be checking further into the sightings.


  • 1990's? The Hudson Valley sightings I know of took place place in the early to late 1980's. Hopefully, he won't use the "ultralight aircraft" canard to explain it away; in HBO's UFOs: What's Going On? documentary, people who saw both the lights and the aircraft could tell the difference, i.e., the ultralights weren't silent, and couldn't perform the maneuvers that the unidentified flying object could. Such as the slow 90-degree turn that my brother and the witnesses he gathered saw.

    By Blogger NickJones, at Sunday, January 23, 2011  

  • Hey Nick,

    It sounds like you know your UFO history. The Hudson Valley sightings as made famous by UFO investigator Phil Imbrogno are often limited to the series of sightings primarily on the eastern side of the Hudson river in the early to mid 1980s. But the sightings, as reported by the NY Times and others, continued on the western side of the river thru the mid 1990s, primarily in PIne Bush, NY. That's where my mom had her sighting.

    And no, I don't use the ultra-light theory to explain away what my mom saw.


    Bill Hussung
    Adventures of an Earthling

    By Blogger Bill@bompotato, at Sunday, January 23, 2011  

  • Hi Bill,

    Just listening to your podcast now on News Talk 100.3 FM. I've been an avid lover of UFOs since childhood, actually back to the Ivan Sanderson days.

    I have some great Pine Bush stories as well, including ghost and UFO. I used to live on Drury Lane, north of the farthest point of the end runway for Stewart. I also use hunt the Thompson Ridge area, right outside of town.

    Thanks for bringing some validity back to the area, many were mocked or considered kooks back then.

    By Blogger ROAM, at Wednesday, February 16, 2011  

  • As we now laugh when reading that people used to think the earth was flat,future generations may chuckle when remembering some people of our era believed we were alone in the universe. More likely the universe is teeming with life,abundant with all kinds of beings, some that are visiting here now. And some that have visited and participated in ages past .What is undeniable is that we are right at the brink of a radical change in the way we view ourselves, and our place in the cosmos.Thanks to Bill and Mishara for shining a light into one little corner of our world--where the locals have many stories of strange encounters with beings out of legends and modern day folklore.The truth ,as they say, is stranger than fiction.

    By Blogger bruce, at Saturday, March 12, 2011  

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